Friday, June 7, 2013

Que Pasa?

Whats happening?  Around town.....  it was a quiet, yet very soggy humid morning out there.  We had another close to 2 inches come down within a 24 hour period yesterday - I sat at work with a skylight over me listening to the rain pounding down onto it -- hearing that all day is very depressing because all you think about is how extra miserable it is for homeless animals.  I thought about each one of my 15 spots, and what one was being affected the worst.  I changed quite a lot of towels at those spots this morning.  As I've mentioned, I used towels on surfaces that are bare and dry mostly, just to provide a little comfort to the cats feet when they eat.  Otherwise, they are standing in dirt or mud, or a cold hard wet surface.  I know, I am crazy.

At my first spot on Parsells, I was told by Dave, the nice older black gentleman that lives in the house next to the house of the porch I feed on, that a man bought the house, along with the other one next door to it - whoever this man is, he is compassionate.  He has never once tried to move my little towel with plates and a water bowl down.  This is also the spot where I tried to get a pregnant kitty TNR'd on Wednesday but no luck, I got another little kitty, a boy, instead. 

At another spot just up aways, on Garson, where I was feeding Lucy and Neck Wound Kitty, I have not seen them in a long while.  Its also since the owner of the house actively began to trash my stuff, but I kept putting bowls of food and water down and someone is eating it, but I just haven't seen these two kitties.  I shudder at the thought that this man could have harmed them.  The food is gone each morning that I get there - but I find it odd that the two bowls are always turned upside down, and the water looks clean, so it can't be a raccoon.   I would love to watch this house for movement, see who or what is eating this food, or where its going.

At the next spot, I must get a momma cat neutered.  I am once again getting cats spayed and neutered out of my own pocket, and I can't afford it.  I was very lucky last year to have been part of a grant through Lollipop where I was able to do this for free.  Actually, over 70 last year, for free.   Webster Avenue was calm, my stuff was there at this nice couple's driveway, and little Red and little Blackie were there waiting for me.  It was fairly dry under the board, but I need to make this prettier and more stable, not only for the cats, but for the couple.  I don't want them to see this as an eyesore.  Maybe even some potted plants surrounding this spot would help.  Anyone have any extra pots and flowers they would like to donate?

On Second, the mean looking fluffy grey kitty has been limping, not putting weight on his front paw.  On Seventh, I need to get that little kitten mama neutered.  And on Sixth, same situation.  I need to get these three, no four, pregnant/ready to be spayed new mothers fixed up!

I went to visit little Paddy last night at Lillian's - he is now named Pepper, and he is doing wonderful.  Growing like a weed, and his teeth are in remission, so he has pink gums for now, but poor Lillian must chase him around after each meal to rinse his gums with a dental solution.  He is so good about it, but I feel so bad that she has such a lot of work for a kitty that she thought was just going to be a nice easy addition to her life.

I have not heard from Cheddar's (Leo)'s family - I will reach out to her again today - she is not writing me back, so I will make a phone call.  I hope he is doing well. 

 Here is an update on Harold, with a new picture.  I must say, these are the best adopters I've ever had that adopted a kitty that I knew nothing about its history, and they weren't sure about him in the beginning.  They stuck it out and now love him to pieces.

"Hi there! Just wanted to send a quick picture of my sweetie boy... as you can see, he likes sleeping on the couch now. He also crashes out on our bed and he totally hogs it... he sleeps like a ROCK and once he is in place, we just have to work around him. Look how big his paws are!! He's just so stocky and solid. Everything is still going great... he runs to greet us when we come in the front door and still chirps and talks away... he's the best.  Hope all is well with you!  Kim"

Finally, I will be heading out to the trailer park way out on Route 104 past Parma to bring another bag of food for the park manager to feed the three cats that I know of that have been left homeless due to their owner being hospitalized and his trailer being condemned.  I will also be leaving a phone number with them so that they can try to take charge of their cat problem - Habitat for Cats I am hoping will help them.  Prayers for these poor animals.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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