Monday, November 11, 2013

Webster & Ferndale

Webster & Ferndale empty lot
Some Autumns are just prettier than others - this happened to be one of those years * The oranges, the reds ... oh my!   Many leaves disappeared fast over the weekend, as we had ferocious winds the past two days.  The leaves from my huge tree in front now bathe the neighbor's yards - sometimes leaving me with guilt - maybe I should go over there and rake them?  No, I think not.  I have my own to deal with.

Shelter in Lot on Webster
On Saturday morning I drove past the Webster/Ferndale location, with a knot in my stomach, but nevertheless, I drove past there without feeding.  For those of you who don't know the area, its not one in which you can relocate a cat down the street to the previous or next spot, they are either too far, or one is too dangerous as its a huge intersection, and very busy one at that.  Where people have no regard for an animal crossing the road either.  And yes, I have seen cats eating there, they wait in the shadows.  So this was particularly hard for me - especially after having done so for I can't tell you how many years.  I've rescued so many from this area.  I know there were others before him, but Little Timmy was my most sweetest, he had dwarf legs, a fluffy little black cat he was.  He trusted me almost immediately as he was so hungry each morning.  He is now in the warm and loving home of Wendy, and her beagle Herbie, my neighbors down the road.   This was a bad spot because it started off with me sheltering cats on the porch of a boarded up house on the corner, then it began to be renovated, and then I had to move my spot to the lot next door, and then eventually I began to feed on the porch of the abandoned house until that was demolished, and then back to the lot where I set up some beautiful shelters, only to have them destroyed by the Devil Man who lived above the old convenience store next to that.  What an evil man he was.  I was then able to convince the Spanish couple to let me feed, only for them to stop me, once again, and take down my shelters.  I've been able to rescue six cats now from that corner recently, two went to Lollipop, two to barns, and two were adopted.

Kitty on Ferndale and Webster
 Unfortunately, I drove past there yesterday on Sunday, and there was a sweet little boy - one that I've fed over the years - waiting for me under a car.  I got out and placed some food down.  This morning, I drove past again trying not to look.  It breaks my heart.  But I must do what I must do.  God help those poor souls.  I pray they find another food source.

I went to visit Cedric and Prince, who are doing well in their cages in the barn in Scottsville.  I shook out their blankets, and gave them a lot of pets and pats, and talked to them, I actually think they remember me!  I will be releasing them this coming weekend.  Prince is a loveable kitty, Cedric is still a bit scared, but let me pet him.  I know they will well as country cats! 


  1. Janine, Keep up the great work. Hope some of your readers are donating food or building you shelters or something. Because your donations have stayed the same since Walts Challenge. Thats so sad people wont help your Good Fight. Dont know how you do it by yourself. Bless your sole.

  2. Oh, Janine, I'm so sorry about Webster & Ferndale where you reminded me, over the weekend, that my dear Timmy came from. He was SO LUCKY that you picked him up (with his tiny, short legs & ears!) and that I heard about him from our vet. I appeared on your doorstep as soon as you returned from work - and the rest was history... He, Herbie & I are best buddies. Bless you for EVERYTHING that you do EVERY DAY!