Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Thunder!

My boy Thunder turned 12 yesterday. Here he is with Scooter, his BFF. Thunder was diagnosed a year ago with bladder cancer, and I was told he had less than a year to live. He was becoming incontinent throughout the year and had to wear ‘big boy pants’, and he started to really slow down. In the past few months, he is still slower than he used to be on walks, he has had less accidents, therefore not having to wear his (shhhhhh…) diapers, and still thunders through the house in the mornings chasing after his toys. He went to the vet on Friday for an ear infection, and he weighed 10 pounds less since his last visit which I believe was a couple of months ago. But again, he is still a big boy, as you can see, and still a happy one too!

The rain continues to batter Rochester almost daily. My washing machine is still kicking, but barely. With winter, there are always a ton of towels, and in the summer, its only needed when it rains, as it soaks the towels that are usually laying on a pile of dirt or a board that collects dirt when it rains, so I am not getting much of a break with the washer so far this spring. Its been a miserably wet one, although it has saved me many evenings of watering my flowers, vegetable garden, window boxes, etc.

I brought Lillian a small hanging basket on Saturday. She and little Paddy/Pepper were just hanging, and I just wanted to do it because of how kind she was in adopting him, and him having so many medical issues – she had been so patient and loving with his treatment. I have no extra money to do these kind of little things for people, but sometimes you just have to… she is alone, 84 years old, and a really sweet lady. So I felt compelled. I wish I could do it for all my adopters, because most of them have become my friends. People who actually take the time to donate here or there, whenever or whatever they are able. People that read my blog, that take the time to sit and read my dribble… I am still playing the lottery! There is still hope!

I got a picture of the raccoon on Paul’s house on Saturday morning. I wish I had my camera there on Friday when she was sitting there on his roof with three of her babies. I haven’t seen the little bugger in the past two mornings so I am praying she has taken her babies and moved on. There is no sign she has eaten any of the cat food left in back for the cats either. There is a wildlife specialist coming there, thanks to Harold’s mom for the referral, today to assess the situation. I am hoping he doesn’t find the raccoon and her babies. My friend Maree, who adopted Big Red (Sandy) and Monkey, has offered to take the brood and allow them to rehome in the woods behind her house. Otherwise, these animals are usually killed when they are captured.

This guy, I’ve named him Chester, he runs to me each morning at Fourth and Pennsylvania, rolls onto his back, but keeps a safe distance from me, slowly building trust for me. I am not sure if he is neutered or not. He reminds me so much of Big Red.

At my spot on Garson, where I’ve not seen Neck Wound kitty and Lucy around in ages, I think I am seeing Neck Wound kitty at my first spot on Parsells now. Its funny how they wander, looking for safety, and food. These poor souls, they all need homes, and medical attention, and love.  Please spread the word!


  1. I thought of big Red too when I saw Chester and read about him, big Red /Sandy continues to be a big lover boy, he will do anything, for a pat and some scratches, he just loves attention, even if he is the one giving it out. "Monkey" is his significant other, this only took about a week to happen and those two are the only ones that never destroy anything or mark, I done know why that is, but I LIKE IT ! Janine did a great job on taming these two, just show what time with these cats can bring about :)

  2. Aww, Happy Birthday, Thunder! He's just a miracle doggie.
    I hope the raccoon and babies can be relocated. We relocated two chipmunks yesterday! Sorry kitties. No more "chipmunk TV!" Now we just have to get rid of the mice in the wall. Yuck!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Thunder, a fellow Gemini!! He's a beautiful doggie with a LOUD Nancy C.

  4. Hi Janine,
    Joel called the office today and said that he went down and checked the house out and there was NO sign of the raccoons. Whew! Hopefully they won't be back!