Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pass it On...

I pulled up to my 9th spot this morning on Sixth, where there were five cats waiting for me in the dilapidated garage, and my cell phone went off indicating a text.  Who's texting me at 5:35 am.?  It was a friend, and she wrote "Laying in my warm bed thanking God you are there for the strays."  After I sent a quick note back telling her I had just pulled up to five waiting kitties, I thought to myself, that note was so nice to get.  Someone was actually thinking of me.  At that time of the morning.  Someone actually acknowledged that I was out there, at that moment, in the bitter cold of 17 degrees that morning.  That made my morning.

Now I am certainly not bragging, who could brag about sadness?  But I don't know who else is doing what I am doing, although I am sure there are others, and I would love to know - are they doing it religiously like I do?   Do they struggle to do what I do, like I do?  Does it take them over an hour in good weather, hour and half or more in bad weather, like I do?  Do they feed over 50 cats, that they can see, every single day, like I do?  I would love to know.  I would love to know how they get their strength, and energy, and funding.  I would love to know if they have someone helping them, someone encouraging them in this seemingly never ending journey of trying to make a homeless cat's life just a little less miserable.

I am trying to rescue each of these sweet cats out there, one at a time.  But I need help.  I need people to take these kitties in as fosters, and keep them warm and safe as we try to market them, sell them, entice people to realize that these cats are worth it, and they would make such wonderful companions.  I've lost my one and only foster - she did the best that she could - she is thinking of her other cats, and she doesn't want to stress them.  That's OK.  But I do need more people to open up their hearts and homes to take a little one off the street this winter, and give it the love they deserve.  Think about it, and pass it on.  I could use all the help I can get in this crazy mission I am on!

Thanks for reading!


  1. It's so funny Janine that you mentioned your friend sending you a text this morning and you wondering if anyone was thinking about what you were doing this morning and every morning. I was thinking of you this morning around 5:30 a.m. when I went to let my dog out and feed my 3 feral kittens! As I commented before, I have 3 feral kittens that live on my deck and surrounding yard that I have had spayed/neutered and built houses for and feed every day. I was thinking how lucky I was to just have to go outside my own back door to take care of these 3 kittens - not out driving to 15 locations to help 50 cats. It's amazing what you are doing. Stay strong!

  2. What a wonderful boost for your day, receiving that text. You should know that even those of us who don't text you at 5am still think of you often as well. You are a hero to many of us who follow your journey...and you are life to all of those babies you care for each & every day.

  3. Absolutly. Especially identify with these two entrys today, I dont know why you have been chosen Janine, or how, I often wonder, what will be your ultimate reward for this, when will the day come when you can rest. I bet you dont think of these things very often your self. that is not your nature. God bless xxxx

  4. You need a support group with other rescuers! I bet there are some out there. Meanwhile, we'll keep supporting you here. :) Tonight, as every night, Charley and Pumpkin are sleeping happily in warm, cozy beds thanks to you!