Tuesday, July 31, 2012

News Article

Pictures from this morning:  First is of Central&Ferndale, what I have to deal with to find a spot to place the food and water down for five to six cats daily.  This is where the devil man lives and immediately throws my food out.  The cats and the food have no shelter right now.

The next is of Seventh where the kids have destroyed my shelters for these cats - this is what they have left - I did leave a note again for the kids telling them that this is the only home these cats had and to please not mess anymore with the boards and hut - all the other stuff was taken including the tablecloth to prevent rain getting in, the plastic bin was taken, and the hut was destroyed. 
The next is of the house that will be torn down on 4th & Pennsylvania - Sparkles and Limpy #2 will lose their only shelter here - as you can see them eating on the porch.

This is Third, with a few of the regulars, two beautiful greys, and a bully kitty named Bully!

And finally, one of the many raccoons I chase away daily, this one was at Central and Third.  Brat.

This is an article I was reading and shows what its like for me daily- and I go to 15 of these locations per day.  Boone is a town in Missouri.

BOONE LIFE: Husband and wife befriend, feed stray and feral cats

Christina and David McCullen have been looking after stray and feral cat colony since 2006

Cats emerge from their wooded refuge to the sounds and smells of Christina McCullen pouring out portions of food. McCullen looks after the feline brood twice a day with food and water. "If I could take them all home, I would," she said.

Christina McCullen and her husband, David, got more than they bargained for when they went out for dinner at a fast-food joint in October of 2006. The couple stumbled across a colony of stray and feral cats. These cats, who are either abandoned by owners or strayed from home, now live in the “comfy” setting of a wooded area in the midst of bustling Columbia.

The term “feral” is used for cats that are born into a cat colony and are free from human contact. Stray cats who are free from human contact for three months often stop purring and meowing, whereas feral cats will remain silent for the majority of the time.

“I saw these cats and immediately started throwing chicken nuggets and fries their way,” said Christina McCullen. McCullen volunteers at Columbia Second Chance Animal Shelter and also volunteers with its partner program, Spay Neuter and Protect or SNAP.

It’s mission is to reduce feral cat population through a humane spay and neuter program. Typically the cats are released back into their colony environment, unless they are suitable for adoption.

“If the kittens are caught early enough, they can be raised in foster homes until they are adopted,” McCullen said. The ideal time to catch kittens is between 6 and 8 weeks old. Sometimes taming the kittens at this age only takes a few days.

McCullen, who has names for all the cats, said she loves the cats. Twice a day she brings food and water to the cat colony. Over time, the cats have warmed up to her presence. As soon as she stepped out of the car on Feb. 26, four cats emerged from their wooded refuge and approached her car in the parking lot. One by one the cats sat around McCullen as she cupped out the dry food and emptied tuna packets on the ground.

Christina McCullen squeezes out packaged tuna food as she feeds dinner to a feral cat community. McCullen has names for all the cats; she and her husband have been feeding this partiular cat community since they first stumbled upon it in October 2006.

“If I could take them all home, I would,” McCullen said.

Monday, July 30, 2012


I am so grateful for the weather we've had.  Minus Saturday morning.  I finally decided to treat myself with a freebie I got for arranging a golf outing for work, by playing nine holes Saturday morning.  I arranged the tee time, and got everything ready the night before.  I planned on getting up extra early, being out extra early to feed my kitties, and then drive to the course in Penfield to do something I have not made time to do in a very long time.  As I got up at 4 am., I heard the soft tinny pings of rain on my metal awning as I stepped out onto my porch.  I thought, uh oh.  Then, by 5 am., it was full-fledged raining.  And needless to say, I got soaked Saturday morning.  I was all dressed in my little golf skirt and sleeveless top, but would have had to change when I got back home, IF it had let up and I was going to play.  It didn't, I cancelled, and went back to bed - for an hour.  I was upset, this was my one time I was forcing myself to go have some fun with something I hadn't done in a while, and it was raining. I even called my mother to ask her what she thought.  She said only a die-hard golfer would go, and I wasn't that.  It was just too wet.  Ph well, perhaps next weekend.

Life in the hood is for the most part quiet each morning - I am having a problem at my 7th street location as the kids are trashing my shelter.  I left another note this morning, after placing the board back against the wall, and trying to make the most of a board covering a once beautiful straw-filled hut that the cats used for winter shelter that was now torn to pieces.  The note reminded the kids that this was the only home the cats had and to please leave it alone.  They just don't understand.  I asked them to have some compassion.  As I was writing this in my car to bring to the back of the lot and leave with a stone on top of it so it wouldn't blow away, I thought, I wonder if these kids will go home to their parents and ask them what compassion means.  And I wonder if the parents would know what it means.

I have been moving the plates around for the cats on Webster and Ferndale.  I just don't know what I am going to do in inclement weather.  On Saturday, when it was raining, I did move the dishes to the porch of the abandoned house next to the apartment the devil man lives in, and I sat there and waited for the kitties to eat a bit, and then had to leave.  I hope the rain kept the devil man from coming out too soon to remove the bowls.  

So there you have it.  I face so many obstacles each day, and its taking me over an hour each morning now, and I am using up more than the two bags of dry - 16 pounds - food, and giving each kitty just a small nibble of wet as I bring three large containers of that but it just isn't enough.   I hope that the kitties fill their bellies just enough to get through another day, until the raccoons come around and ravage these spots.

"There are two things to aim  at in life:  first, to get what you want; and after that, to enjoy it.  Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second."

