Thursday, November 14, 2013


I am trying to give updates on some of the recent adoptions I've made.  My problem is I never seem to have enough time to sit down and hunt for pictures.

Luigi, aka Little Blackie from Ferndale and Webster, is doing great in the country out in Conesus - although not as great as I would like - he hides in the basement, but his new mom says he is getting much better - she has three children - two teens and a little guy, and they have a dog, so Luigi is a bit scared after spending his life on the streets, but is learning to adapt.  I have no doubt that he will be a regular at the family dinner table within the next few months.


 Molly, aka Lucky, is doing great also.  She has a big sister to hang with, and her new mom says that her 'sister' likes to 'mother' her, so she is getting spoilt rotten.  She deserves it though.  She was rescued from Central Park, where the cats there dart in and out of the heavily trafficked street.

Zoey, aka Winky, is doing well also, after having been spayed last week, healing nicely after surgery, and getting along with her big brother in the house.  They love her dearly.

Pepper and Penny, the two red kittens featured on the front page of my blog, have really grown.  Their mom sent me a picture of them but I just can't seem to get it out of a ZIP file, so can't save to add here, but I will get it figured out.  Can't wait to show you before and after pics!  I will be posting pictures on here tomorrow of them if I can figure it out.

The barn cats, Sally and Fern, out in Caledonia, seem to be doing well also.  They are still around, along with several other now, their barn owner/father? reports.  These kitties were rescued from Second Street (Sally) and Ferndale and Webster (Fern).


The other barn cats I recently placed nearly two weeks ago at a 'mansion' barn, Cedric and Prince, both from Central, will be let out this coming weekend.  This 'barn' is so nice I would like to live there!  I've instructed their new 'mom' how to do this release, so fingers crossed and prayers said!

Rupert is doing well in his temporary home with Sheryl, she's even moved her computer into his 'room' so that he would be less lonely.  He needs his forever home soon.  He is neutered, and all healed from his respiratory infection!  He is a LOVER!

Please consider adopting or fostering a sweet kitty still out on the street.  I promise you  that you will not regret it.  We all want unconditional love, they have it and want to give it! 

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


  1. Going back over the lives you have saved and seeing them in new homes has to give you such a warm and fuzzy feeling!! You are doing great work out there, I wish things were a little easier for you, but I know your passion keeps you moving forward and the kitties appreciate it!!

  2. A great inspiration for me to continue in the small way that I do, helping you, help them.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful updates! I'm glad they're all doing so well. Now it's Rupert's turn. :) Do you have a photo of him with his eyes open? Perhaps Sheryl could try to get one. I'll take his photo to my naturopath's office.