Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Stuff

I am sure you all have been dying to know what is happening with Peepers.  My good friend Mylene couldn't sleep Friday night just thinking about Peepers, and how far along she was in her pregnancy, and her scheduled spay on Tuesday, so she reached out and begged some folks to help, and that morning, she came over to get Peepers to bring her to a foster in Hilton who will wait for the birth of her babies, and they will go from there.  Great news all around.  It takes a village, as I say occasionally when warranted, and this is certainly one of those times.  Here are the details of what Mylene wrote:   Janine rescued her two days ago from one of her feeding sites. She put out a plea and Kitten Korner Rescue, Inc. and I figured out a short term solution to getting her fostered, which included me fostering her every other week. Everyone knows that right now I have my hands full. I went to bed last night stressed out thinking about this baby and in the morning I had the most lovely message from Lisa saying that Rescued Treasures *might* have room for a kitty in n...eed. Since Peepers is very pregnant and I did not want to spay her, I suggested her and they agreed to take her in. Hallelujah! Now not only is this baby safe and off the streets, but she will be able to have her babies inside (they are due soon) and then they will all find wonderful homes. Win, win! I'll say it again, working together saves lives! Thank you Janine, Laraine, Lisa, Jennifer S and Jennifer GH and Rescued Treasures!

I can't thank all those involved enough either.  I am just glad that Peepers allowed me to catch her that day last Thursday. 

Fresh out of new pics, so throwing this old one in.  This is the age where I first discovered I would kill for an animal.  Not that I ever did it.  :)

Tomorrow will be another TNR day, I have two spots at the clinic.  I will be trying for the Niagara street kitties again, but if not as successful with getting two there like I did last week with Nick and Nora, this morning I saw three unaltered kitties on Parsells, so I may set one there if no one takes the bait on Niagara.  There are at least eight more kitties to go on Niagara.  Wish me luck on this, I really do need all the prayers I can get too!

Little Katie, all grown now - (Mom's cat that had kittens - she was the only survivor)

It was a crazy weekend.  Sunday Sheryl rode with me yesterday, Sunday, hence her name :)  and at our first stop, as I finished and approached the car, she told me she had some bad news to tell me.  She told me that up ahead, there was a very dead cat in the road.  We drove up to it, I got out to look, and it was literally flattened on the road. The only way you could tell it was a cat was by its tail.  A little black baby.  It was like a brick fell on my head, I felt sick to my stomach.  I have been feeding Petey and Pauley and a little black baby right there across the street and I thought this was the little black kitty.  I got a towel, and picked up what I could of it and gently placed him over to the side.  I did my spot there, behind this guy's house, with Petey and Pauley following me, but no sign of little black boy.  But there he was this morning, thank God, so it must have been another black kitty that hung in that area.  That poor animal.  He looked like he was run over a million times.  What is wrong with people.

Later that Sunday morning Kristin came over to help me move the shelter on Sixth to Short, just around the corner.  I am doubling up shelters there.  I was asked to move it by the tenant in the house saying she wanted her dog to be able to run around back there and not hurt the kitties.  So after some very heavy lifting, we moved everything over.  I am just praying now that Buster, Whiskers, and two other kitties will listen to my cat calling there and come over.  I saw their eyes illuminated this morning in the old spot, and two came over half way.  I am hoping that after I left they came over to this new location to eat, and will get used to this being their new home.  Its always hard on cats when their dwelling is disturbed. 

I met some interesting characters during our little field trip, and other mornings this weekend, but will have to tell you about it in tomorrow's post.  Gotta get to work!  (the paying job).

Have a great day!

"You only live once, but if you do it right, 
once is enough."


  1. The news about Peepers is fantastic. I can't wait to see her babies and I am so thankful she will not be having them on the streets. It's no place for any baby or their mama. Great job to everyone who helped. ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. I can't wait to read tomorrow's blog! I dropped off a bag of cat food last night for the kitties.

  3. You did the impossible for Peepers, many thanks to those that stepped up. Hhmm, I wonder if the lady that asked you to relocate the shelters would consider attaching a bell to the doggys collar, in case of any other animal entering her yard....perhaps she had a close call at some time ? My dogs have bells so the wild life hears them.,work like a charm.