Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trailer Park Stories - Part Two

Click on the picture - it should be large enough to be read if you click on it...   It says it all about most of the kitties I see on my route each day.

To continue with the story from yesterday, I wound up going back to the trailer park early Sunday morning, as we had a ferocious storm the night before - winds, thunder, lightning, heavy rain - we had it all.  In fact, I waited until the last minute to head out that morning as I sat and watched the downpour out my window - I just didn't want to go out that day - but out I went, and I was extremely miserable until I was able to come back and change out of my wet clothes.   I drove out because I wanted to be sure the cat food I had left on Friday was still dry - and if not, change it, and leave a bag with the park manager that I had not heard from yet.  For the few moments I was there, changing the food that I had suspected of being waterlogged after the night of the storm, I only saw a long haired black kitty - and as I drove out of the park, I left a note with my card, and a 16 pound bag of food for the park manager asking her to please be sure to feed the kitties at this man's trailer.  By the way, this man will not be coming back for these cats, his trailer was condemned and deemed not liveable.  Later in the day, the park manager called me and told me she would continue to feed them and wanted to know if it was OK to put a man that also lives in the park that feed the kitties in touch with me.  I said definitely, but I have yet to hear.  It was heartbreaking to leave there, and its heartbreaking to think about this situation.

The park manager told me that when they tried to get help with law enforcement (they apparently don't have a humane society that covers their county), they were told they were 'in a world of their own'.  I don't know what to do at this point, I wouldn't know where to begin.  I am sick over it.  The kitties I saw were NOT fixed, and had very bad skin conditions.  I am sure there are litters being produced over and over in that trailer park.  They need help and I don't know how to do it on my own.

On another sad note (and sorry, I promise it won't always be so sad!) - little birdie Pedro has passed quietly in his mum Maree's arms on Sunday morning.  She was eggbound, which is usually very fatal for birds.  She was over 45 years of age!  She was a good birdie, and will be very missed by her loving parents Joe and Maree. 

Lastly, I have been seeing a very tiny, dainty and petite little kitty on Parsells that looks to be pregnant, and have reached out to Habitat for Cats for a spay for tomorrow.  In fact, this spot that I've been feeding at - the house is now being refurbished and will be occupied at some point, but in the meantime, the owner is allowing me to continue to feed on the porch of this house.  What a kind person!


  1. I'm sorry Maree for your loss. What a beautiful bird Pedro was. Janine, what a story about the trailer park!! What happened to his dog? Didn't you say there was a dog too? Such a sad situation - with no other help. At least they got your gentle touch and someone will feed them. Nancy C.

  2. Nancy, thank you, we will be looking to adopt from bird rescue sometime in the future. Shelters and people like Janine are over capacity because of places such as the Trailer Park. The truth hurts, so it is ignored, ignorance is bliss, but not for the unwanted cats. Janine also has the task of bringing this situation to the attention of the public, I would like to see more cat breeders/show people, take a stand, and support what she and other groups involved with Feral cats do. If they dont already help with making a solution and awarness to this Feral cat/ dumping, then why not ? does it take business away from them ? too graphic ? no time ? I am eternally grateful to the sponsors we do have of Feral cats, but in my experiance, to get a breeder to listen to talk about ferals, has been very difficult .

    1. I believe most breeders think ferals are beneath them...like they are another sub-species or something....

  3. Please tell us where this trailer park is! at least what town it is in. then maybe some help can be found!!!! Trap, neuter, Return might be the only and best option, and you said there was already another person in the park feeding, so there is already an available caretaker. You must tell us the location in order to get help for this situation hopefully. They need to get spayed and neutered ASAP. Find out if you can, if and where there are kittens.

  4. The problem is not the Breeders of Show cats. they are the responsible people and the minority. the overwhelming majority of unwanted cats come from the general public who arent getting their cats spayed and neutered and from those who move out and abandon pets where they have lived, or dump them out in the country. It is such a multi-leveled problem that it can't be summed up briefly or tackled here but i just didn't want to see it blamed on breeders of show cats!

  5. Suggest to the park manager and to the man who feeds cats in the trailer park that they get together on this and call Habitat for Cats 585-234-2894 for spay/neuter clinic appts. Since there are already at least these two people who are helping the cats there, my advice to you janine is to try to get THEM to do for these cats what YOU do NOT have the time to take on. Hopefully they can take care of this themselves. Or with help from other people, if you let it be known what area this is in, maybe other people can be found to help if necessary. you need to stay focused on YOUR mission, the city cats in the area you already have taken on! You're only one person.

  6. It looks like my reference to cat breeders was not completly read thru. I used to show Siamese my self and as I said, I would like to see MORE, ( i.e., some breeders already acknowlege this situation )it was difficult to hold a conversation with my show colleagues about feral/abandoned cats and how we as cat fanciers, might FURTHER, assist in making the situation known. No where in my entry do blame breeders of show cats for the problem. Breeders/ shows are a powerful agent to represent our cause, it would be detrimental to offend them and or make it harder for Janine to get her story out.

  7. Maree, I'm so sorry for your loss. You did everything you could to save her. It's so hard to lose a furry or feathered family member, no matter how old they are.