Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bath Time!

I had a great 3-day weekend pretty much until Sunday night when I received some tragic news in my family and  I am slowly coming back around to normalcy, hence no new post yesterday.  I received an update from Julie D. and her daughter Liz who are fostering the first two kittens that Kristin and I rescued Friday morning:  "Hi Janine!  The kittens are doing good and eating lots! We are still working on names because my daughter had her baby this weekend.  They also love our basset hound Clark and cant stand to be away from each other. Good luck with the twins!"



As for the 'twins', they are doing great, for 8 week old kittens, they are playing, eating, using a litterbox, and are the cutest little purring furballs around.  They just need a home.  I actually gave them a bath this morning.  When I got them, I didn't notice any fleas but I looked closer at them yesterday and noticed a little flea dirt, so I bathed them in Dawn dish detergent this morning.  They looked like wet little rats!  I tried to get a good picture, but as usual, I don't have very good cameras, I experience a lot of problems with them. 

When I went back to Hayward to pick them up late Friday morning from the neighbor that left me the note at my spot stating that she had caught three, she - Jenny - was leaving for Kentucky and was just staying there at her 'son's apartment' - this is the apartment next to the other apartment where a few months back I saw a woman either being thrown out of, or jumped through, a plate glass door.  Freaky.  Anyways, Jenny was very nice, and said she was able to catch the kittens when they were in a plastic tote that I have there as shelter.  A child from down the street came to the door and was telling me that she believed the mother cat had SIX kittens.  She stated that her mother had found homes for a few also.  I had enough on my mind that I knew I had to just get out of there, and pray the others would be OK.   I left the child my card to give to her mother with my phone number in case she saw any more kittens.  I came back the next day and sure enough, saw a baby kitten sprinting away.  Regardless, the mother will be hopefully trapped tomorrow morning as I have two spots at the clinic, and Laura has offered to help me.  Say prayers that we get this momma, and the momma on Seventh Street.  There is one kitten left on Seventh, but I haven't seen it in two days now.  It could be hiding right under me when I go feed there in the morning.  I am still on a mission to catch this lonely baby. 

Anyways, thats the 'scoop' for now.  This life of rescue I've chosen keeps me very busy, and very unfocused.  There is so much to do and very little brain cells left to keep myself straight and organized!

LEO - Needs Adoption!!!

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  1. Janine, I'm sorry about the tragic news Sunday night. I wish I could have joined you for wine earlier but I was with my grandkids all afternoon - movies, playground. You're in my prayers sweetie. Nancy C.