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ramble On

Thats one of my favorite songs by Led Zepplin.   Its also a verb of pretty much what I have to do...  in spite of the worst of circumstances I face each day.  As I lay in bed this morning I could hear the rain falling, the rumble of thunder, and see the skies light up.  I knew it would not be an easy morning, just as it hasn't been in quite a while.  For me, I am OK, its the cats that feel stress over the weather, over upheaval of their shelters, feeding spots, etc.  I feel bad for them.  I went out at 5:15 am., the norm, and got soaked at my first spot, which is way in the back of a property, under many trees, which had soaked up the rain that had been falling all night, and was dripping in large drops on my head.  Then, as I went to the next few spots, God was watching over me, as the rain started to let up.  But things were very wet out there!  Had to change a lot of wet towels.

At my fifth spot, where I've had all sorts of trouble with the devil man, I decided I was just going to place the food on the house that is being remodeled on the corner, it would at least be there for the cats for a good hour before the workers came and removed it.  I just couldn't deal with the soaking rain, and the devil man that lives a few places down from there, and the cats were stressed enough.  As for tomorrow, I have no idea where to place their food.

I know I have had a lot of problems lately with feeding the cats.  I know that they depend on me.  I know they would suffer if I just quit cold turkey.  I have no one to help me on days where I am exhausted, sick, or just need a break.  I don't know how much longer I can continue with this.  I just don't know how to let go of this.  I don't know how I could live with myself knowing they are hungry, and cold, and I wasn't doing anything to help them.  Is this a sickness I have?  Or is this compassion at its best.  Some who don't see the reality of what I actually do might see it as a sickness - those who aren't out there with me in the 'battlefield'.   I don't know what to do.


Good St. Francis, you loved all of God's creatures.
To you they were your brothers and sisters.

Help us to follow your example
of treating every living thing with kindness.
St. Francis, Patron Saint of animals,
watch over my pet
and keep my companion safe and healthy.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012


dev·il   /ˈdɛvəl/ Show Spelled [dev-uhl] Show IPA noun, verb, dev·iled, dev·il·ing or ( especially British ) dev·illed, dev·il·ling.


1. Theology .

a. ( sometimes initial capital letter ) the supreme spirit of evil; Satan.

b. a subordinate evil spirit at enmity with God, and having power to afflict humans both with bodily disease and with spiritual corruption.

2. an atrociously wicked, cruel, or ill-tempered person.

3. a person who is very clever, energetic, reckless, or mischievous.

4. a person, usually one in unfortunate or pitiable circumstances: The poor devil kept losing jobs through no fault of his own.

I had a very bad morning.  It started out as usual, going around to feed at my first spot with at least 6 cats, then the second spot with 4 cats, then the third spot with two, the fourth with 1 (of course, these are numbers of cats that I actually see during the minutes I am there).  I then went to the fifth spot, where someone has been trashing the food the second I leave.  I decided to place food there, for the AT LEAST 6 cats that are waiting for me, and then go drive around and keep coming back to check to see who is trashing.  I drove around and around the area, waiting, and then parked for a few, waiting.  I watched the cats eat, and then I watched a raccoon come eat, and then went back to chase the raccoon away, and then drove off, went to do a couple of spots, went back to this spot, and finally saw the bastard.  A black man, probably in his 40s was walking around there, and I got out of my car and went over him and shouted, 'are you the one that has been throwing the food out?" and he said it was him, and he told me he would keep doing it as long as he lived there, and that he didn't want the cats around and for me to take them with me.  Things got pretty heated, as I tried to explain that I was having these cats TNR'd, and that I had already rescued a lot of cats from this corner, and that I had no one to take the rest, and that with TNR they wouldn't be reproducing, but that in the meantime, they had to eat or they would starve to death and that I would never allow that to happen.  I told him I would NEVER go away, as long as there are cats there to feed.  Keep in mind, I was shouting at him at this point because he was just plain mean.  He agreed with me when I called him that, I told him he was going to hell, and he said he already had the devil sitting on his arm.  I called him a coward that he had to hide himself until I drove away to trash my food.  I told him the house next to him where I was placing the food was not his property and he shouted back it wasn't mine.  He said he had dogs, which I don't believe live with him, as I couldn't hear them through his open windows.  He said he didn't want the cats 'shit and piss' to deal with as his grandchildren had to walk through it.  We exchanged some other nasty stuff relating to this that I won't repeat.  Its bad enough I am writing about what this evil 'man' said to me.  It was terrible, I was shouting, and I just couldnt sway this evil person.  I wound up placing MORE food down on the grass on the other side of the house I went and knocked on yesterday (which obviously was the wrong person doing this), and left.  I watched him get on a bus before I left.  I am so bewildered as to what to do.  Norma from Pet Pride gave me words to use for a note to leave, which I did, which means nothing to someone like him.  The note read: 
Dear Neighbor:

We need your HELP! Our community wants a solution that will help the neighborhood control pests like rats and mice and also help the cats to live out their lives in good healthy conditions.

Sometimes outdoor cats behave in ways that their human neighbors don't like. Not everyone likes having cats in their yards, but the fact is, the animals are there because someone put them there. They live among their own in "colonies," and unless neutered, those colonies grow.

Catch and kill or attempts to relocate—do not work. Having cats removed from an area creates a vacuum, which more cats move into and breed to fill. There are simple things we can do together to ensure a peaceful coexistence. Neutered cats make less noise, fight less and KEEP THE RODENTS UNDER CONTROL.

