Friday, February 28, 2014


It was a terrible morning.  Bitter cold.  At one point I had to sit in car and warm my finger back up, frostbite was surely setting in at that point.  I saw many desperate cats, with very red noses.  I also believe there are two pregnant cats getting closer to me, but not close enough.  Its terrible.  If you don't like sadness, don't read this post today. 

I got the following yesterday from the girl who adopted Winkie (renamed Zoey) in the fall, whom my neighbor Tracy fostered for a little bit also after I rescued this little four month old kitten from the streets of Rochester.  She's not even a year old.   This is a real heartbreaker for me.  I am incredibly sad today.

Hi Janine,
I wish I was writing you with better news, but sadly I am not. Dan and I will be putting Zoey to sleep on Friday. The virus ( dry FIP) has traveled to her central nervous system meaning she struggles to keep her balance, seizes when sleeping and incontinent. We have done everything we possibly can. We would love nothing more than to keep her with us forever, but there is nothing more we can do.  I just know the fact that she is peeing on herself is humiliating for her. I want her to leave us with some dignity and no longer suffering. She is still as cute as ever and we are madly in love with her. We will miss her terribly.
Please keep us in your thoughts on Friday.

These are the words I wrote her, as if they are any measure of comfort.  I feel guilt, even though I know I could not have known about it, that I brought such joy into someone's life, and then caused such grief. 

Dear Chelsea:

There are no words that can accurately describe what I am feeling.  It’s a combination of great sadness, great heartache, guilt (I feel bad to have put this heartache on you both), gratitude to you and Dan for taking her in, gratitude that I removed this baby girl from a short and sad life on the street. 

Please just remember, what you did and are doing was and is the kindest thing you can do for this little girl.  Animals don’t really have the concept of time, they don’t know if their life is too short or not, they aren’t scared, and they can’t feel sadness, so remember, it’s only US that will suffer, she won’t. 

I will say a prayer for Zoey – and I know she will be in heaven where everyone who has gone before her will be waiting for her.


God Bless Zoey. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014


  1. bas·tard
    noun: bastard; plural noun: bastards
    1. 1.
      a person born of parents not married to each other.
      synonyms: illegitimate child, child born out of wedlock; More
      natural child/son/daughter
      "he had fathered a bastard"
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      synonyms: scoundrel, villain, rogue, rascal, weasel, snake, snake in the grass, miscreant, good-for-nothing, reprobate;  

BITTENS.  THREE months old.  That is how old the clinic is guessing this baby is.  THIS is what I find out there on my daily route, in the hood.  There are people that live here that are so digustingly ignorant as to let a baby this size and age out in this weather not 10 feet from the street.  It makes me ill.  If I hadn't been there at that time and date, I wouldn't have found it.  Just think about all the other kittens out there, wandering around.  I thank God that I do what I do, even if I hate doing it.  I save lives, and I am really proud to say that.  It may not be a human life, but its a life that has feelings, can love and be loved, is human in almost every way except it can't speak (English).  ha ha.  Really, animals are precious, and defenseless, we are responsible for them and we must do everything in our power to keep them safe.

Bittens went to the vet today and they are guessing she is barely three months old.  They all fell in total love with her. She tested negative for Leukemia, she was dewormed (if she had them at all), given her shots, and is ready for spaying!  They all fell in total love with her.  How could you not?  She is a really cuddly kitten.  Not hyper, or skittish, really cuddly.  And a purrer.  :)  Its hard for me to get ready for work, all I want to do is cuddle with her!  :)

This morning was a tough one.  I picked up and held two cats.  I scratched the head of two others.  Its bitter cold and the food froze up in the second half of my locations - I carry the wet with me in large yogurt tubs.  I barely had enough for my last spot that I could get out - looking around for sticks to scrape it from the bottom.  The kitties all look worn and weary.  Poor Tuffy, I saw him on Second this morning, as she sat feet away in the snow, waiting for me to put the food down and leave.  I shined my flashlight to see him, and he doesn't look well.  Tuffy has been out there since the beginning of my journeys in the hood.  Once a big red and white tomcat, he now looks worn, and tired.  I fear he has an illness that is slowly killing him.  Some say I should leave him, I feel I should end his suffering.  If I had help both transportation, trapping and financial, I would probably get him to a clinic, get him well, and return him, but not in this weather.  No way.  I can't return an animal knowing the harsh conditions I am sending it back to.  There are those that would argue with that, saying its their natural environment.  I disagree.

