Thursday, November 7, 2013

Black Cats!

Sweet Girl on Pennsylvania

Well, I finally spoke to Larry, the man who has a meticulously kept lawn and home in the middle of the hood, and was quickly disappointed.  He is still a nice man!  But, he told me that he hadn't seen the mom or her kittens since he mentioned it to me, and that he wasn't sure if he could allow me to place a shelter in the back of his yard because he 'had to ask the wife, and she doesn't like cats.'  I asked him to get back to me on that.  And to be sure to call me if he sees the mother and her kittens.  I think I saw a baby last Sunday, but can't be sure.  Its so dark out there.  And especially gloomy out this morning.  But with this time change, it gets lighter earlier, so that's a good thing.  Not that it matters on my route, I still get home by 6:15 and you can just see the light to the east. 

Sweet Boy on Pennsylvania

I made sure the containers where the straw and towels are in in some of the shelters remained dry.  I made sure that there was plenty of food and water for the kitties at each of my spots.  On Central, sure enough, there were four kitties out there again.  The one I want to rescue next, and that my neighbor has kindly offered to foster, actually followed me back to my car after I poured the food for her and the three others.  I got out again, walked over to her, picked her up, nuzzled her fur, and told her I would be back for her.  I've got to get Mr. Rupert a place so that I can hold this little one until the end of the day when Tracy can take her.  Speaking of Rupert, he is doing so much better.  Not only does he sound better, but he is actually beginning to play.  I've allowed Rufus in the room with him, and I think they like each other's company.

Scared Kitty on Central

Two of my cats went to the vet - Smokey and Mary Jane - yesterday, and after another fortune, they were sent home with some purple liquid to take once a day, and some lysine treats.  Seriously, this just cost me another $300.  I wish I could get a break.  I'll be out on the streets soon if this keeps up.  I pray the meds work quickly, as I don't want the others to catch anything.  Midnight and Daisy are doing better on the Clavamox that I started them on this past Saturday.  That was another $50.  Seriously, where is the break here for the animals?   This purple liquid is another joke. I have to shove 6ml of this stuff down two of the cats throats, and this stuff is flying all over the place. My clothes, the floor, its all over their faces, and it stains!  Why did they have to make this stuff purple???  And why 6ml???  That's a lot of liquid!

Its very quiet at the Central Ave location where I 'rescued' Cedric and Prince and brought to Scottsville to a barn last Sunday.  I miss them terribly.  Its almost eerie there, as I didnt' see the regulars there again today.  I will be heading out there this Sunday morning to see them and maybe let them loose from the cages they've been in all week.  I pray they stay once they are let out.  I hope that they are getting used to the sights, sounds, smells, and the other kitty there waiting for them to come out to play.  Its always a risk when you relocate cats to barns.  I pray this one works.

That's it for me.   Thanks for reading, have a great day!
"Its okay if you try and fail but its not okay if you fail to try."


  1. Aaww, thats disapointing news of Larrys wife dislike of cats..... they would be doing her a favor by keeping the vermin down in the city neighbourhood, thats for sure, still, if she would at least allow you to set up something to catch them all,.... then you could relieve her of the burden of them ,right ?

  2. Remember to take care of yourself first or what good will you be to the homeless cats?

  3. 3 weeks is the usual suggestion for confining cats when relocating, Janine. and you're darn right it's risky for the cats! Are these the two friendly black cats I just neutered at Central? One of them was the young boy's pet. Sharrell's son.

  4. Are you sure about the 6ml's - might be more like point six.

  5. Wow, 6ml is a lot! I would be ticked if purple stuff went everywhere, too. Good luck with your sick babies. Praying they get well soon.