Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Just Stuff

Pictures from my trip to Alaska a few years back - I have family there and what a trip it was.  So many animals - my favorite was the brown bears.  Be sure to click on the pics to see up close!

Papa Bear - I took this pic in Alaska

Mama Bear and her cubs bathing - Alaska

On a good day - and what I mean about a good day is if its not below 30, if its not snowing or raining, and if the wind is less than 5-10 mph, its a good day.  If its a good day, I leave the house at 4:15 am., as usual, and it will take me an hour and 15 minutes.  I have it timed down to a science.  If its doing one of the above, it takes about 10-15 more minutes added on to the hour and 15 minutes.  This morning, it was raining, so it took me an hour and half.   That includes replacing wet towels with dry if some are wet from the rain overnight, depending on how much its rained.  Its supposed to rain for the next...  month.  I swear.  I looked the forecast and it just looks miserable.  I would rather it snowed than rain.  Rain is just ...  wet!  And the cats hate it too! 

:Colorado 2012 - I want to live in that ranch to the left
I pulled up to my Garson spot this morning, and as I always do, I turn the vehicle around by pulling in a driveway.  This driveway leads to the front of this structure that I have a board lean -to and huts behind.  So when my headlights shined, instead of seeing the usual eyes glowing in the dark that cats have, I saw a light brown large figure sort of run.  I thought, is that an animal?  A person?  I got out and this lady across the street was bringing her trash out.  This is the cousin of a man who's girlfriend I helped get her five cats spayed and neutered last year on Clifford.  The man and his girlfriend had seen the news story from RNEWS in the fall, and they asked if I could help.  She asked me if I did 'the same thing for dogs."  I told her, as I was trying to see if there was an ax murdered waiting for me across the street, that yes, the clinic on Bay will help her, its low income, and she just needed to call them and find out the criteria.  I then mustered the courage to go across the street, up the grass, to the back, with the flashlight checking out every square inch.  Nothing.  I don't know what I saw, but the cats were waiting.  Boy, sometimes I remind myself how brave I am.  Brave, or CRAZY.  Both!

Driving into Homer, Alaska - gorgeous view

Early morning in Anchorage

Momma Moose and her two babies

The white cat on Parsells - I could kick myself for not getting her sooner - I don't know where she has gone.  I still pulled over and placed food and water down for the close to feral two cats that were waiting for me.  They scattered far away but still in view to see me if and when I would leave.  This cat though, either pregnant or just had kittens, has disappeared.  The only thing I can think of is that Crazy Lisa still lives in the house next door, and she might have seen the bowls in front of the tree on her side yard, figured someone was feeding the cats, and in her paranoid mind, thought someone might take this cat that she thinks is hers.  That's the only thing I can think of.  Otherwise, where is this cat?  Where are her kittens?

Tomorrow I will do less feeding at some locations because I have two spots at the clinic for TNR for Friday morning.  I have so many to choose from, I don't know who I will get.  Say a prayer for strength for me.  I hate TNR, but its the only thing we can do to help these animals from reproducing.  I just hate letting them back to the streets.

That's all I have for today.  Have a good one!

"The animals and nature continue to remind us by the fullness of the moon and the songs of the birds that we are guided and loved, so we rejoice and trust that we will have the strength to embrace what is."


  1. Rain rain go away......I always think of you and the cats in the bad weather Janine, there is no let up at the moment, but as usual you are on the job without complaint about the burden of it being yours alone. looking forward to,your fund raiser and meeting your friends, they must be great people to be involved with your mission, and give you support.

  2. You are "both" my love, but we all are!!! You are making a difference.

  3. Oh the rain - so annoying! I hope you get 2 of the kitties for trapping, just think how many babies you are preventing!

  4. Hi Janine -
    Billy left a bunch of canned cat food on your porch today... he was doing a job in the area and got talking to the customer about cats... the guy volunteers for a group called Lifeline Adoptions..? Anyway, Billy told him about you and he had some food that he couldn't use for some reason, so he asked that it be donated to you.
    Hope you are well.... we think about you all the time. Harold is still the best cat ever (with Sawyer being a close second).
    Much love -
    Kim (and Brady and Billy and Harold and Chloe)