Jim and Frank
I am having dinner with my friend Jim after work, who is freshly grieving the loss of his partner Frank.  Its been 4 weeks now, but after 34 years together, its got to feel like 4 hours. I miss him terribly.  Those two were half of each other.  Jim is missing his other half. 

I also have tomorrow off, hurray.   I deserve it!  :)

Have a great day everyone!

"Just one positive thought in the morning
can change your whole day."

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Humpty Dumpty

Not sure of why I chose that title, but I guess you could say its Wednesday, Hump Day, and that I did have a great fall on Sunday, which I forgot to mention.  It was one of those slo mo things, where I knew I had stepped on a patch of ice with my foot sort of sideways on it, and just knew I was going DOWN, but I also knew I was in a driveway between two occupied houses in the inner city in the dark, at 5:45 am., and couldn't make a sound, no matter what.  So, luckily I have a little meat on my bones, and I landed on my side, just a bit scraped and bruised.  I thought, God, if I break anything....

I told my mother about it and she looked at me, shook her head, and as usual got mad.  She worries about me terribly, and she always figures its my not being careful which is why something happens to me.  Mothers!

It is a very cold morning out there.  Lower teens, wind chills will be below zero today, and they are forecasting bursts of snow.  And the temps will lower as the rest of the week goes on.  I have not seen some of my regulars, which always worries me, but I did see the two cats on Central, one is the unfixed mother, probably of Bittens, and she might look pregnant again but its very hard to tell in the dark, and she won't let me too close.  The other is the starving kitty.


I called Scottsville Animal Hospital and they told me that Susie/Sissy, the white kitty I suspected was pregnant that I rescued from Chamberlain on Saturday, tested negative for disease, and they also could not tell if she was pregnant, so they would monitor her.  Lenny was doing great.  I still feel guilt over bringing them there.  I have had such success in getting cats adopted, and if not, they roamed my house, or a foster's house freely and were comfortable.  Its hard to know they are in cages half their time, if not more.

My Daisy

My Crew doing what they do best

I heard from Calvin's new mom, and they love him to pieces.  We will make it official when I go there to get his carrier this weekend.  They have renamed him Cody.  They love him!  She sent me this picture of him.

Does he not seem happy too??


And of course there is Bittens, the kitten I just rescued yesterday.  He/She goes to the vet today.  Can't wait to confirm sex, but I think it might be a girl!



We've got to get Teddy a permanent home, and Fraser too.  Fraser is becoming bolder and venturing out into the house where there are other kitties.  He was a bit shy, but is coming out of his shell.  Teddy, well Teddy is just a sweetheart.  I am so glad I rescued these babies from the streets, Teddy from Parsells who had a terrible ulcer on his lip, and Fraser who was missing his fur on both sides because of going in and out of the small holed shelter the entire winter.  Scraped all his fur off.  But he is a beauty.   Spread the word, and thanks for reading! 

Make it a GREAT day!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


CAUTION:  Objects in mirror appear larger (and cuter) than they really are (although definitely cuter in person)!  :)  My neighbor Tracy came over yesterday to see the kitten and said that it definitely is smaller than it looks in the picture!

Above is what the kitten just did while prancing on the keyboard.  I rescued this totally adorable 4-mo? old kitten yesterday, and its all over me as I type this!  I think I will name him/her Bittens!  So cute!!
A weekend update!

Gordie Pre-Adoption
Gordie/Boris After Adoption!
I heard from Gordie/Boris' new dad, and he summed up how this little guy is doing now since he was adopted two weeks or so ago:  CONTENTMENT.  :)

It was in the teens this morning when I went out on my rounds feeding 50+ cats that I do each day.  I go through 18 pounds of dry food every single morning.  And five large yogurt sized tubs of wet food, and four jugs of hot water.  This is what I lug around every single morning.  The forecast is calling for 2-4 inches of new snow for our area today, and the temps will be falling this week into the single digits, to zero temps, again.  ITs been a very brutal winter.  Each year, I wait for the Farmer's Almanac to come out with its prediction for the winter, and this year, I refused to believe it.  But they were right.  Ahhh, its less than a month until its officially spring here in Rochester, so I can hang in there.  But can the kitties.