If you're interested in learning more or helping out please contact me at ......

Thank you Norma for suggesting this.  I was also going to leave the article written up on me by Ben Gonyo in the Messenger Post, but that would have made little difference with a person like him anyways.

I left there feeling hopeless.  I went to the next spot where there are four cats waiting, and thank God who ever was trashing that spot lately spared me another day.  There are 4 cats waiting for me here each morning.  Then to the next spot where there are another  cats waiting.  Then the next where there are 3 more cats, which includes Sparkes, Limpy #2, and a mother cat who has just given birth as her milk ducts are very swollen.  Onto the next stop where I am on the porch, feeding Vivian and Bully, and a raccoon comes marching right up the steps towards me, no hesitation.  I stuck my sneaker out and kicked him.  He would have come right up and bit me.  I then went down the stairs to chase him and made a noise with the rock I was trying to throw at him, and I heard the girl open the windown next door and she said its because you are feeding them.  Meaning, I am feeding the raccoons, so naturally they are here.  At that point, I just lost it.  I told her I was getting the cats neutered, and that I couldn't just leave them to starve, and that the raccoons were the lesser of two evils, that I had to just chase them away while I was there, do the best I could.  I then started to cry.  It was such a horrible confrontation with this man just 15 minutes earlier, I just lost it.  She was nice and all, and she must have thought I was a looney tune, but I didn't care.  I told her I was so sick of coming into their neighborhoods and trying to fix their problems and all I get was opposition and meanness. 

I really wonder why I do this, its not that I like to, but these cats are waiting for me every day.  They depend on me!  And I am losing the best years of my life doing this!  And I have to do this all alone!  And I have to do this with my last dollar in my pocket!  I don't get much help!  I am exhausted!  I just wonder what would happen if I just stopped feeding.  What would happen to these cats?  I need something, I just don't know what.  ....... 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Determined, Fearless, Passionate, Persistent

These are words I would use to describe myself. 

At my (lets see... one, two, three, four...) fifth spot - Let me explain:  I've been feeding at this house on the corner for over a year now.  The owner is now fixing up this boarded up house to become a home.  There have been workers there every day since the spring time, fixing it up.  Prior to that, I had some nice shelters over the winter protecting these babies on the porch of this house, most of which were part of the TNR sweep done a few months ago.  These shelters were eventually vandalized, and taken, but I was still able to place food and water down for these cats daily.  This past Saturday, the bowls and plates were moved to the lawn, as if to say, we don't want to trash your stuff, and starve the cats, but you can't feed on this property any longer.  So, I moved the bowls down two houses, to a vacant boarded up double house, with dilapitated porches on each side.  Placing the bowls and plates down, the kitties followed me over.  This one porch was great shelter for storms, as it was protected on the west and southern sides, where a lot of storms come from.  I then went on my way to my other spots.  I travel back this way as I return home.  I always glance over to make sure the kitties are there eating, and as I did so on Saturday, I noticed everything was taken.  This was all within a half hour.   I got out, place more down, and went on my way.  Same thing Sunday.  I didn't know who would take this stuff, full bowls of food, needed water when its 95 degrees...  What kind of person.  So this morning, same thing.  They must have come out as soon as I drove away and threw EVERYTHING out.  I then circled around, and waited around the corner, nothing.  I then went on my way to finish my spots and come back.  Same thing.  They trashed the one remaining dish I placed there.  So I went and sat in my car watching, waiting. 

I even went up to the door and knocked on it to see if they were the ones that had the problem with me feeding on the neighboring property.  No answer, but what an eerie house that is.  Their is plastic tarp used as curtains all around the windows, which have a film of dirt on them.   There is a sign on the front door to beware of the dog, which now that I think of it, I didn't hear one when I banged on the door.  There is someone living there, as I see the trash cans moved around once in a while, but its a scary house, for sure.  But still, no one came out of the house during the few minutes I sat there.  I would have confronted whoever I saw doing it.  I am fearless when it comes to these animals and their welfare. 

I also drove back there before going to work and the one remaining dish that I had placed was still there.  I was bound and determined to make sure there was food and water for these cats, if I could help it.  I will do the same tomorrow, until I can find the person responsible and talk to them.

Seventh Street spot was not bothered overnight, thank God.  One less hassle for me this morning.  And the house on Pennslyvania has not been torn down, yet.  All the usual suspects were at all their spots waiting for me.  I will continue on my quest to save the world!  :)  Have a great day!

Personally, I would not give a fig for any man's religion whose horse, cat and dog do not feel its benefits. Life in any form is our perpetual responsibility. ~S. Parkes Cadman

The question is not, "Can they reason?" nor, "Can they talk?" but rather, "Can they suffer?" ~Jeremy Bentham

From beasts we scorn as soulless,
In forest, field and den,
The cry goes up to witness
The soullessness of men.
~M. Frida Hartley

Monday, July 23, 2012

Why I Hate People

I don't mean that statement as 100% true.  I hear a lot of people say this, and people that have children and don't care for animals as much as others are offended by this, I am sure.  I care for people, as much as I care for animals, I just hate people who don't like animals and will go out of their way to allow them to starve.  I have had some rotten mornings these past few days.  Even on my way home after feeding this morning, on a porch of a boarded up home, two houses down from the corner of where I've been feeding since last year, where they are renovating the house, someone must have come out within the half hour of me being there from the house next door and threw out the full plates of food that the five or six cats that depend on each morning .  At least they left one tiny bowl of water, I think.  Today it is supposed to be in teh 90s.  I was so disgusted, I got out of the car and placed a plate full of what little dry food I had in my car down again.  I wanted to go to the house, knock on the door, and just thrash these people.  Why on earth would you want to willingly make an already stressed and suffering animal any worse than it already is.  What makes you think, "I think I will take away their food and water so they can't eat or drink all day."   I would love to march up to this horrible house and knock on the door and ask whats wrong, but I believe a note should be left first.  I would love to hear suggestions on what I can write.  Short and simple, and to the point.   I need to draw out whatever ounce of compassion these people have, if any.

