Thursday, April 16, 2015

Moon River

Johnny Mathis?  That's going way back, before my time, but I am sure it was a hit with my mother.

One of the benefits of being an early riser, such as myself, is you get to appreciate the sounds and silence of darkness.  You also get to experience the spectacular moons that are rising in the east, on clear mornings.  This is not my photo, but I searched and found the one that looked exactly like the one that was out this morning.  Same light sky, everything.  I could see the whole moon so clearly that I thought I saw the man on the moon!  Really!  ha.

You might even see a car crashed into the side of a restaurant!  This happened just before I got to this section of town this morning.  It was a sight to behold.  The driver was taken to the hospital, I am waiting to hear how it happened.  I figured it was either a car chase, the driver was drunk, or the driver had a medical condition.  Wow.

Very quiet out again today, but I am now seeing kitties that I believe are pregnant.  There are so many out there.  I wish I had help trapping.  The help I need is for someone to get appointments at the clinic for the days I don't have appointments, or the same day that I do, although I've been told they are now booking weeks in advance, and I need help with transportation and keeping the kitties over night.  I know its a big undertaking for someone, but I can't do it all on my own.  I just can't.  I almost want to do it twice a week, but its so stressful for me to do just one day a week, but I can't have kittens being born when I've done so much to reduce the population of the Beechwood section of Rochester!  I just can't!

I dropped off a bag of cat food for the old woman who lives on Garson this morning.  She is the woman that called me about the kittens that were born in her dog house on the deck four or five weeks ago.  Pics in yesterday's post.  I feel compelled to help her out, and after I dropped off a bag to her soon after, she called and left a heartfelt message thanking me for it.  I thought she could use a little help as she uses it to feed the homeless cats on her own deck.  After I dropped off the food, and was driving to Baldwin, wouldn't you know it.  The five or six cats that I feed there had run nearly to her house, they just KNEW my car.  That's CRAZY.  All five or six cats, their little eyes illuminated in the dark on the sidewalk a block away from their feeding station.  And as soon as I drove next to them, they hightailed it back to the shelter, knowing I was going to get out of the car to greet and feed them!  Cats are very intelligent!

There is the same black cat that I first spotted on Hayward, that seemed in rough shape, who is now on Garson, just behind the Hayward shelter, and he runs to me each morning now.  Yesterday, he followed me back to my car.  Its heartbreaking, really.  He is in need of medical attention, and neutering.  Again, there are so many and I have only two spots per week.  These Niagara cats are taking up all my attention but they need to be done.  Four so far there, but at least 6-8 more to go.  And those aren't even the ones I've been feeding all winter!  I counted nine at my Fourth and Pennsylvania location.  NINE.  Its just overwhelming at times when I think about it, so I don't think about it, I just plod, one foot in front of the other.  When I am all done, I breathe a sigh of relief, knowing I've fed some very hungry kitties. 

We need more people to open their hearts and homes to foster and adopt these special kitties.  Please spread the word.

Have a great day!

“A moment of self-compassion can change your entire day. A string of such moments can change the course of your life.”


  1. Help with appointments? Not sure I understand. If I can do it you know I will. I also owe you some dry food - need to make my monthly deposit. I haven't forgotten. God love ya Janine. -carol

  2. Yes, it is a daunting prospect and impossible for one person to control all,of this, the request for help is ongoing at this time of year, I know some help at this very busy breeding time would make up,for the Nasty winter that you feed in. Alone. :(

  3. How can someone pay for a neuter/spay appointment on your behalf? I would love to pay for one or two kitties but I cannot figure out how to do that (I know it was on the blog somewhere but can't remember!). Post the info, please!

  4. To help pay for a spay or neuter you can call the bay street clinic and ask to make a donation to Janine Wagner's account for a spay/neuter. I have done it many times and they know exactly what to do when you call. 288-0600. :)