The clinic I use for rescues is closed today to walk in appointments so Bittens remains sexless until tomorrow, but I do believe its a boy.  Although how many times have I been wrong on this?  too many.  :)

There is a very very thin black with white cat on Central that cries each morning, will let me touch it, and is very hungry.  Its got a plastic flea collar on it, but I don't think its neutered, and it could be sick from how thin it appears.  I will keep my eye on this. 

Otherwise, despite the three murders in the past 24 hours in Rochester on the West side of town, it was very quiet in the Beechwood section where I go.  Its something you think about, but its something you just do, nothing will stop me from feeding these desperate and hungry animals that wait for me every single day.    They are all of ours, and I thank you, each and every one of you for caring with your donations, be it with towels, food, bowls and plates, foster, adopting, and financial donations.  I couldn't do it without you.

Have a great day.

"Courage doesn't always roar.  Sometimes its the quiet voice at the end of the day that says: "I'll  try again tomorrow."

Monday, February 24, 2014

I did it Again,..... and Again.....

First off, someone asked in the comment how they could get a donation to me.  There are two links to the right that you can use to make a credit card donation, or you can send to me at my personal address, which I would be happy to give you if you send me your e-mail address.  Thank you in advance for your kindness to animals!

OK, so here is what the weekend was like for me.

Rewind two weeks ago.  I had called Scottsville Animal Hospital, a no-kill shelter to see if I could get Candy, the beautiful already spayed calico on Hayward, that I have been feeding for close to a year now, in one of their open spots.  They said due to kitten season, there would be a wait, but I gave them my info, even sent them a picture of Candy, and my blog link.  So Friday they called and said they had an opening but by then I hadn't seen Candy in over a week.  In the meantime, on Friday morning, I got a note from my friend Donna telling me that I needed to come and get Lenny because he attacked her cat, and swiped at her dog.  She just couldn't have her own kitties feeling threatened.  So Lenny was picked up and brought to the basement room of the my house.  So, when I got the call from SAH, I asked them if I could substitute Lenny for Candy, and if I could get Candy the next morning, if I could bring her in too.



Well, I didn't see Candy the next morning, but I did see the white kitty on Chamberlain with the black tail and possibly pregnant, and that is who was brought to SAH Saturday morning.  So, both Lenny and "Sissy" will have warmth, love and shelter until their eventual adoption.  I will call this morning to see if they can determine if she is pregnant, and how her combo test goes.  I feel bad about Lenny, but it was an opportunity that I might not be able to give him as fast as they are able to.  They have a very good adoption record.

Another great story:  Last week someone contacted me because they saw Calvin on Petfinders.  She wanted to adopt him, without even having met him!  So, off we went on Saturday, me and my boy Calvin, who had a partial tail amputation due to an infection when I rescued him three weeks ago, and was neutered, given his shots, cleaned up nicely and turned out to be the sweetest kitty around, off we went to his new home, which consists of the cutest little six month old boy, the cutest little two year old girl, and a great set of parents!  His first night there he spent soothing the little two year old after the nightmare she had.  They all cuddled in bed.  GREAT STORY!!!

Sunday morning, I did see Candy, but this time at the Chamberlain location!  I knew she would be my next rescue, but I needed a break.  So I told her it would be soon.

In the meantime, look who we have here!

If you can believe it, after I pulled up to my last spot of the morning on Central, with it being 21 degrees out and snowing, this little guy (or girl) walked up to me crying.  Central is a very busy street, and this BABY! was outside.  At six in the morning.  I was pissed.  This is a BABY!!  I scooped him up and drove him home with me, and here he is!  He will need fostering and adoption, and a name!  Anybody?  :)  WHAT A CUTIE!!! 

Off to work, have a great day everyone!

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Poop Trail

Oh what a terrible morning, for me at least.  It was raining cats and dogs!  Seriously?  It poured, and it poured, and it poured.  I was soaked right down to the skivvies.  Believe me, over the years, I've tried the yellow rain coat (too bulky), plastic sheeting (gets in the way), Wegmans bag over my head (I won't even go there), and nothing really works.  Good thing I could care less how my hair looks today, I can't control it, so it just doesn't matter.  I have super thick, curly hair, and it gets crazy if its not straightened, but that's $20 just for that, so its not done that often.  No, I can't do it myself.  I am just not coordinated.

I changed more towels than Carter's got pills.  Aren't I funny today.  TWO loads of towels today.  I think that's a first all winter.  I lay these towels down so that these animals have some semblance of comfort, if even for five minutes before they get soaked again.  The grounds are soaked, and so are the towels.  The towels are under lean-to's, or benches, or under roof tops, but the rain still gets in. 