Lots have happened the past three days, including my 7th Street shelter.  Someone has been trashing that the past three days.  Just obliterated the shelter hut built for me by my friend Kristin's students last year.  Taken away my food bowls.  I left a note this morning asking if they could please stop destroying what little these five cats that hang there have, that they need to eat and drink, and are above all God's creatures.  We will see.  I am sure this will be laughed and at the rest of the boards will be taken. 

There is just so much evilness. 

There are now two females out there that have swollen milk glands.  They've obviously just had their babies, but I don't know where. 

Patric, now named Merlot, has been adopted out by a co=worker.  Thank you Vera!  He is adjusting as well as can be with his new companion Mickey.  Mickey is about four years old and twice the size of Patric.  I am so thankful Patric has found a home.

Larry went for his check up, while I dropped Wally off at the Laudromat on Friday, for his ears, but they really couldnt' find anything wrong with them outside of doing a culture.  So, he is happy, I hope, with Wally. 

Here is the latest picture of Butters (a/k/a Butterscotch)!  He is available for adoption!   Please consider him! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Being Too Lazy!

I mentioned something in my post a day or two ago about cats having kittens in the summer.  My friend Carole didn't know how to comment on my blog so she wrote me the following e=mail:

"I was actually going to post this as a comment, but can't figure out how! can you tell me?  anyway, what i wanted to comment on:
Cats CAN have kittens any time of the year, but typically start going into heat in January or February, resulting in mostly April and May kittens, for the FIRST litter of the year. In July like this, this could be her second litter of the year, if she had the first litter early enough, or lost them, or was too young to go into heat during the (still) winter.

Cats CAN have up to 3 litters per year! Two is more typical. Gestation is 63-65 days long, and usually they don't go back into heat while they ae nursing."


I have the day off today, yes, but I am cleaning!  Not fun!  And since I have the day off, I thought I would be lazy and not have to write.  But I will share the following with you.  Its nice and easy reading.  Have a wonderful day.

The lounging lions in Kenya’s Masai Mara game reserve looked harmless. They rolled on their backs in low-lying bushes. They rubbed their faces on branches as if trying to comb their magnificent manes. They drank leisurely from a stream. They strode slowly across dry, scrubby terrain as if they had all the time in the world. The only time I saw their teeth was when one of them yawned.

Their serene appearance is deceiving, however. The reason they can be so relaxed is that they have nothing to fear—no shortage of food and no natural predators. The lions look lazy and listless, but they are the strongest and fiercest of all. One roar sends all other animals running for their lives.

Sometimes it seems as if God is lounging. When we don’t see Him at work, we conclude that He’s not doing anything. We hear people mock God and deny His existence, and we anxiously wonder why He doesn’t defend Himself. But God “will not be afraid of their voice nor be disturbed by their noise” (Isa. 31:4). He has nothing to fear. One roar from Him, and His detractors will scatter like rodents.

If you wonder why God isn’t anxious when you are, it’s because He has everything under control. He knows that Jesus, the Lion of Judah, will triumph.

When fear and worry test your faith
And anxious thoughts assail,
Remember God is in control
And He will never fail. —Sper

Because God is in control, we have nothing to fear.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Another fairly quiet morning for me.  Thats a good thing.  I had enough upsetting mornings recently so I deserve this quiet time.  Its darker out now when I leave the house at 5:15, so a little spookier for me.  I am still unsure of my surroundings at my new first stop, so my extra sensory perception is on high alert there.  I creep into this backyard, my eyes darting this way and that, and go to the back of the yard, where the kitties are waiting.  I plunk down the food and water, give a little pat to whoever lets me, and slink my way back out to the street and very quietly drive away.

At one of my stops, on Webster and Ferndale, where I feed about 5 or 6 cats, the porch of the house that I have been using for feeding is being renovated.  Yesterday morning, I drove back past there on my way home, as I usually do, and saw a work truck sitting there with a very handsome (I might add) young guy standing outside drinking his coffee, with a hard hat on.   And if you know me, I didn't hesitate to pull over, get out and go up to him.  I introduced myself and told him I was the one with the cat food, etc. on the porch.  He told me that they (the company he works for or the owner of the house would probably call animal control once the house is finished.)  It is apparently being built 'green', and will be done within 90 days.   He wasn't mean about it.  Said his wife had two cats, he was  a dog person but he didn't like cats.  I mentioned I would have to find another location.  There is an abandoned house with a tiny porch two houses down.  I will have to start checking that out, moving them down there.  I left the man saying please be kind to the animals, they need food and water too. 

The house on Penns. and 4th is still  standing.  I am expecting to pull up there any day and have the house completely gone.  This is where I feed Sparkles, and Limpy #2, who were both there this morning, waiting.  Sparkles let me scratch her this morning, which was a change.  Usually its the other way around, she scratches me!

