Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Spots & TGIT!

Thanks to the few of you that commented about the raccoon situation.  I printed out the link someone posted and left some other information and a phone number of a wildlife removal specialist for Paul this morning on his doorstep.  Although I am sure the man can't afford to pay someone much, I hope it at least helps. 

Its pouring again, but the rain at least held off until the very last minute, and I was done from my hour long delivery of breakfast for 50+ cats in the Beechwood section of Rochester.  Here is a rundown of my spots today:

Parsells - I am still seeing the tiny pregnant girl, along with a few others.  The cat I TNR'd here two weeks ago is seen occasionally - at least I think its him.  He was a sweet boy that was hard to put back on the streets.  They all are.  I was given an appt. through HFC at their clinic for next Wednesday, I was informed late yesterday, in fact they had a slot for me yesterday morning but the woman said she forgot to tell me.  I was very disappointed.  Each day that goes by this pregnant cat is getting close to delivery.  It saddens me immensely.

Parsells #2 - I go here every other day now, I rarely see kitties here, but have seen them, so I know they are eating.  This is where Sadie, Sylvester and Stanley were rescued and brought to a barn in Canandaigua where they are loving life, and Sadie has given birth and will be spayed soon!  I also rescued Earl from here.

Stout - I continue to feed two beautiful reds and a black kitty, all are fixed.  The house next door to this dilapidated garage that I feed them in is going to be demolished any day now.  The black kitty has gotten very attached to me, and runs to me and follows me all the way back to his feeding spot, although I am leary of him, he is a scratcher!

Garson – I rarely see any cats here the past couple of weeks – I had been feeding Neck Wound kitty and Lucy for a long long time every single morning on a porch of a boarded up house. The owner had been throwing my stuff out, but now two paper bowls for food and a plastic dish for water remain – and I fill each morning whether the cats are there or not. This is were I rescued Big Red (now Sandy), along with others…

Hayward – I scooped up a board to place under a board that every time it rained the board would have a puddle on it due to a dip in the middle – there is a mud pit below that, so the board I found and place there this morning will alleviate that somewhat. It used to be a nice secure shelter until someone that was working on the house trashed all my stuff, I had to haul it all back, and leave a note, and they have not touched it since. I have rescued SO many kitties here. This is where I see the pretty calico that I had TNR’d a month or so ago, when I was trying to get the very pregnant cat, but Miss Cali got in the trap instead! I must get the mom here fixed next.

Baldwin – this is where Laura rescued a few for me, and returned a kitten back after she had it spayed – I think I see that one here, along with a beautiful soft muted calico that was spayed a few months ago. There have been a number of cats on this corner lot that I’ve seen over the winter/spring. Most stay a distance away until I leave, so its hard to see who is fixed and who is not.

Little Red on Webster (my new spot!)!
Webster! – my new spot continues to make me happy each morning – the potted plant that Harold’s mom brought to me for them is hanging on the back porch of the house where the kind couple have allowed me to set up house there – Little Red and Little Blackie are there each time I pull up now, waiting for their food. I cradle Little Red in my arms for a minute before I am on my way. Little Blackie is not fixed. He is also next.

Captain Morgan on Short

Milly on Short
Short – Captain Morgan (one eyed kitty) is waiting for me each morning here. He is not neutered, or at least his ear is not tipped. No one allows me to get too close to them here, so its hard to see who is fixed and who isn’t. I occasionally see the black kitty that wound up at the animal shelter, and a woman asked if she returned it to Short if I would feed it, which I have. She had offered me another nice shelter to place here, but I never heard back from her since about that. They could use something here, in this big open field, to accompany the rickety shelter I have built for them. The neighbors don’t mind, nor does the city that cuts the grass.

Sixth Street

Sixth, there are at least five or six cats here, some fixed, some not. Most of the females are, I think, except for mommy, who might have had her kittens a month or two ago across the street from where I place food down, but I’ve never seen. The kittens might be dead, and mommy might be pregnant again.

Pennsylvania and Fourth – a beautiful red kitty is here, one I thought was on his deathbed during the wintertime, he runs to me and rolls over each day now, but won’t let me get close. The black one waits for me here also.

Pennsylvania and Second

Pennsylvania and Second – Several cats wait in hiding for me to place food and water down here – there is a kind man who owns the house in front of where I feed – I’ve never met him, but know he has very large feet due to tracks in the snow that I saw last winter. I know he knows I do this every day, but he has never confronted me.

Second – I left information for Paul this morning, and met a man named “Tony” who was smoking pot in front of his house this morning. He knew me, that’s for sure, and asked if I was going to place some food down on the porch of where he lives in back – I introduced myself to Tony and also told him what I do, and how it was also his responsibility to keep the cat population down on his street, and to let me know if he sees pregnant cats or kittens here – I suspect a calico kitty had her babies recently here – I couldn’t get her in time either. The nice Puerto Rican man Frank lives in the apartment upstairs with his cat at this house. Across the street behind Paul’s house, I see daily the black kitty, the injured grey, and a handful of other kitties that I know are fixed.

Central – There were SIX kitties here waiting for me this morning! Tuffy, Cedric, Rollo, and three others I have not named.

Central and Third – I continue to leave food here on both front and back porch of this abandoned house – this is where I rescued Cheddar recently.

Kitten Mama on Seventh

Seventh kitty fixed

Seventh – little mama kitten is here each morning waiting, along with three others. The three others are fixed. I did not see the injured black kitty this morning.

That’s it in a nutshell. I am glad I am able to feed their hungry bellies for one day.

I have tomorrow off, yay from work and hopefully from this blog. Its sometimes draining to go through and recap what I see each day.

On a final note, I went to visit little Paddy (now named Pepper) yesterday with his new mommy Lillian, who has been treating him for Stomatitis around the clock, and little Pepper's gums are pink and healthy, for now.  They say it will come back.  Pepper has been gaining weight and is a little porker now! 

Don't forget you can click on each picture and it will zoom in.  Make it a great weekend!


  1. Janine I was overwhelmed just reading and trying to remember the places and names of all these kittys. What you do in each day, is like knocking off work, to then go and carry bricks. I constantly ask myself how much longer you can do this alone and how it will impact on all of us, when you have no choice but to stop. There is nothing that you could do for the kittys, that you have not done. I know the rescue, de-sexing of each of the kittys is what keeps you going and it means as much to us who know about this as well.

  2. Pepper looks so good! I love his nose.
    I'm so glad that Little Red and Little Blackie have a safe new spot to eat in. Praise God for good people!
    Have a great Friday! Any fun plans?

  3. Bless Lillian's heart for all she has done... Pepper looks great!!