Monday, June 10, 2013

Trailer Park Kitties

I made one last trip out to this Orleans County trailer park very early Sunday morning.  I wanted to check to see if the park manager was caring for these abandoned cats that the owner of the above trailer had to leave due to illness, that I had asked her to do two weeks ago when I heard about the situation.  I had dropped off a 16-lb bag of food for her last Sunday, and had another one that I left on her door step yesterday, in the hopes she would continue to feed these poor souls, the black and red kitty - I don't know what happened to the third.  She made no effort to contact me since last Sunday, even after the few messages I left her, along with a note I left on the bag of cat food yesterday.  I have to let this situation go, I can't do any more than pass on the number for Habitat for Cats, and my business/blog card (thanks Jess!).  I can't afford the gas, and I can't afford the food, and I certainly can't afford the spay/neuter that would be involved with all these cats in this park, nor would I have the time!   When I arrived yesterday, it was clear that the park manager had not been feeding them, in fact a food bowl was missing, so I replenished a bowl and a plate full of food, and cleaned out a water bowl.  If you click on the pictures you can see better.  My heart goes out to these cats - I pray there are kind people in these neighboring trailers that have some compassion for them - if they can't get them spayed/neutered, at least they will feed them.  Thats all I can do.

On another note, I have to get this baby kitten mama below neutered before she gets pregnant again.  She is the one on Seventh that I was not able to trap in time before she had her litter,which I've never seen since.  She is here at this spot every morning waiting for me to fill up her empty bowls of food, along with this injured black one below, and a host of others.

This kitty below is from Second Street, I took this photo on Saturday morning.  His front paw is very injured, he can barely walk - you can see he has it raised in the picture.  He is as mean as the devil though, so its difficult to assess the situation fully.  I just know he can't put pressure on his paw.  

I have so much more to share but so little time to write this blog.  I hope you can take away something each day, and see what I see through my photos and words, and do your best to help - to do what you can possibly do to ease the suffering of homeless animals.  Food, money, shelter building, spay/neutere a cat, help with transport, adopt a cat, be a vocal advocate, etc.  There is so much you can do.  Thanks for reading.  Tomorrow, I will have some updates to share, and must thank some very kind people! 

"Life is a long lesson in humility."


  1. Thank you for the news Janine, how you face this alone every day, is a huge undertaking. I remember when Greyhounds that didnt make the cut or even the successful ones that had retired were shot, but now through people like you and the public that became aware of what was happening to these dogs, the Grey hound racing industry is a big promoter of Greyhound adoption and charity, to better handle these unwanted animals.This blog does so much, to tell people, who tell other people......:)

  2. I don't think you'd see those kittens yet, if they're under the shed next door, they're still only 4? weeks old. Maybe in a week or two.