My last stop, on Parsells (yes, I've found more cats), a little grey tabby was watching me from a distance place food down and as I started to walk away, she hungrily ran to the bowls.  I could see she had a pouch hanging down, and I suspect this was because she is nursing.  I didn't know kittens could be born right now, but I guess they can.  Thought it was seasonal.  I must keep my eye on this, must work again with Lollipop when they start the TNR program back up in August.  They've been a life-saver to me, financially, for spaying cats.  I have always depended on Habitat for Cats - but they charge $50 per cat and its always come out of my own pocket, which usually is empty.

Patric is healing at my house.  He got his bandage off two days ago, and is on medication to try to get his mouth a little pinker.  Doctor said he looked anemic.  I pray he heals, he is a bit more peppier, and has a home waiting for him.  Butters is a real cutie.  Kittens are so precious, but they do get big!  Larry is going to the vet for his ears, for the third time, on Friday.  Hopefully they will figure out just the right medicine for him.  My daily call to Wally assures me that Larry is doing fine.  I warn Wally that he must give him 'love'. 

Finally, thank you so much to the Canfield girls - Sharyn, her Mom, and my baby Bean.  Sharyn drove to my work place and dropped off some much needed bags and cans of food.  It was Winston Churchhill who said: ""We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."  So thanks to everyone who has given to me.  The kitties are very thankful too.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wareful Wednesday

This morning was very interesting.  It finally rained over night, so my paper plates and bowls had been obliterated by the time I arrived at my first stop.  The rain was a good thing though, as I remember driving this past weekend and thinking about the wildlife, such as deer, that depend on the rain for drinking.  Its been so dry for such a long time, you wonder how far animals have to travel to get a drop.

My next few stops were uneventful, all the usual suspects around, Big Red, Lucille, Vivian, Red, Boots, Talkie, a couple other no-namers, but not the injured raw wound kitty.  Didn't see him.  Then to the house on Webster and Fernwood, where I fed the usual there too.  Then to Seventh where The Fluffmeister is, and a few of this regular friends.  Then to Short, where I feed another three regulars there too - a kitteny black and white, a very thin orange, and the sweet pretty calico that winds itself around my legs as I am putting the food and water down under the porch of the house.  As I drive around, I always notice someone's life possessions placed, or thrown, out by the curb.  You have to wonder the circumstances of how all their belongings wind up outside, on the curb.  Then onto Pennsylvania and 4th.  Do you remember the man that threatened me to move my stuff.  Where a shelter was removed from there early this year, next to the church?  Where I have rescued over 10 cats from this corner, including at least four pregnant cats.  This is where Limpy #2 and Sparkles hang.  This is where Larry was just rescued!  Anyways, there was this man, sitting in front of his house next door to this vacant lot, which is next to this boarded up house.

When I first pulled up I noticed the bushes out front had been removed.  Then I noticed the man.  He was sitting there.  Courageously, I got out of the car, and just went right to what I intended to do, as Sparkles and Limpy 2 were waiting for me.  I then noticed he got up and was walking toward me.  I prepared for the onslaught of meanness.  But what I found was completely different.

He told me he didn't have a problem with the cats, he just didn't like the raccoons.  He apologized for his behavior toward me the last two times and that he really did like cats, that he had two in his house that he cared for.  He just didn't like the raccoons.  I told him the raccoons would never go away, and that (and yes, I told him Sparkles name :)) she had been pregnant, that I had her kittens aborted, but had to put her back because I had no one to take her.   I told him I had rescued several pregnant ones on this corner, and that I had found homes for many kitties on this corner as of today, Larry being the latest.  He was actually astounded by this, and said it was very good of me to do.  He then told me that the city was tearing the house down.  I told him I would have to find some alternative, some sheltered place to put food down.  He suggested that I could place a shelter in the back where there is a garage, next to the church.  I was just astounded.  We shook hands, his name is Tim, and we left on good terms.  His mother is a nurse, and he said that is where his compassion comes from.  So, that was a good good thing.

"Be Kinder Than Necessary"

Remember these words as you go along your daily life. Always treat people (and animals and the environment) a little nicer. There is no reason not to and you'll be making others feel better.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tabby Cat Tuesday

I tried to get a picture of a mother cat and her two kittens that I've recently discovered on Second.  I would have to guess these kittens are maybe four to five months.  But as usual, my rotten camera didn't do the job.  So you can barely see them.  The little ones look just like their mom, a grey tabby.  Must work on this quickly.

Laura is helping me this morning by trapping two kitties and bringing them for TNR'g.  She got a dark red kitty that hangs out with Sparkles and Limpy #2 occasionally, and a young brown tabby tux from Third.  Limpy #2 is very elusive.  He just won't fall for the box trap that is being used.   I noticed recently that he walked without his limp, for about a minute, but I could then tell he was not applying pressure to his foot.  He still has something going on there.

My stuff was good at my first spot this morning.  Its darker than its been all spring/summer now at 5:15, so I am very leary, and careful, as I make my way behind this house on Parsells.  I have to use all four sets of eyes now.  One set in the back of the head, one on each side of my head, and of course my front eyes!  But its quiet at least, and the kitties hear me coming.  They now run to me.  Here is a picture of that spot, early in the morning:

I also saw two kittens at my Central spot.  They are feral, for sure.  But they now know they have food waiting when I leave.  I would have to say they are around four to five months also.  One is grey or brown tabby, the other black, with some white.  Not able to see them well as they run when I pull up.

