Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Raccoons Galore!

Pennsylvania & Fourth Kitty
 First things first.  As I pulled up to Second Street this morning, Paul was in his driveway and said 'we have a problem."  Paul is the kind black man who used to work for the Monroe County Sheriff's Dept. doing detail on the police cars, he is retired now.  He has allowed me to place shelters behind his house and feed cats for years now.  He is a really really good man.  He is one of the very few out there, and I am lucky to have him in my life.  He went on to explain, as he pointed, that there is a mama raccoon and her babies living under the easement on his roof, and they had to go.  He didn't say, 'you have to stop feeding here, its attracting raccoons' like he could have.  Instead, I turned it around and said let me see who I can call.  He said that Rochester Animal Services only takes care of dogs and cats.  IF ANYONE CAN OFFER SUGGESTIONS TO ME ON WHO MIGHT BE ABLE TO GO OVER TO TAKE A LOOK, I WOULD APPRECIATE IT.  I don't know who else to call!  I must make some effort to help him, after all he has done for me.  As I went to place food down in the back afterwards, I wound up chasing off another raccoon, twice, up two different trees!  They are rascals, for sure!

CHEDDAR/LEO update - I received a voice mail the other day from his 'mother', and she told me so far so good, she had been having computer problems and would send me a note as soon as it was fixed.  Here is what I received this morning: 

Hi Janine-

Everything was good until last night when Leo decided to use the spare bedroom floor as a litter box. Not sure why he did that especially when his litter box was just a few feet away. Any way I am getting ready to move his box to the back hall off the kitchen where there is no carpet and see if that helps. Up til now he has been very good. He gets along with the dog for the most part, they play and sleep near each other and I haven't locked him in his bedroom since the first week we had him. He has the run of the house all day and sure is a lover boy when I get home from work. We really like him however his marking in the house is not cool. This is why we have never had a male animal before but we'll keep trying and hope it's just a temporary thing. Talk to you soon.

I am obviously not happy about this.  I feel like if Cheddar does one thing wrong, this woman is going to return him.  As if I don't have enough problems.  She has had Cheddar for over three weeks now, I would be heartbroken if she now decides to return him.  It will be very hard for Cheddar too, I can assure you.  I just have no room at all in my house, and have major behavioral issues happening.

I got a voicemail from my cousin last night, the one who first alerted me to the trailer park cat situation - she was asking if i had spoken to the woman, because she took a drive out there after work yesterday and found that the condemned trailer's property had been cleaned up and that there was cat food out there.  Total surprise to me.  The park manager had not called me back after a few attempts to reach her, and I assumed the worst.  Not sure of what has transpired, but hopefully its a good thing whatever did.

I wanted to update you on all my spots, but thats a whole other post and I am running out of time before I have to get to work.  I did want to mention that Habitat for Cats was not able to give me any slots at their clinic this week, and the two cats that are pregnant - one I have not seen for days, and the other is still pregnant, but ready to go at any time.  This is a tragedy, where you cannot get an appointment or for any day of the week at these low cost clinics.  There are so many kittens being born because of this.  I am not blaming HFC, I am blaming society - there is not enough help out there to get this situation under control, at least not in my hood.  I can't wait to see how the new clinic that is supposed to open in July will help to alleviate this problem somewhat, for me.  But again, I can't do all this alone -  I just can't afford it nor have the means to transport and pick up due to a full time job.  I am beginning to feel the pressure of my finances - its hard to make ends meet with my paycheck alone - I can barely afford to buy the food that I feed these homeless cats that depend on me daily anymore. I don't mean to whine, really, but you have to understand the situation that you read about daily.  Its a hard hard job to do.

"I said to my mind, be still, and wait without hope

For hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love
For love would be love of the wrong thing; yet there is faith
But the faith and the hope and the love are all in the waiting.
Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought:
So the darkness shall be light, and the stillness the dancing."


  1. A miricle at the trailer park by the sound of it ! if some one comes in to trap mother Racoon and her babys you can release them at my place if you want, I feed a bunch of them on our wooded property, without them coming close to the house. Mmm, me too cant wait for new improved clinic :)

  2. there is real good information on dealing with wildlife problems in the city on the city website at:

    It would be good to read the whole thing but the basic premise of dealing with the problem of a raccoon mom and litter living in an attic space where they do not have access to the main part of the house where the humans live- is to wait till the mom moves them out and then seal off however they got in. If a nuisance wildlife company is called, they will be killed, not relocated. But read the whole thing, at least the Raccoon section.

    the cheddar/leo situation- I am sure that suddenly moving his litter box to the back hallway is a terrible mistake!! if anything, he will go on the floor because his box is suddenly gone!! when eliminating/moving a litter box that a cat is used to using, the new one is supposed to be added first, then when the cat is REALLY firmly used to using that new box TOO, then and only then can the old box be removed- preferably with that area closed off! A sudden change/move of the box is sure to create disaster.

    did she try Cat Attract litter or litter additive? Did she try a pheromone collar and/or diffusers?? Didn't someone offer a diffuser that she could HAVE?? is she using a good cat Odor Removal product on the spot where he has gone before? I hope you have passed on these suggestions to her already but can't hurt to repeat them to her again. I have heard that Cat Attract really works. I think she should do ALL of them at once since this sounds like it is a critical thing to her.

    I am really surprised that HFC could not fit in a pregnant cat. Was the Countyline Animal Hospital option at least offered to you???

    REALLY good news on the trailer park. At least they are being fed. maybe you should try calling the park manager again to see if it sounds like she will cooperate if someone can be found to help trap for TNR.

  3. As Lnt. Columbo says- "Just one more thing"! since you feed the cats early early in the morning, and raccoons are nocturnal, I highly doubt if the cat food is attracting raccoons to the area. I am sure the cat food is typically long gone by nightfall when the raccoons come out. You feeding the cats may become a scapegoat tho, with people blaming your feeding them- so i am glad this nice man didn't. but you need to make that clear to him that the problem he is currently having has nothing to do with the cat-feeding. Read the info on that city link i posted above, it will help. have him read it.