There is a shelter on Fourth and Pennsylvania that I just couldn't figure out how it was getting so wet on the ground after Kristin and I secured it back in early January.  But now I realized, the whole thing will have to be disassembled and I will need to place another pallet down so that the food and towels are not soaked by the soon-to-be spring storms.

We are due heavy rain today, and severe wind - up to 50+ per hour.  For anyone who doesn't live in Rochester, its really not a bad city, weather wise, the entire country has suffered this winter, so don't let my forecasts fool you.  Last year was cake compared to this year.

Its Friday, I can hear one of my cats on the other side of the door coughing up a hairball or something, so I must get moving.

I wish you all a peaceful, safe, happy and healthy weekend!
"Sometimes you never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory that you wish you could experience again."  (so don't waste one - Janineism....  :))

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Slow & Easy

Those are the words of the morning.  Its super icy out there.  I have to waddle like a penguin to most of my locations.  Be careful of that black ice!  Its warmer out today, which is easier I think on the cats, but its going to be super wet too.  I changed a lot of icy towels this morning.  My washer has its work cut out for it in a minute.

I went to Alaska several years ago, and I walked through a lot of woodsy, remote areas and when you walk through parts of the country like that, where there are bears, you have to not only watch and listen for them, but you have to look down and step over their bear poop.   This morning, I noticed I had to do the same thing with the cats!  On the paths I've created trudging through the snow to get to the shelters this past winter, this is where they choose to do their business, just like a bear, so I really had to watch where I was stepping!

I disturbed Kitty #1 at my first stop - it was sleeping soundly until I had to start messing with its space, the towel was soaking.  Its funny how you can feel these wild cats whoosh past your leg when they fly - you get that one touch of them, and its only a brief whoosh on your leg!  On the Central location, the black and white cat that has been keeping its distance from me allowed me to touch it this morning.  I believe its the mother cat of the recent litter that the girls in the corner house allowed it to have.  Its a skeleton.  I tried to feel around to see if it was pregnant, but I don't think it was.  I must do something.  The Chamberlain kitty - the white with the black tail, I am starting to suspect she may be.  I will keep my eye on this also.  Its super hard to do everything I need to do in the time I have to do it, and rescue these cats and find a place for them at the same time.  Not to mention get the appointment at the clinic, hope I can get the cat that morning,  have them brought in, paid for, picked up.  I do need more help.  Its going to be a rough spring, I can tell already.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Location, Location, Location!

Some highlights/lowlights of my spots:

Parsells #1 - a kitty continues to remain in his/her shelter on the ground on the side of the porch where the owner of the property moved my stuff weeks back.  it remains there while I pour food and water in front of its face - whether its scared to move, or too comfortable, not sure, but I am so glad to know the shelter is being used.  There are two there, but not sure if the other is being used.  I believe someone has moved into this recently vacant, newly renovated apartment in this huge apartment house. 

Parsells #2 - food is always gone on the three plates I leave here every other day.  Occasionally I will see a kitty leave the large feeding area with two shelters - its dark - I have to tramp through the backyard of a house that is occupied, this is where Kevin lives, and where John used to live.  They both have allowed me to do this, until they move they say...

Stout - This morning I got stuck in the driveway, had to move snow with my boots, which are now falling apart.  The black kitty ran to me, as usual, but there was another tabby with white there which I don't believe I've seen.  Both hungry, both waiting, for their food under the porch.  The garage door is still ajar for those seeking shelter.  Thanks again Walt and Karon.

Chamberlain - Lucy is still there every morning, crying away, never allowing me too close.  Did not see "I think she is pregnant" kitty.  Still not sure about that one.  She certainly is not nursing, I do know that.  She has a smooth belly, no milk ducts.

Hayward - did not see Candy, but a little black and white kitty with a plastic flea collar, fully intact male ran to me, crying, rubbing against my legs.  He is less than a year, sweet little thing.  I have four shelters here, with a lean to board against the house for feeding.  Wonder when those icicles will come crashing down.

Baldwin - the usual kitties here, sometimes I see four to five, other times, two to three.  Food and water under the bench, and the same under a lean to against the back lot fence.  Good shelters in back, and under the bench.

