Monday, November 18, 2013


No, it really wasn't a hurricane, but it could have had the winds been a bit more windier.  There must have been gusts in excess of 50mph overnight.  I lay awake thinking my tree would fall on top of me, and Leo, and Smokey, and Midnight, and Mary Jane!, at any moment, crushing us in an instant.  I thought of all my spots with shelters, and how were the kitties faring over night.  The rain pounded against the west side of my house at one point, sounding like it was going to break the window.  Boy we sure do have some storms - I think this has been the windiest year on record for Rochester.  Two things I hate the most, wind and rain.  I can even deal with the snow and cold, but the wind and rain are hard to beat.   The flimsy bowls the cats eat from scatter here and there as soon as they eat whats in it, and then that's it for their meal for the day.  My shelters are not as secure as I would like - and we all know the rain - the cats get wet, and so does my newly flattened, ironed hair! 

I met a girl named Sheryl through the blog who offered to come with me each Sunday, and what a blessing she has been.  She has made me several shelters and is very helpful beside me.  She has even taken in Rupert to foster, who by the way is thriving, and is prettier by the second.  He really needs a home!

On the other hand, I lost a girl who had been coming with me on Mondays - I got a 'Dear John' note in my e-mail stating she could no longer go with me because it was too sad for her.  I actually was devastated to get that note - thinking it was something I had done - with my never ending Catholic guilt - or is it insecurity - but on the other hand, I think I would feel the same way if I wasn't as strong as I am.   I couldn't go into a shelter and see caged animals, or even a zoo, so I am not as strong as I would like to be.  I tear up just pulling into the parking lot of an animal shelter.  But I will miss this girl.  It was nice having the company two mornings in a row.  They were and are both such great help.  And it makes my journey a little less lonely.

I am running late as usual, so need to end this.   Please share this with others so that we can rescue these sweet cats from the streets, one at a time.

Have a great day.


  1. Naturally thought of you and the kittys last night Janine, the good thing is that the lass who found this too sad to ride along, will surely spread the word about just how difficult this is, nothing like a real life experiance from others, as well as you, to send the message. I know you appreciate any help, and take it as a step forward, that one more person knows for a fact, what it is like out there and just how much help, however small is needed. If only more would just step into your shoes, even one time, it's the best advertising one can get. God Bless all these people that share this endevour with you/us, for the animals.

  2. I agree with previous comment. I rode with Janine a few times and while I didn't get depressed, I was afraid and always ended up taking at least one cat home!! Couldn't do it the early hour is ungodly....I took a nap when I got home. Nancy C.

  3. Thought of you all last night, but especially the poor cats outdoors. Praying their little huts and houses remained intact. What crazy weather!
    I'm so sorry you lost your Monday ride-along! It shows just how hard it is to do what you do every day. You are made of some tough stuff. You may be a softy on the surface but deep down you are so strong. Just as steel is made stronger in a furnace, your adversities have forged your resolve to keep going.