Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Its Not MY Problem!

I was thinking this morning as I was doing my rounds, where I feed an average of three homeless/feral cats per stop, at 15 stops that I make every single day, and lay down food and water at the mostly (is that a word?) poorly built shelters that I've set up for them in the Beechwood section of downtown Rochester - where I've trapped and neutered over 150 cats over the past two years, and where I've rescued and found homes or barn situations for over 50 cats throughout these past few years, I was thinking that the next time a neighbor in these neighborhoods ever tell me to stop feeding the cats - I will surely have something to say to them. I will say:

I am here feeding these cats, and getting them neutered and spayed so that they don't over populate like they already are, and I am doing this in YOUR neighborhood, where YOU should be doing something to help your own neighborhood. Like, pick up the trash around you, be kind to people like me, I am doing nothing but trying to better YOUR neighborhood.  These cats are not going to go away, they are going to multiply if someone doesn't do something about it, and it looks like I am the only one that is trying to help!  If not for your sake, for these suffering cats out here!  What are YOU doing to beautify your home, your neighborhood, your world?


 I discovered this morning that someone overnight trashed my shelter on Stout Street, where I feed the black kitty, and two orange ones, every morning.  I had two plastic totes set apart from one another, with a blanket in the middle on the ground, and a board over the top of them to create a little shelter, and someone took the board, and placed one of the totes in front of the house next door with the blanket stuffed in it.  I immediately went and replaced everything, minus the board, and set new food down for the poor babies there.  This is a dilapidated garage that I feed in, but it has sheltered these kitties through the winter months.   I even hammered boards over the broken windows to keep the snow and wind and rain from coming in, even though the roof is deteriorating and rain does get in. 

I'm just tired of these mean, uneducated people.  Its probably why when I find someone as kind as the couple I found on Webster, and Paul on Second, and John on Parsells, I get all teary eyed - because these good people are so rare to find in these neighborhoods. 

No sign of the kittens this morning on Hayward or Seventh.  But the mommas were there!  And Neck Wound Kitty was there on Parsells this morning, scratching and itching away.  I placed some antibiotics in the food I left, and hoped for the best. 


  1. Janine, will you be able to trap neck wound kitty so that the person offering to take him/her will be able to do so? The poor baby...

  2. Mean people suck. And they're everywhere! I'm praying the Lord will bring more and more kind and helpful people into your path and will refresh your spirit. Love ya!