The back nine:

Short #1 - I saw a rat here this morning.  Yuck.  A big one.  I hesitated putting the wet food down, but I looked up and saw Morgan trotting along the sidewalk and knew Mr. Mouse would hesitate to go into this shelter with Mr. Kitty.  It smells in here.  I tried to clean out the dirt pile that some animal dug up but the other side of this shelter is frozen to the ground, will have to wait until it thaws to clean out.

Short #2 - Still see only two kitties here now, since I had to move their shelter from Mr. Meanie's garage on Sixth months ago.  They wait for me to leave so they can gobble up their precious wet food.  Very dark and scary back there, but so far, so good.

4th and Pennsylvania - lots of kitties each day waiting.  I took a pic the other morning and posted - its the large lean to where there were four cats eating - then there are nice shelters in the back also.  This house has been boarded up and vacant forever.  Wonder when it will be demolished. 

Pennsylvania near Second - I see a red kitty and a grey one here, usually.  Haven't seen the friendly, very large black kitty I used to see.  I hope someone took it in.   This is in back of a guys house that I've never met, but he has allowed me to set up shelters in his back yard.  Someday...  I have left him a message or two on his windshield thanking him, wish I could do more.  The only thing I know about him is that he has gigantic feet from his footprints in the snow.

Second - haven't seen Paul around lately, too cold.  He is the man that allows me to feed behind his house.  A nice igloo shelter back there, along with a lean to, and a few tote shelters.  I saw two kitties behind there waiting for me to leave.

Third and Central - I have shelters, and leave food in both the front and back of this vacant house on the corner.  I know a cat is using one of the nice wooden shelters there - this is where we had to move our stuff from across the street because of the creep that ordered everything to be trashed to the large dumpster a while back.  Thanks again Karon, Walt, Kristin and Sheryl for all your help.

Central - remember me talking about Tuffy - well he worked his way down to Central and Fifth, although there were five other cats here waiting for me this morning.  Poor Tuffy - something happened where he couldn't swallow, he was having a hard time.  But after he got over whatever spell he was having, he actually got really close to me to get more food.  I left food and water outside this normally closed up shelter that Kristin built.  There were too many cats to crown under there.

Last but not least - Seventh.  I continue to feed at least 3-4 cats here daily.  I believe all are fixed, but all are scared of me, except for fluffy black kitty that dug into my arm a week or two ago (which still doesn't look too flash by the way), but he is not always here.

So, there you have it.  This is my life.  Ha.

"Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen."

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Not Much

My Vanessa

Thanks everyone for your comments.  They are what keep me going.  The commentless posts get me down, but then again, I have to remember, this is like a diary for me, its not for everyone, I understand, but for those that take the time to go through the steps to make a comment, I appreciate it.

Dear Diary.

Ha.  I don't have a lot to say today.  I have my down days, and I think today is one of them.  Nothing like a good Zumba class won't cure this evening.  I will pick up my 16 year old niece and dance away.

I trudged through the snow again this morning, all the usual suspects were out.  Tuffy ran to meet me, although he keeps his distance.  Today, he was on Second.  Tomorrow, he may be on Central.  The next day, he may be on Pennsylvania.  Some of these cats travel, for sure.  Today its wind.  They are predicting maybe an inch today, but the winds will be severe and will cause drifts.  Its always something.

I think I need a really decent day.  I need a lot of things, but I think a day off with the sun beating down on my face would do the trick.

I wish you all a great day.
"Faith is accepting that you may not understand
everything, but knowing that God will direct you to
what He wants for your life."

Monday, February 17, 2014

Coccles of my Heart

Saturday morning - another three inches of snow.
Central Location

Baldwin Location
Sunday morning - another three inches of snow.
Pennsylvania & Fourth Location (click on pic to see four cats!)

Short Location (click on pic to see the kitty peering around the corner!)
This morning I went to the tractor trailor supply store to get my mother some dried corn cob for her starving deer and bird seed for my birdies, and to feed the squirrels that are obviouslyhungry this winter, and the guy at the checkout asked me if I wanted to contribute to the farmers fund.  I thought, ok, I will let this go, but if anyone knows me, I am not one to let things go, so immediately I told him what I do every single day of my life and he, I am sure, regretted asking me.  I then apologized and felt like a fool, but told him  I would if I could, but that I was just trying to make ends meet on my part, and that was that.  I was saddened to think that I couldn't contribute to anthing else but myself.
Monday morning - another inch of snow, temperature ZERO.
If I just had one bag of 18 pounds donated to me each day of dry cat food, it would make my life so much easier.  And by that I mean when every signle morning of mylife,. I get up at 4 am. to head out into the inner city to feed over 50 vey needy and desperate animals, it would makle my journey so much easier.  I can't tell you how hard it is to drive to, stop at 16 locastions every single morning, pack my vest with a clean dry towel, fill five canisters of wet food, and four bags of dry food
(20 pounds), finagle a dying flashlight (that by the way was meant to fit on your head, but it was just more practical for me to sling around my neck), sludge through the snow, bend over, squat, kneel down, a good workout I might add, but oh how hard it is.  My grocery bill is outrageous, and I have a single on the lower scale income.  I feel sorry for myself on occasion, and this is one of them.

