Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Families

Pretty Boy on Sixth Street

So many rescued and adopted. So many left out there.

Not so cold recently, but it was a little harder push off this morning. Sometimes the passion drops a bit and its those times when I have to pep talk myself a little more than usual.

Big RED #2 on Pennsylvania

The fact is the cats I rescue go to homes, to families and to new lives. Everyone is happier and while I am sad to lose one of my little friends and familiar faces I know they cannot stay out there. What they do for their new families is so precious. To put it simply, happy families have cats!

Mama on Pennsylvania, who recently gave birth, but I don't know where her babies are.

It was an incident free morning and there is nothing to report except that they are still waiting for me and they eat. Shelters that my friends have given to me are being used. The cats make themselves as comfortable and as warm as they can. That is one of the things about us crazy cat people. We stick together through thick and thin. Not much thick and too much thin but every so often from people who are reading this blog for the first time reach across the net and give. They give food and blankets and shelters and bowls and plates, but most importantly they give their friendship. Without it I don't know what I would have done.

A broken wine bottle. It sounds not much but there it was in the grass at one of my locations.  I had seen the yet unbroken bottle there on the grass for days, and thought I should pick it up before someone smashed it, and then thought I would do it the next day and the next day, well sure enough they smashed it.  I can't tell you how many cats I see limping, and most likely have stepped in glass.  I tried my best to clean it up and pray that the cats don't come around this spot on the grass.  Such little things mean a lot. There are so many big things that we try to deal with.  Keeping a job, wondering about our healthcare and when the next crazy sets off a bomb to kill other human beings in the name of whatever but if we lose our passion for caring for others we lose our humanity.

So keep an eye on the small things. Do what we can in our own lives. Make change for better where we can I guess.

Its the weekend and I have to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Uggg.

Have a good one.  (PS, pics I took this morning)
"The distance between your dream and reality
is called action."


  1. Always grateful for a break in the weather for you Janine, and always think of you and the kittys , every day. :)

  2. Pretty boy really is beautiful! He's been around for a while, hasn't he?
    Thank the Lord for the milder weather! Praying for you and the furrballs. :)