Monday, June 24, 2013

Kittens Galore!

After nearly a week of a seriously bad lower back injury (which I swear I have no clue how it happened), I was back in the swing of things this weekend.  And what a crazy keen family fun weekend it was.  My niece graduated from high school yesterday and the event drew her aunts, uncles and cousins in from other parts of the country.  It was very hot - 90s - and very humid - just the kind of weather to affect the kitties with injuries out there.  At the top of that list is Neck Wound Kitty.  I pulled up to the first stop at Parsells this morning to see him run down the steps to hide under a car while waiting for me to put more food and water down.  As soon I headed back to the car, he started going up the steps, but stopped a few times to sit and scratch and lick his neck.  This cat has had some type of infection on his neck for YEARS.  I am sick that I've never done anything about it.  Again this morning, after I saw him, I said 'i forgot antibiotics again'.  Which I did.  But I don't believe that is enough, for a tiny pill to make its way into his stomach - when there are other cats there ready to eat and he may not get the pill..  and I don't believe meds will help if he is not getting them every day anyway.  I may have to take drastic measures and try to get this cat trapped and bring it to my vet to put out of its misery.  I've been watching this cat suffer far too long.  This is not humane, to allow it to go on.

As I pulled up to my spot on Hayward this morning, I saw TWO BABY KITTENS, maybe and month and half to two months old? One pure red and one pure black.  I also saw momma, and another grey tabby, and the calico that hangs there.  Seeing these kittens made me sick.  I tried to TNR momma before she had her kittens, but the trap I was using was broken, unbeknownst to me.  I then tried again and got the calico girl there.  So there are now five cats that I know of here that I need to feed, unless Momma is still nursing the kittens, its hard to say. 

On Sixth Street, I made some progress in trust with one of the five or six grey tabbies that hang there.  There are actually more - a calico who was fixed, and a black/copper colored kitty, also spayed.  But the kitty allowed me to touch its nose with my fingertip, and slightly stroke its head.  That was big.  None of these cats have allowed me close to them.  I know there are kittens here too, but I have not seen them yet.

At my last stop, on Seventh, I finally saw THREE TINY KITTENS, a sure sign that the baby kitten mama had her kittens and they survived.  They are so teeny tiny.   MY heart ached in seeing all this this morning.  I need help.  I sure wish there were people to take some of these babies - and get them neutered and give them good homes.  Won't you?  :)

"In all affairs, its a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark
on the things you have long taken for granted."


  1. Aww, nobody can get em all Janine, but I know you take it personally when you see things like today and it affects me too, that it worries you, and that it exists. The only way I can handle it is to look at my 2 gorgeous babys that you saved from the streets, just for me ! love you friend and so do the kiiy's.

  2. I agree Janine. You do all you can - it just never ends. Nancy C.

  3. I've got dibs on Neck Wound kitty!!

  4. Oh, I hope "neck wound kitty' can be saved and go to the one who offered, or put the poor kitty out of its misery after so long. XXOO

  5. Poor NWK! It's frustrating that there will always be ignorant people who let their intact cats outside to make litter after litter of kittens. But I sure am glad that Charley and Pumpkin were born and that you rescued them! Who would've thought back when I came to your house that in less than 6 months they'd be wreaking havoc at my house! We love 'em. Charley's a clever boy and has learned to sit on command. Mostly. ;) And I almost burned my dinner the other night because I didn't want to move an adorable sleeping Pumpkin out of my lap!

  6. Oh Laura - I hope you can capture & help neck-wound kitty (and rename him). He soooo deserves it after suffering so long. You're a God-send. Nancy C.