Mr. Whiskers from Sixth PRE-RESCUE

Little Red from Webster PRE-RESCUE

Mr. Whiskers & Little Red TODAY

This is the stuff that melts my heart.  Seeing pictures like this.  The Before and After pictures.  The hard case stories of feeding these cats that you just know shouldn't be out there, the ones you just know that they are strays, abandoned, and need to be rescued off the mean streets they've been living on.  These two cats came from completely different neighborhoods - not too far away, but across busy intersections, and wound up together - mates for life.  Thank you Nancy, for taking in these two, along with so many others, two of which are in heaven now.


Big Red from Garson PRE-RESCUE

Big Red (Sandy) & Monkey

Monkey Girl from Second PRE-RESCUE
Monkey Girl TODAY

Then there is Big Red and Little Monkey Girl.  Big Red was from Garson Avenue, and I fed this boy for years, and finally after seeing him injured after the hard life he lived on the streets, I rescued him.  Then there was Monkey Girl, with the curly tail that cried and cried each morning when I pulled up on Second, and I finally was able to scoop her up, telling her this was no where for a sweet young lady like herself to be living. Monkey and Sandy are now the best of pals.  Thank you Maree for opening up your heart and home to them!

There are hundreds more stories just like this.  That me, little old me, did all by myself.  I rescued these pitiful animals and found homes for them!  I don't hear from all my adopters, which saddens me - some just don't want to keep in contact, so I can only hope the kitties are all happy and healthy and living life in a warm and loving home.  I will continue to share these stories with you.

Have a great day, and please spread the word...  I have four cats that all need homes, so that I can rescue more.  Lenny.  Fraser, Teddy and Calvin.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Four Legged Friends...

If you can believe it, its snowed again over night, dumping at least another four inches.  Shoveable today, but I forgot the shovel.  So I shuffled the snow from side to side as best as I could.  The only good news about today's weather is its in the 20s, compared to the zeros it has been all winter.  Its always harder for me each morning when its snowing.  I have to change nearly all the towels, and juggle the towel, water, dry food, wet food container, and the half dead flashlight around my neck.  I wish I had someone just to stand over me at each of my spots just shining the light down on what I am doing.  It would help so much.
At a few of my spots, I noticed unusual happenings.  At the Stout location, someone piled up a ton of large, flattened cardboard at the entrance to under the porch where Mr. Black Kitty resides.  I don't know whats up with that.  I know for sure if I didn't have to go under there each day to place new food after I shake out the rug and towel each morning filled with straw, it would be an ideal windbreaker, but I really don't get it.  Wish I had my camera. (do you know how many times I've said that?)  At the Short location, inside where Milly and Morgan hang, some animal must have dug up a ton of dirt.  Maybe some of my animal knowledgeable friends can fill me in on what type of animal digs up the dirt like that.  Its also happened at my 2nd Parsells location.

Now onto another kind of animal. 

I’ll admit it, I like dogs just as much as cats.  But because there aren’t many dogs out running wild in the streets, I rescue and feed cats.  But on occasion I have been known to rescue a dog or two (Banjo), and or attend a cruelty hearing on behalf of a dog.  I sure do miss my dog Thunder, who recently passed six months or so, on his 10th birthday.  They define unconditional love; a pal, a buddy who misses you as much for the few minutes you go out to take the trash out as he does if you’re gone for a week.

They don't get mad or try to get back at you if you forget to feed him or if you ignore him, and they’ll sit at your feet or cuddle with you with no need for commitment.  They smile and sometimes look sad, but they always loves you.  Thunder came to us when he was four years old, after not having had the best life he could have being cramped in a house with 30+ cats, and other large dogs.  He bit my finger the first time I met him.  We decided to give him a weekend getaway, and he never went back.

