Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bad Ju Ju

Really bad morning.  To begin, I trapped a kitty this morning on Parsells for TNR through Habitat for Cats, but it wasn't the right kitty - I was trying to get a pregnant one - she was there, but wasn't the first to enter the trap!  I did get another untipped (unspayed/neutered) kitty, and here is his/her picture.  Poor baby.

Parsells TNR 060513
As I was waiting for the kitty to be trapped, I went to my other locations, and the next one was Webster and Ferndale.  Now, if you will recall, Kristin and Darrin built me a beautiful sturdy heavy duty shelter last year out of a coffee table - they built sides on it, and a bottom, and filled it with straw, made a little entrance for it, and it had a little feeding station inside before the little entrance.  It was perfect for the weather conditions we endured this winter.  If you will also recall, last year was my last confrontation with the 'man' I called 'DEVIL MAN' who lived above the grocery store a few lots down from the empty one where this shelter was.  I thought I was done with him.  Well, apparently not.  I pulled up to this spot this morning, and little red kitty ran happily to greet me, but there was no shelter there anymore.  It was completely disassembled and placed to the curb.  I did not hesitate to get the boards that were salvagable and move them back.  I placed food and water down and left, knowing I was going to come back before going to work to place a note or something.  I went about my business, trapped the cat, fed at all the other locations I feed at, and went home to ready myself for work.  I drove to this spot again before work and the stuff was gone, again.  I got out in all my finery - high heels, pink top, black short skirt, big earrings (just trying to paint the picture of how I do not fit in with this picture - in the hood and carrying dirty boards in my heels) and this man came up - devil man - and started to scream at me.  I screamed back.  He was saying how Gloria, the person' home in the middle of this lot and his apartment above a closed grocery store had told him to move it because it was her lot.  I told him it was a city lot and he had no right to touch it.  He started to walk away back to his place, called up in the window, some *itch stuck her head out and told me to get away, threw something at me, and I called 911.  Then she came out and got in my face.  Then THEY called 911.  I was not going to leave without a fight for those cats.  That shelter was the most unassuming shelter you could find.  What was their problem - they had no right.  These cats depend on me every day.  I could hear her threatening me - I was FURIOUS.  Finally, after no police showing up - I then told them I had to leave for my JOB (I wanted to say "something YOU obviously don't have', told them to get a life.  That I would speak to the police at some point today, which I will.  I called my cop friend on my way to work to get some advice, but if I don't hear from her, I will speak to someone from the police department, as I must feed those cats tomorrow morning, and I need protection.  So my boards are now gone (today is trash pick up day), and those cats are hungry as we speak.  They didn't get to eat this morning.  This is when I feel such animosity towards certain people.  I will not let people like that stop me.  Obviously, I must look out for myself there - but those cats are hungry, they depend on me.  I don't know what to do. 


  1. O Janine - I'm so sorry for this morning. That shelter sounded perfect - what a mean, mean man that jerk is. If you want company tomorrow morning, let me know. I'm a wuss by myself out there, but I'd certainly watch your back. Let me know.

  2. OMG, I remember that big youngish black guy, leering at you when we went there last year to replace boards, you can see straight away, he is "odd". Let me know if you need Andrew and his k9.. Lichi

  3. You worry me when you post stories like this! Wish you had a police escort every time you went to the hood. I'm so sorry the shelter got wrecked. :(