Thursday, June 20, 2013


The cat I TNR'd yesterday turns out to be a male, and I could kick myself I forgot to take his picture.  I brought him back to the spot I got him in, opened up the trap door and out he sprang!  I had him on my porch throughout the night, and he was miserable.  He managed to drag the towel that was covering the trap almost entirely in through an opening at the end of it.  And he shredded the newspapers underneath him, and the food and water bowls were upside down.  Not a happy camper.  But he will not be siring any offspring in his lifetime, so thats a good thing.

I wanted to mention that I recently was driving down West Ridge Road in Rochester, and passed a Pet Shop that has been there foreever.  A Pet Shop!  In this day and age, with all the animals overflowing and being euthanized at shelters, I couldn't believe it!  Here are some reasons, in case you didn't know, why you should never purchase a pet from a shop like this.

•Their main concern is profit and not the well being of the cat.

•Kittens are often obtained by the pet shop from dubious breeders, where the health of the kittens is ignored.

•Conditions in some pet shops are not ideal; often the animal can be kept in a small cage, which may not be cleaned as often as it should and where fleas and mites can spread easily from one cat to another.

•They will sell to anyone, no questions asked as to how the cat will be looked after or even neutered.

•A kitten bought from a pet shop has taken the place of a healthy cat looking for a home in a animal shelter.
•By buying from a pet shop you are encouraging the unscrupulous breeders who are only in it for the money.

I am taking a break today from writing, sometimes my creative juices just aren't flowing, but I will leave you with a really great rescue story I read about:

Everyone was talking about this little dog that wandered the streets. He was seen all over this town going to and from. He had a pattern of when and where he went everyday. People would say that he had been doing this for over a year. He didn't belong to anybody nor would he let anyone close to him. I guess people would leave food out for him, but still no one could get remotely close to him.I got to noticing him sitting out at the very edge of my yard and watching the house.He would see my dogs come out and go in. I took them with me when i went somewhere. So he would see them get in the car and out when I came home. He took a fancy to Brutis and would come up to the house an scuffle with him with me sitting on the porch.They would come up around me but I never offered to touch him. It was very hot out and i would leave water and food out for him. This went on for a couple of weeks, then one evening a storm came up and he was out in the yard sitting and watching. I took a rug out and put under the car for him to get on out from the storm. He watched me and i told him it was his bed. Went back in the house and the rain was starting the wind was getting up.I heard a noise at the front door and he was standing with his paws up on the door looking in. I opened the door an ask him if he wanted in and he just looked at me, not to sure what to do i assume.Brutis went out on the porch and he followed Brutis in the house, fell down on his back as if to say please can i stay. He had chose me to be his new master. And the next day when it come time to get a bath, well Master I was. He's very protective of me with people, loves to play ball and very smart. I named him Spud.

Have a great day!


  1. People should not shop at places like AL's Pet shop and Robin's pet corner where they SELL these poor puppy and kitten mill animals. Give your business to a local store that does so much for the rescues and the communuity, Pet Saver Superstore. They donate an unbelievable amount of money to the local rescues and also new adopters. They support lollypop and rochester animal services, they don't sell animals for profit, but open their doors for rescues to hold events. That is where you should shop! And of course Petco, for whom without my rescue wouldn't exist. They are amazing to animals and support the local rescues incredibly with their generosity. Their motto is think adoption first! Julie

  2. Many of us nowknow about "pet shops", but still. so, so, many do not know. Thank you for your effort every day Janine, I love to read what is going on, the good times, the not so good times, it is all necessary to identify where we are with this, and where we can try something different to get a better result. Your blog is now part of my day too. Love what you and the girls do. May God bless.

  3. Some people think they're "rescuing" animals when they buy them from pet stores. Of course all that does is give the store more money to sell more animals. The only way to really rescue those animals is to boycott the pet stores completely and call the SPCA if the animals are in poor condition.

    Great job getting the male kitty! No more baby making for him!

  4. What a wonderful rescue story with such a sweet happy ending. I just love it. thank you for posting it janine.
    PetSmart of course too, helps rescue groups and also Lollypop.

  5. Such a wonderful story about Spud! Thank God he is finally safe in a loving home.