I almost forgot to mention - I brought Larry to Wally's house on Sunday morning, along with a lended A/C unit for his window.   I was at my wits end with Larry, he was fighting with a couple of my more agressive cats, and it was causing major disruption.  I wound up having to confine him in small closed areas.  Not good.   Wally's new place, which he rents from my animal loving uncle, was missing two windown screens.  I knew Larry would get out so I thought it would be great if he had A/C.   I mentioned this to my friend Kristin, and she volunteered her in-laws unused A/C unit - we installed it and brought Larry over there.  I was hesitant, as I still am, that he would not get the same loving as I would be giving him.  But he was not happy being locked up by himself in an area too small, and I knew that Wally would be capable of giving him a small bit of love, and at least its better than being on the street.  So, thank you very much Kristin and Darrin, and Darrin's parents for providing this!  It helped me, it helped Wally, and it helped Larry!

Today, I have my fourth vet visit in two weeks for Patric, who I rescued after Larry.  His foot will be looked at again, and hopefully his bandage will be removed today.  He seems to have a little more zip in his step today, and is eating a little more.  I have high hopes for Patric, and his new mommy is anxiously awaiting him in his hopefully forever home! 

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Blues

"When you move your focus from competition to contribution, life becomes a celebration.  Never try to defeat people, just win their hearts." - Budda

Its been a really really insane weekend.  So much stuff happening out there.  It was nice to have Friday off, but seems so long ago, I've forgotten all the stuff that came to mind for the past three days that I wanted to write about!

I remember one thing that went through my mind as I went out for the millionth time in the morning.  I felt incredible sadness yesterday.  Maybe it was because of the bowls being missing at my first stop.  That is when it started.  I did not know who removed the bowls and stood up the board I had on the ground where I placed them.  I set new ones down, and prayed to God that who ever did it would leave them down for the day, as its been a very very hot summer, and the cats suffer without food and water.  I don't know if it was the people from Grand, or the people that live in the house in the new spot.  But they were there this morning.  That got me started yesterday, and then the rest was just plain sadness at all the filth and poverty that I have to leave these cats in each morning.  I hate leaving these animals behind.  I hate the fact that there aren't more people out there trying to trap neuter return so that this situation can gain some control and stop the cycle of homeless and feral cats breeding.  I am not well, I have pains and aches in places I shouldn't have at my age, and I worry how long I will be able to do this.  I think about rescue groups, and how are they marketing to the younger generations so that when they are too old to take in more cats, who will be picking up where they left off?  Who will run their organizations?  Will they have as much compassion in their hearts as this generation of rescuers have?

Then there are the three kitties I've recently rescued.  Larry, who is the grey kitty that had the horrible ear infection and mites.  He is just the sweetest boy, but started to go after a few of my territorial boys at home.  I wound up having to isolate him in different rooms, which there aren't many of with doors.  Then there is Patric, who has the infected toe.  He was going to heal at my house and then go to a new home, but his healing has been a slow progress, and he doesn't seem to be doing well, at all.  He is very lethargic and not eating much.  Its hard to see an animal going down hill.  He is going to have his bandage hopefully removed this week and maybe they will figure something out for him, but I can't afford his vet bills.  Same with Larry, he has been on two different ear meds but he is still shaking his head and scratching at it.  Then there is Butterscotch, who is just the cutest little thing in the world.  If you are ever in a depression, pick up a purring tiny kitten and have it fall asleep wrapped around your neck.  They are just precious creatures, so small, so innocent.  So, I have had my hands full at home, and on top of that to go out for an hour every single day, and fifteen or so times, I get out of my car, have to walk to the back of someone's property, or up the steps to an abandoned house, and place food down, clean out water bowls after they've been ravaged by raccoons and fill them, give a pat here and there to the friendly cats that come up, and then head back to the car to the next spot.  Its very very sad what I do and I just hope I can continue for as long as there are needy and hungry cats. 

Thanks for reading.  XO

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Yes, its Thursday, a Friday for me.  Yay!  I so look forward to three day weekends...  I don't have money to go anywhere, nor do I have anyone who will feed the kitties that are waiting for me each day, starving for their next meal, so getting eight free hours to do the mundane chores normally done on a Saturday is a thrill for me.  I can then spend a Saturday morning relaxing.  Wonderful. 

I counted the kitties at my first spot this morning, which, by the way, was still intact.  By intact I mean that the cheap paper bowls, and plates, were still on the ground.  Its very sparse, but I am hoping I can place a few shelters down to cover the food when it ever does rain again.  Which will be soon, I am sure.  Kitty count was seven.  I am not sure if I was able to coax all the kitties from behind Grand Avenue, and I may have a few from Parsells that have joined the food line, but thats fine.   The more hungry homeless animals I can feed, the better for them.  My issue is food.  Keep in mind, I have to drag SIX16-lb. bags of Dad's cat food from the store, over to the car, up into my house, down the steps to the basement.  This is a lot of lifting.  My knees are bad.  Those bags will last me six days.  I use 16-lbs. a day of dry cat food feeding the homeless cats.  Then there are the 32 large cans of Buju wet food I drag home from my weekly shopping trips.  I use five cans a day, so I normally run out of those mid-week.  So back to the store I go.   Its drudgery and hard work, for sure.  Food is number one on my wish list.  Its very costly to buy this much food each week, and continue to take my own cats, who half have something going on medically, to the vet office.  Today, I will be bringing Patric back for his third bandage change on his foot.  He is the kitty I rescued last Thursday from Short.  I think he has a home, but I want to be sure he is healed before then.  This is all very costly, but I wound'nt, COULD'NT change it!

