Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Word of the Day

Kitten on Pennsylvania

New Kitty on Pennsylvania - very sweet

Charlie's father - don't cha think???  Central Ave...

Sweet Girl on Central Ave. that neighbor Tracy is going to foster!


\ ad-si-TISH-uhs \  , adjective; 
\\ Definition:   added or derived from an external source; additional

These were significant appendages, to be sure; not altogether adscititious .
-- Ameen Rihani, The Book of Khalid , 2012
His delineations of character and action, if executed with ability, will have a raciness and freshness about them, which will attest their fidelity, the secret charm, which belongs to truth and nature, and with which even the finest genius cannot invest a system, of adscititious  and imaginary manners.
-- Catharine Maria Sedgwick, Clarence , 2011
Adscititious  comes from the Latin word adscītus  which meant "derived, assumed, foreign."
 I love to learn new words.  I go to almost daily to learn a new word.  I am a 'wordsmith'.  I love big words.  I may not use them in the proper context, or pronunciate them correctly, but I still love new and big words.  Just a little fact about me.  :()

Nothing really new to share out there.  I go out and feed over 50 cats daily.  Some have good shelter, some do not.  Some wait for me and/or run to me when they see/hear my car, some hide in the shadows waiting for me to leave.  Some are super friendly, and love me and trust me, and some are scared and petrified.  Some are healthy, some are sick.  They are all hungry.

I played phone tag with Larry, the man who came out to meet me last week and mentioned the mother cat and her 'beautiful' kittens she had in his backyard.  I need to find out when is the last he saw them, and where.  I also need to ask him if he will allow me to place a nice shelter in his yard in the corner so that the mother cat and her kittens will get used to a shelter, and feeding spot, so that they can be trapped.  I pray I can reach him today.

There is not much more to report today, except that I have two very sick cats with upper respiratory of my own, will have to get them seen today.  I was treating four of my cats for this, and two seem to be doing better, but Mary Jane and Smokey sound very congested, and the Clavamox is just not doing its job with them.  Another huge expense, again.  My friend pointed out that it was just last week that I had Jack put to sleep.  I miss him so much.  These guys are part of our lives, and to lose them is like losing a close family member.  He is in my garden next to a rose bush.  Pray I don't dig him up by accident next year!  :)  kidding.  I still need to place a cross where he lies.

I leave you with some pictures I took this morning of the precious angels that are still out there (above and below).  With your help, we can rescue these babies one day at a time! 

Thanks for listening!

New Cat hanging around on Stout

Sixth Street Kitties

Big Red #2 on Pennsylvania


  1. Hope you get a hold of that fellow Larry...... I know you will be trying hard to reach him before the weather turns. Prayers for the sick Kittys Janine, it is just an endless battle for street cats. :(

  2. Great pictures today! I know it's hard to get good ones in the dark. That black one is a stunner.

    Hope your kitties are feeling better. It's awful when they're sick. :(