Tuesday, November 5, 2013


It was a mild morning out there.  Not too cold, and dry.  As I drove around to each spot, I noticed that at some of them, the kitties come running to the sound of my car.  Its like they are so excited to see me, or they are very hungry.  I also thought to myself 'am I making a difference out there?'  I got to the spot where I rescued Cedric and Prince on Central on Sunday morning, and not one cat was there.  There were four yesterday (Monday) - Rolo, Tuffy, a newer calico, and a tabby that's been around, but none today.  I then went to the next spot where there is a black cat, a tabby cat, a red fluffier cat with a half of a tail, and a white spotted cat that hang there.  At the next location, where I've rescued little Bobby, Charlie, Baxter - the white kitty with the deformed toes, and so many others, there was only one regular girl there, and she is the sweetest of all.  There has been a black tuxedo cat hanging around there the past few days.  I thought, where did all the others go?  I saw Charlies' dad there a couple of days ago, but no one was around today.  I thought, this is such a bad crazy heavy traffic street, surely they could get hit so easily.   I really want to get this girl off the street, will need to find a foster.  She is just too sweet to leave on the street.

I see Neck Wound Kitty almost daily, but he was not around this morning.  I actually caught him coming out of the tote shelter I have for him on the porch of the vacant house on Parsells yesterday.  It was so good to see.  I set these shelters all over and its always heartwarming to see them use them.  The sturdier shelters, the better.

I am not sure if I mentioned that last week, as I finished placing the food down at Baldwin, a man who owns the house across from this lot was standing there in the dark waiting to talk to me.  Now this man's house is really really nice.  He is meticulous about his property.  I always wondered who lived there.  Its like a diamond in the rough.  A rough neighborhood, where so many houses are unkept with trash strewn all over, no one cares.  But Larry does.  I introduced myself after he asked what I was doing.  He said he has noticed me and wanted to know why I did what I did.  After a minute of explanation, I could tell this was a good man.  He listened intently, and had no problem with me placing shelters there after that.  He then told me that there was a cat that had seven babies in his yard and he brought me back there, passing his huge vegetable garden, to show me the bramble that the cats were living in.  They were not there, he said that the kittens followed their mom around - and he told me he would look out for them.  We exchanged numbers, and he took down my blog address.  I pray he contacts me, I left him a note this morning after thinking about his situation, and I know the first thing is I must get him a good shelter for his yard so that these kittens can survive this cold.  So I am looking for a good sturdy shelter that he will find acceptable to place in his beautiful yard.

Rupert is doing well, I think he is coming around healthwise, he doesnt' seem to be coughing as much.  He is a lovable and beautiful white adult cat with missing teeth.  I wonder if its good for cats to eat just wet food for the rest of their lives.  I think he has a hard time chewing hard dry food.  I am hoping he will be fostered very soon, because there is a grey cat on Garson that I want to rescue next.  I am praying that a new found friend will want him after he is neutered, and socialized. 

So many out there.  Please help me by fostering, or spreading the word to your friends and family.  We can do it, one cat at a time!

Have a great day!


  1. Sounds like a break thru Janine with the kitty friendly nice man, any amount of acceptance and tolerance is a God send . One of those igloo small size dog houses would be a good shelter for him to have in the yard, they are very tidy looking if we can find one.........

  2. Janine, you are making a difference out there! You have made a huge difference for every single cat you rescued and placed in a loving home, and for every cat who gets a meal and shelter every day because of all you do! And for every unwanted litter of kittens you have prevented by spaying and neutering, preventing their suffering, you have made all the difference! God bless you for ALL you do for these creatures!

  3. my diabetic cat eats only wet - fancy feast - per her vet- and is doing great

  4. Rupert will be fine on wet only. It's better for cats anyway.

    That's pretty awesome that Larry cares about the kittens. He sounds like one of the good ones. I hope he'll let you place a nice shelter in his yard!

  5. I have several toothless and almost toothless cats ( and at great expense to me for dentals!) who still eat dry and some who eat both wet and dry- at their choice. They can still eat dry food even without teeth- as the vets have told me, they don't really chew their food anyway. I try to buy round and oval shaped dry food not cross-shaped, just to make sure they don't have to break it to swallow whole safely. It seems like all the better dry foods are round or oval anyway. But now the thought is that canned is better for them anyway since it has more meat and water content.