The next spot is where Limpy #1 hangs.  He is all better, thank God.  Whatever his ailment was on his foot, a shot of medicine sure helped him out.  At the next few spots is where injured raw wound on neck kitty is.  He - well, lets just call him Stevie - was TNR'd and wound treated a few weeks back.  His wound healed up nicely, but its back to being raw and he scratches at it like mad.  Wish I had a solution for that.  And at the next few stops, Limpy #2 is still limping around.   I didn't see Sparkles with him this morning.  Poor thing is so thin too.  I am hoping he will be TNR'd and foot looked at tomorrow by Laura, who has been my savior recently for a few of these kitties.  Without her, these animals would still be out there suffering most likely.

Speaking of TNR'g, I've been informed that the clinic at Lollipop is closed until sometime in August.  I see many unneutered babies out there these days.  So, I must make this a priority next month, but will need some help, with transportation mostly.  I know I can't save them all, but I can save one at a time!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This morning, before I went out to begin my daily hourlong journey into the abyss (in ancient cosmogony - the infernal regions; hell), I caught the first few minutes of the 5 am. news.  There was another shooting in the city last night - on Chamberlain, one of the streets I feed near, and drive down.  (OK, I am now sure I've lost my mother a few posts back, if not for sure with this one!)  I am fearless normally, but this morning I was thinking about what I would encounter at my first spot where I've had all the trouble, and now looking out for a shooter that hadn't been caught yet.  But, ALL WAS WELL!  :)  Thanks to my cop friend, who did go to the woman's house yesterday and have a talk with her.  She told her, basically, that she had to stay away from me, away from the cats, and away from my food bowls, or she could be arrested for criminal mischief, animal cruelty, or endangerment.  Theft for stealing my stuff.  Yay.  She must have listened, for today.  Here is a pic of my new spot. Look closely, zoom in, you can see all sorts of eyes glowing!  Its not much of a 'spot', but I am going to try placing a few nice shelters my friend Kristin the schoolteacher has built for me this weekend.  Thank you Kristin!
Otherwise, it was a normal morning, and I had to chase away quite a few raccoons.  Little devils. 

Larry is in my tiny bathroom for the day.  He went after Scooter this morning, and it was a nasty fight.  I had to sit with Scooter after I was able to throw Larry in my bathroom, and calm him down.  I searched for bite wounds, but couldn't find any.  Lots of fur flying, for sure.  So upsetting.  I don't know what I will do with Larry.  He is a very good boy normally, but seems quite irritated with the others in the morning.  I must figure something out or he cannot stay.  I don't know what I will do with him.

This little guy still needs a home! 
"It is only possible to live happily-ever-after on a day-to-day basis"

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


OK, so, here is what I've been dealing with for a good week and a half/two weeks - EVERY SINGLE MORNING.  VERY STRESSFUL.  It began with my stuff being tossed to the curb from behind the house next door to Wally's, on Grand.  Then came the young girl that I wrote about a few posts ago that lived in the same house as Wally, who I got into a heated discussion with but she turned around and apologized to me for her attitude.  Wally moved out last Wednesday to a new place that my uncle, who owns a lot of properties in the city, found for him in a slightly better location, not far from here.  The people next door to his place didn't do much to bother me and the cats, I believe, because I was over at Wally's a few times a week doing something for him or bringing him something - not that Wally could protect me from them, but I think they did it out of some sort of respect, if you can call it that.  But the very next morning my stuff was trashed again. On Sunday, they were sitting on the porch just waiting for me to pull up at 5:15.   A heated argument ensued with a black woman who lived next door to there, and a man they call "Crazy Legs" because his legs are all messed up apparently due to a gunshot, according to Wally, who tells me its his nephew.  God knows where any one actually sleeps around this area.  Next door to the left of where Wally lived is a 'spanish' woman who left me the note the week prior saying 'antifreeze is quicker' - referring to poisoning the cats if I didnt' stop feeding.  In the meantime, my shelters are trashed, bowls of water and food are thrown out as soon as I leave so the cats have nothing to eat for another day.  Are you following me?

Anyway, after Sunday morning, I decided I had had enough.  I made a plan to go to the house on the street parallel to Grand and pray this person had an ounce of compassion enough to allow me to move the food stuff behind their house, which would be easy enough to coax the cats throught the adjoining fence separating both yards.  Low and behold, I found my savior.  In this respect.  A nice man named John.  He owns a german shepard and two cats himself and he told me he had no problems with me doing this.  I had also left a note at the adjoining apartment and that person called me that night - Julia, and said it was ok to do. 

So, Monday morning, we moved a few boards over and placed some food and water down.  I made kitty noises to try to coax them to the back and through the fence to this new spot to eat.  I then went on my regular rounds.  I decided to come back and check before I went home to get ready for work.  I went back, and made some more calling sounds for the cats because not all had come initially, and there was the 'spanish' woman in her back yard, and started to tell me I was a menace and that I had better stop feeding the cats or she would poison them and that I was trespassing.  I yelled back over to her, through the fence, that she would be charged with animal cruelty, that I was not trespassing any more (I never was on her property to begin with), and that I would never stop feeding the cats and allow them to starve to death, and to mind her own business!   So, when I got there this morning, the bowls were gone, and there was a box of rat poison laying there.  I immediately texted my cop friend and we spoke this morning.  She is going over there to speak to this woman and tell her to leave my stuff alone, and that if she touches my stuff, or poisons the cats, she will be arrested.   Can't wait to hear the outcome.  Stay tuned!  :) 

"Reality is the leading cause of stress amongst those in touch with it."

