Friday, June 28, 2013

Quick Update - Friday

I have the day off from work - but with recent developments, still wanted to keep any of you who might read this today informed.  My friend Kristin came in from Churchville this morning at 5 am. to help me with my rounds, and to try to catch some kittens.  As we got to Hayward, where I've seen a black and two red tiny babies outside two days ago, knowing they are around 8 weeks old, we didn't see them as we pulled up.  As I went to lower the board leaning against a house, to place a dry towel down - yes, its raining again - I saw a note attached.  It read:  "To the Cat Helping Person, I caught three and found a home for one - I have two orange ones - 1 male 1 female.  Can you take them?  I am next door at #542.  Kristen and I were elated.  Our work here wasn't going to be as hard!  Seeing as it was like 5:20 am., I thought we would go on our way, after I left my number on the porch outside the door.  I still haven't heard but am thinking the person left for work and went out their back door.  I will deal with that later.  At least I know where they are and that they are safe for right now.

Then finally onto the last stop on 7th where baby kitten mama has three kittens here, Kristin and I looked under the boards, and sure enough, there were three kittens!  We managed to get two, and the third one took off like a bolt of lightning.  I have two teeny tiny little babies who are scared to pieces right now in my bathroom in a carrier, with a little food which they haven't touched, waiting to be transported to a foster home.  Thank you to Julie and your daughter Liz.  Angels sent from heaven above are what they are.

If anyone out there can foster two beautiful baby red kittens, please contact me.  I need help. 

Here are pictures of the first set of babies - I am waiting to hear what their names are from Liz.

Stay tuned for pictures of the 'twins' - that are in my bathroom now.  I picked them up yesterday.  This woman grabbed them from one of the plastic totes that I have as shelter for the cats on the side of her apartment.  She couldn't thank me enough for what I was doing.   I couldn't thank her enough for making my job a little easier by catching these poor creatures.  They are the cutest little furballs ever.  I really need to find a home or foster for them.  There is no room at the inn right now.

Here are the twins.  Aren't they ADORABLE. 
Colby (left) & Brie (right)

Please pass this around.  .  Thank you!

Have a great day!!!


  1. Good job!! Five babies off the streets!! Thanks to all - including the kind neighbor. This made my day. Nancy C.

  2. "The Cat Helping Person"... I love it! So happy that some of these babies are off the streets and headed for good homes!!!

  3. Congrats on your successful kitten sweep! I hope you can get the one who got away real soon. Poor baby all alone now and so little. I have kitten traps if you need. Also dog crate/cage if you need. They are definitely small enough to use these small traps. The one looks just like Baby Kitten Mama! The Oranges are just beautiful!!! I'm so glad you got them.And at a perfect age too. Neighbor found a home for the BLACK one?? That's so great that you have a neighbor actually HELPING you!!! I have another Demo list for you too.