Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rupert... and Others!

Look at this cat. Is this the most beautiful cat in the world?  Well, maybe you don't feel that way, maybe you have your own kitties that you feel are the most beautiful in the world, but this baby I rescued very very sick from the streets three weeks ago, had him vetted and treated for URI, neutered, and look at him now.  He was a MESS.  What a very lucky cat he is now!  This is just one story out of hundreds that I have.

Pepper and Penny then

Here's another - remember the two baby kittens, they were born outside on Hayward - they were two out of six or seven kittens born early this spring that I rescued, and look at them now! Luckiest cats in the world - living the high life in Webster with a loving family of Mom, Dad, sister and brother who adopted them together, and love them dearly.

Pepper and Penny today (can you tell which is which?)
This morning it was very very cold out, a heavy frost on the ground.  I did my usual first, second and third stops, and after pulling away from my fourth - where I feed Casey, and a pretty grey kitty, along with Lucy and another kitty - this is where the man who owns the house comes by each day just to trash my bowls that I leave with food and water - I started to drive off and noticed an abandoned house on the other corner just across the street.  Now, do you know how thrilled I was to see that?  I can now place a few shelters somewhere around there for these cats that have NO shelter whatsoever from the weather today, and weather to come.  I just need to place them, place food there, and coax them.  Any ideas anybody?  They will be able to see me from where they currently are, and hear me, but how to get them across the street, and into the field, and to the house.  Need to figure that out.  And quick.  I was thrilled to see this though, its been a dilemma for me since last winter, when the man destroyed their only shelter last winter on his porch - where he does not reside, and its been vacant and boarded for years.  Makes me ill to know there are such mean people.

Stout Street
I have an opportunity to place one or two more cats in a barn again - I am contemplating Casey there on Garson - this woman only wants tuxedos, calicos or tortoise shelled cats.  There is another cat I am thinking about because obviously I want to get as many cats off these streets as possible.

Cedric and Prince are doing well since being let out of their cages they were in for two weeks in the Scottsville barn I brought them to.  Prince is a sweet heart, and is there each day for his new 'mama' who comes to feed them, her horses, and chickens!  There are lots of warm and cozy spots here in this 'barn', so I have no worries, but Cedric has been in hiding when she comes around, but has been seen.  I pray he warms up to his new family soon! 

I have not seen the calico kitten on Baldwin in maybe a month now.  Remember, she was the kitten who was spayed and eartipped by someone - by whom I have no clue.  (was that proper grammar?)  I pray she was scooped up by whoever this mysterious person is.  I rarely see the other two kittens that were there either. 

But this was a good morning.  I fed an awful lot of hungry bellies, and I drove home with some hope, once again.

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Have a beautiful day!

"What you see in this world is a mirror reflection of your
own thoughts, if you have ugly thoughts,
the world becomes ugly."


  1. Rupert is like a movie star, wrapped up in his Ermine coat, for sure he will get a person for himself, will pass it on for him.

  2. Eartipped calico MIGHT be someone's cat who was put thru a feral clinic to be spayed. It happens, since it is the cheapest way to get them spayed. Just a thought, since she isn't around frequently, that she may have a home.

  3. Great photos of Rupert! He's a handsome boy. I love the update on Pepper and Penny! Hooray for happy endings. And that barn sounds gorgeous! Probably my dream barn for all my dream horses. ;)

  4. LOL. Look how cute.... They have the same pose, in a way. The kitten looking up is the same adult that's turned up and visa-versa! You can see which is which by their faces; the nose length and the forehead pattern. Beautiful Cats! Orange cats are special, for sure.