Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Every morning when I feed the cats of the 'hood they are there waiting patiently for me. I know they are hungry because of the way they tackle the food when I put it down for them. But every now and then while I am driving I see a lone cat sitting on the sidewalk. I guess its a part of the mission which forces me to stop and put something down for them.

It happened again this morning. A dear little cat, all by him/herself, just sat there as I drove slowly past. Stopping the car and looking back I could see it moving slowly away. These loners are always very careful. As I walked towards him he moved away and sat in the middle of the road. Never a good idea but he was determined to keep a safe distance.

I have to laugh at myself as I chase cats around the streets trying to give them something to eat. It does seems a bit on the ridiculous side. Anyway I left a bowl of food and some water, got back into the car and looked back. He was still watching me from his safe distance but the food was there and he knew it was for him.

Its always a little sad to see these loners because I wonder where they shelter and live but now I am back home and I feel better as he now has food in his belly. Maybe he will join up with one of the little colonies in that area. Most likely he won't so I will be looking out for him tomorrow and in the days to come.

Yes it is cold this morning and a bit of snow on the ground. Its never good to see as it reminds me of what is still come over the next couple of months. Its time to make sure our own cats stay inside, remind our friends to do the same and be on the lookout for homeless cats in our own neighborhoods. Make sure there is a bowl of food and water out for any cat without the benefit of a home and family. Simple steps but it means so much.

"If you believe the doubts in your head, you won't achieve the dreams in your heart."

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  1. Such sad little kitties. That black and white one looks adorable! Would that all the loner kitties out there had their own Janines.