Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cow Hug

Hug a cow, today.  :)

Or............. hug a sloth!

This morning I had the opportunity through Habitat for Cats for TNR of up to two cats.  My goal was to get a pregnant one I had seen on Parsells, and another on Hayward.  My fear is that these two have already given birth.  I was hoping for a spot last Wednesday, but HFC wasn't able to get me in.   Laura, my hero of the kitty world, offered to help me.  She set up shop at one location, I did at another.  I actually placed two traps on Parsells, both of which went untouched as I swung by to check on them after feeding at a few other spots nearby, so I moved one to Seventh, where I wound up trapping an already altered cat.  I reset it, came back to check on it and I got a very cute and fluffy little black kitty, one that I had only recently started to see at that location.  Most of the kitties there are already neutered.  I still need to get the new young momma kitty spayed.  I really don't believe her babies lived.  I have not seen them, nor seen her wander off, she is always there in the morning, crying, waiting for me.   When I arrived to leave the little black kitty with Laura, who was going to transport to the clinic along with the other pregnant one she was hoping to trap on Hayward, she was still unsuccessful in getting any kitties to go into her trap. 

When I fed on Sixth Street this morning, where a few of the five siblings that were born last year there have been neutered, some have not, there is a new mom.  She must have had her babies there at least two months ago.  I could see her each morning coming in and out of a hole in a boarded up house accross from where I was feeding the rest of the brood, and it was confirmed this morning that she has four kittens somewhere.  As I was pulling away, I saw a man bring his trash out and I stopped and introduced myself.  A nice black man by the name of Barry shook my hand, and confirmed that the kitty mama had her babies in his back yard, and that he has seen them around.  I gave him my card (thanks Jess!) and asked him to call me if he could try to find out where they are stashed.  He agreed to that, and thanked me for what I was doing.  Nice!  Its always nice to be appreciated in these neighborhoods.  I still have many more to be neutered, so I am hoping that people will offer to help with the spaying fees, or even with just donations of food, as its so expensive for me to do on my income alone.  I am just trying to keep my head above water - I often wonder how long this can last...

Thanks for listening.  Have a great day.

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  1. Thank God for HFC, you and Laura and "Mr Barry" the good samaritan, so, so many, so little time is a perfect fit for kitten season, and we are talkng about a very experienced team here. Who knows what goes on in other parts of the world ? We are blessed to have you people .