Older dogs make it easy for you to love them.  They think you’re brilliant, even if you’re not. They become vulnerable, show gratitude, trust and they are funny in new and different ways!  They make us smile when we are down.  They understand what we are talking about, especially when they are the topic of conversation!  They are smart, and forever friends, and I miss having a dog.  Oh well, down the road I will get another baby that desperately needs saving from a shelter.
In the meantime, I will continue to maul my cats the way I would have with my Thunder.

Have a GREAT weekend!  TGIF!

PS, Happy Valentines Day!


Thursday, February 13, 2014


My Garden last Summer..
Both Molly and Rupert are staying in their homes for now, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Rupert went to the vet yesterday, and was treated for fleas.  He also had an ulcer in his mouth which was already healing by now, which caused the blood apparently when he was vomiting up hairballs. He was given cortisone, and flea medicine, and his 'owner' was given advice on the tub situation.  She stated she really did want to keep Rupert.  And Molly's mom was just frustrated, but swore she would never give up the little rambunctious kitten that was more like in her terrible twos in human years!  :)

So, its all good!  For now.

I saw 'pregnant' kitty this morning.  Now she doesn't look as pregnant as she did the other morning.  Now she doesn't even look pregnant, nor feel it when I gave her a good going over.  She allowed me to feel her belly good, and I just can't tell.   I will keep my eye on this, but one thing for sure, I need to start getting some appointments for TNR - the female black and white cat on Central that apparently belongs to Brenda, the ignorant woman on the corner there, had a litter about four months ago, and is probably pregnant again, although she won't get too near me when I go there each morning (the cat, not the woman - :).  Snickers comes running to me.  This is where so many cats have been rescued recently, the latest being Lenny.

Yesterday evening I visited with the foster mom Gail who is keeping Teddy warm and safe in her home, along with her little dog Gracie, and her sister and mom were there.  Her sister asked how I do what I do, and I just told her, I do it because all these animals are waiting for me every single morning, hungry.  They depend on me.  If it weren't for that fact, that they are sitting there in plain sight when I pull up to their spots, their shelters, I wouldn't be doing this.  Its hard work.  Its a lot of bending down, trudging through snow, glass strewn vacant lots, going behind abandoned houses with gang graffiti spray painted on them, lifting this board, sometimes having to put the shelters back again after hooligans come around and mess with my stuff, fighting homeowners who don't like the cats, going through blizzards to get it done, waking at 4 to get ready to go out, rushing to get to work afterwards, its all hard work.  Not to mention, the hundreds of dollars I spend out of my own pocket each month for them - and that is just on food.  The cost of taking them to the vet on the lucky days that I rescue them - its all very costly.   I don't know how I do it, but I do.

Please spread the word.  I need help with food and with encouragement!  I need people to take in these kitties and foster.  I need people to adopt the kitties I rescue.  Spread the word.

Have a GREAT day!
"Be slow to criticize, and fast to appreciate!"

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I was completely touched and shocked to receive the above at work yesterday.  I never knew first off that:

a) cats could make phone calls
b) cats have good taste
c) cats have money!

The following note came with the flowers:

"With love from the hundreds of cats whose lives you touched.  Meow!  Meow!"

Touched beyond words, that is all I can say.  Thank you to whoever helped the kitties order these!  

The flowers helped perk up an otherwise not so great day.  I have a few stressors in my life that have been around for a while, but also some new ones that came about this week.  Two people have expressed frustration with kitties they adopted from me, and its terribly disheartening to know that people will give up their animals, especially when they have had them for a long while now.  I don't care if its behavior issues - in one instance it is (still a kitten), and in another its sick (going to vet today).  Y'all remember little Molly

(misbehaving), and Rupert (the sick one).


We don't give our pets away.  Period.  The day we adopt them, its for better or for worse.  There are some circumstances, I understand, but for most, for petty issues, health issues, it can all be worked out.  You don't give an animal away because its obviously sick and you don't want to deal with it anymore.  Or its tipping things over in your house, and not loving you at your command.  They are innocent little creatures that have learned to trust you.  Don't do it.

Rupert will be picked up this morning and driven to the vet with its 'owner' and given a stern talking to.   This is a friend of the family, so I am biting my tongue right now.  There are folks in the world who are good through and through, and others who came in mean and will go out mean.  If I had a place for Rupert to be held/fostered, I would take him immediately.  He is obviously not getting love, to be discarded so quickly, but my hands are tied, I cannot take him while I still have Calvin, and four others in foster for me.  PLEASE SPREAD the word.  I am sure this will be a treatable situation, he just needs vetting.  Something he should have been given when the symptom first arose.

