Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rant and Roll

RANT:  The other day I was driving on a fairly populated road and was in the right lane.  In the left lane just ahead of me, a car was swerving over to my lane, and then back.  I carefully drove past her on the right, glanced over, and this woman was TEXTING!  Texting while driving.   If that doesn't take the cake.  There are enough distractions WHILE you are driving, and here you are typing on a tiny device AND driving at the same time.  I wanted so badly to pull over up ahead, get behind her, follow her into the shopping center she pulled into, and just remind her that what she did was not very smart.  She could have ruined my day, not to mention her own - with an accident with or without injuries.  PEOPLE, PLEASE, STOP TALKING ON THE PHONE AND STOP TEXTING WHILE YOU ARE DRIVING!  ARE YOU THAT IMPORTANT?  AND SPEAKING OF THAT, WHILE YOU ARE DRIVING, STAY TO THE RIGHT UNLESS YOU ARE PASSING ANOTHER CAR, AND THEN GET BACK TO THE RIGHT HAND LANE!

There, I said it.  I feel better now.

My new spot on Webster is still doing good, although I think a raccoon might have been visiting yesterday - the water dish was dirty.  And the food all gone, although that is not an indicator, there are so many hungry cats around there.  Little Red and Little Blackie both run to me every single morning now.  Its so good to see them.  I hold Little Red in my arms and rub his little face and tell him to be careful after I leave, and to eat his breakfast.  Little Blackie is a bit scared still, he/she doesn't know me but trusts that I am going to leave food each day.  I left a beautiful little hanging basket on the back steps for these kind people, just a small gesture to thank them, until I can get to a garden store and pick out something for their front porch.  The hanging basket was actually left on my porch by Harold's Mom yesterday, along with a bag of cat food.  I couldn't believe how kind it was of her to do.  And she left me a note from Harold too!  My my that Harold is a smart boy, he was able to spell most of the words he wrote correctly!  I think Harold's mom read the post where I asked for any donations of flowers and pots for this kind couple that helped me that day that I was stressing after having lost my feeding spot for these kitties on Webster.  I still want to do so much for them.  I can't get over the kindness of strangers.

I catalog lucky events like this on a back page of my journal. I need a permanent inventory of inspiring moments; otherwise these small miracles can vaporize with a shift in mood. Regular prayer helps too.  These random acts reignite my faith in the random goodness of other souls.   When I feel my world is crashing, like I did the morning I lost that wonderful shelter to the Devil man, I can click the world back into focus, and flip my inner lights back on after a kind deed such as this.

Have a great dry day.  No more rain! 


  1. Divine inspiration today Janine, who could not be touched by that ? much happiness wished for the kind people letting you feed the cats now, it always gives hope. Must be the season for persons that are out on on the road, that shouldnt be.......2 bicylists speed past me and my Rottwieller whilst I was walking him the other day and even tho I crossed the road to avoid them, they barked at him, why would ya ? he is highly, and very expensively trained and is reliable and there was no problem, but they would sue me, if there was a problem, Im sure. also my "rant for the day"... I feel better now too,thanks Jay xoxox

  2. Testing while driving is now 5 POINTS on one's license- I think same or even more than talking on cell phone. maybe you could ask your cop friend if someone can report it when they see it?
    I loved your inspirational message too. I should do that too- write down something about the good experiences, as rare as it seems they are when dealing with cat problems and situations- I keep some good texts and e-mails from really happy adopters that i re-read lately when i am down. thank you!