Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tempus Fugit! Time flies.

Especially in the morning.

There are times in the early morning when a lone cat catches my eye. This morning before I got to any of my spots I saw just such a loner on the sidewalk. Never letting a chance like this pass I stopped and got out with some food for him. My practice is always to not approach a new cat directly so as to not scare them away. Food left down by itself for a couple of minutes can be gone quickly before they can get back to it.

After leaving the food I turned around to see the cat, an unneutered male, limping towards his meal. He was certainly not too frightened of me or perhaps his need for a good meal outweighed his fear. Anyway I noticed that he could not put any weight on his front left leg. These are times when I wish I could  scoop up all these homeless kitties and bring them home. But I cannot.  Time, before I go to work, flies too quickly. If I had the time and the financial means I would be caring for all of them a whole lot better. The streets of the 'hood are no place for them. Not sure why this boy was limping but there is a good chance he cut his foot on a piece of broken glass. Maybe something else but who knows for sure until I can get a closer look.

Some cats will trust easily and others never allow me to get anywhere near them. They all know the sound of the car first thing in the morning. Many of them come running straight up to me, others will sit quietly near the sidewalk while others wait in the shadows preferring to keep their distance. They are as individual as we are.

Now I am back home and before I get ready for work I have to get ready for tomorrow morning. There are bags to be filled with dry food and containers of wet food to get ready. So many cans of wet food and it takes time; time still flying and so am I. Once the containers are ready they go into the oven for safe keeping. If I leave them out my cats will feast on them and if I leave them in the fridge they are too cold for the homeless ones to eat. So the oven is the only real option.

Clean the litter boxes and now I can think about myself. Get my lunch ready and then me.

Oh what a life.

"When you win, say nothing, when you lose, say less."


  1. Hey Janine, don't ever turn on your oven without checking it!! Phew!!!! =)

  2. Love todays quote Janine, I must show it to a certain some one I live with , hah ha :) Oh I keep my food in the oven too, how about that ? been so busy lately tho, I forgot about a small handful of mince meat I had that I left over in there from the dog, for 2 days........ "senior moment", believe me, it was not nice.

  3. Gosh, that would never happen at our house. We can leave any food out on the counter and no one will touch it! Ahahhahahahaha! Let's see, there's been a bag of bread, a bag of rolls, stolen Yorkshire Puddings, another chewed loaf of bread, a chewed English Muffin, a stolen half turkey sandwich, and those are just the ones I'm remembering off the top of my head. :D We're mostly trained now to put our food away immediately, but sometimes we still forget and revert to how we were B.C. That is, Before Charley! (Although Pumpkin gets credit for the turkey sandwich.) Good thing they're so cute, right? ;)