Thanks for being my sounding board.  AND for all your comments!

This morning was zero degrees, again, but I made the best for the animals on my route.  I did not see the pregnant cat today.

I wish you all a good day, and stay tuned for results of the vet visit.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Catch Me if You Can!

Pregnant Kitty was not at her spot this morning, again.  Two days in a row.  I pray that the person that offered to foster her - through Another Chance Pet Rescue - continues her willingness to do so.  I am not quite sure.  I am hesitant to send her the note that the cat was not there again.  I don't know this person, and don't know how fast she will fill up with other cats to foster, and not knowing me at all, she might not make the exception if I am not able to rescue this sweet girl soon.

On another note, the woman Pat, who adopted Rupert in the fall, and named him Sugar - she wanted companionship for the other kitty she rescued from me - which I feel so bad, I don't remember his original name, but will make it my mission to go back and read through my blog to find it - he was a tabby, I know that for sure (I've rescued SO many, can you blame me for not remembering all?).  I spoke with her on Friday and she told me that "Sugar" had vomited blood.  After total astonishment that she had not taken the cat to the vet (she told me 'it was only once or twice'), I told her I would make the appointment at her vet - Brighton Animal Hospital for early the next week.  I called her today to tell her I had made the appointment for her and that I would pick them both up and take them, and she said 'you need to come get this cat, its eliminating all over my tub.'  I was pissed.  Here this cat vomited blood, and you'd think that with this new behavior, there is nothing wrong with it?  I told her I can't just take the cat back, and that it needed to be seen because something is wrong with it.  I told her that hopefully, with medication, it would be back to normal.  I don't think there is much bonding going on, much to my dismay.  To just say - come and get this cat, after nearly five months?  I am pretty upset about this. 

When I got up this morning, I thought the forecast was for overnight another 3-6 inches.  Nothing.  I thought, GREAT!  Well, when I got out to start my round, the snow started, and its coming down good.  I was a walking snowman at a few spots where I had to linger to change a towel, pat a head, or move some boards around.  I also have two new holes in my arm thanks to one kitty that decided he didn't like me moving the towels around.  It looks like a bite, but I am pretty sure it was two of his claws that got me.

That's it on this end.  It has not started out to be a good week, but I am sure it will get better.  I need to start to find homes for Fraser, Calvin, Lenny and Sweet Teddy, who I need to pay a visit to this week!  At least they are all safe.  I need to get Miss Pregnant Kitty and Candy off the street next.

Have a GREAT day!

"In this life we cannot always do great things. 
But we can do small things with great love."

Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Blues

It has snowed another 2-3 inches overnight, in the city, making it not quite shoveable at my spots, but shuffable, for sure.

Pregnant Sally

I've been feeding a cat that runs to me nearly every morning at my shelter on the porch on Chamberlain.  She is a very pretty girl, as you can see in the above picture.  Yesterday, she had a noticeable bump in her midriff - I do believe this young lady is preggers.  I contacted my friend Julie with ACPR, who asked that I contact someone else in her group to see if they had room for this young lady to be fostered, and have her babies, rather than the other alternative, to have her kittens aborted and placed back on the street, which I prefer not to do, but its the only humane thing to do, rather than have the kittens suffer a slow death out there, which they surely would in this weather.  It is not supposed to reach past 20 degrees until next week, maybe.  Its frigid out.  Well, this other girl told me it would be ok, but I would have to get her tested for leukemia first.  So out I went this morning to get her, but she wasn't there.  :(  I will try again tomorrow. 

I've gotten to know the red kitty I've been fostering - Calvin (his name has been changed a few times - but its Calvin for now).  He is just the most sweetest thing around.  He follows me from room to room, but its not annoying because he then finds his comfortable spot and chills there.  He gets along with all the other kitties, and is not frightened easily.  He is a big fluffball, and is ready for adoption.  Here is his latest picture, above.

The rest of the pictures were taken yesterday at some of my shelters, until my camera died.

Candy's Back

Candy's Nose

Candy Pleading for me to Take Her Home!

Please spread the word about these precious animals, and don't forget Teddy, Fraser, Calvin and Lenny!

Have a great day!  Think Spring!