Monday, July 9, 2012


I will start this post with all the good stuff happening, and then maybe there will be room for the bad stuff, maybe.

Patric, the little boy that was trapped Thursday for neutering and returning, has been slowly healing from his toe wound at my house.  He went to the vet on Saturday morning and was given antibiotics, his ears treated, and his wound cleaned and wrapped.  He may have a permanent home, but not until his foot is better, so must keep on that!  Here is his picture, lazing about in 'his bedroom'.  

Here is another good thing:  This little guy came walking up to me at my third spot - he was full of fleas, here is him getting his bath:

Gross, look at those fleas!

And my, doesn't he clean up nicely!

Can you imagine...  these cats are truly suffering out on the streets.....  My vet told me that Patric would not have made it on the streets with his toe like that - you can see the bone!  And this little guy, yet unnamed, it just makes me sick to think that someone could have dumped this little one.  He is SO cuddly and sweet.  He must have known human contact.  When I let him out into the general population Sunday morning, he was as happy as a clam being with all the other 'adults' in the house.  I have the best bunch of cats, they barely blink an eye when a new 'guest' comes along. 

Another kitty I am grateful I was able to get off the street is Larry, who is doing well, getting ear meds daily.  Although I was not pleased with him this morning after hearing a scuffle between him and Rufus.  Larry certainly did not act like the elder I thought he was, he could outrun Rufus.  Larry had a time out this morning in the bathroom.  He was like a little kid, he needed some time to calm down.

Finally, Buster, who I found on Friday after work in the basement on top of a pile of old rugs folded up.  I was so worried about her because she rarely ever leaves the spare bedroom she hangs in and always come when the dinner bell is rung (kidding).  So, I've been keeping an eye on her, and she seems to be coming out of whatever she was in.  Perhaps it was the heat, perhaps the new visitors in the house, I don't know. 

Well, I am now out of room for the EVIL portion of this post.  I did this on purpose because I am in mental anguish over it.  Its the first spot I go to each day on Grand Avenue.  I have had some really bad verbal fights with the evil people that live there.  They have trashed my shelters, and have thrown the food away as soon as I left there the past two mornings.  Those cats have gone two days in a row without food or water.  I will give you an update tomorrow, I just can't talk about it right now.  I was threatened again with the anti-freeze, this time in person by the woman who wrote the note.  Such evil, and I am sick over it.  Update tomorrow.  Have a good day.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Buster has been found.  He was lying on a pile of rugs in my basement.  Mother says because it was so hot they gravitate towards the basement.  I think he is sick, so have him locked away in bedroom with lots of food, hoping he is interested.  I was heartsick yesterday until I got home and was doing something in the basement and glanced over and saw him.  He was as quiet as a mouse.  Thanks everyone for your prayers and support. 

Look what else I found this morning.  Came walking right up to me on Hayward, as sweet as can be.  Covered in fleas, he was bathed in Dawn dish detergent and is just the sweetest little guy.  More update tomorrow on him, and Patric, who was rescued Thursday. 

Friday, July 6, 2012


I have been in a panic this entire morning.  My Buster is missing.  I have not seen him, and as ashamed as I am to say this, I don't remember the last time I did see him.  I can't be sure if I did see him yesterday.  The day before I am pretty sure of as I was home that day and all seemed accounted for.   This is the worst feeling.  Its a sick feeling.  I can't even begin to imagine a parent with a human child thats gone missing, the sickness they must feel.  I have searched everywhere in the house except going up into the rafters in the basement.  Although I cannot figure out why he would be there.  All I can think of - did he get into a fight with Larry, who possibly might have bitten him, and now my poor Buster is dying somewhere, or dead already?  As I said, I am sick over this.  Just in case he got out, which is most unlikely, I will post something on Craigslist and perhaps do some fliers to post around the trees on my street, and alert my neighbors.  I have friends and relatives that let their cats outdoors.  I could never stand the sick feeling I would have if that cat didn't come home for a day.  I am so upset and worried, but have to put on a brave and happy face for work.  Anyone who says an animal is just an animal - just because they have human children - they are wrong.  I don't have human children.  My cats ARE my children.
Another emotional situation I encountered this week was the sight of this house:   I drove past this house and just had to turn around.  I was shocked.  I rolled down my window to look closer, and could still smell the fire, even though it happened last weekend.  I hope you can zoom in on the front of this house, there are words spray painted on the boards in front saying "Will always be missed Grandma, Tootsie"  and "RIP Grandma".   I have never been involved in a fire, nor even witnessed one.  As I was looking at this house, realizing that someone died in this fire, I looked over across the street and noticed a woman sitting on her porch, directly across from the house.  I drove over and spoke to her, and just lost it.  I told her I could not believe how sad this was, and said how bad it must have been for her to just watch this, and she told me that the woman who died was bedridden, and that she actually wasn't watching the fire, she ran in and got the kids that were in there out.  I just sobbed.  Such a sad sad sad situation.  Someone's mother, someone's grandmother, someone's daughter, someone's wife, someone's aunt, someone's niece, someone's girlfriend, someone's best friend.   Seeing this was just so profound, so tragic.  We parted after I wished her a blessed day, and she said the same to me.  Two strangers bonded for one brief minute.

The picture above is of Limpy #2 taken this morning, along with Sparkles backside, and a new darker red cat at the feeding spot.  Limpy #2 was targeted for trapping yesterday, and to have his foot looked at, but no luck.   He disappeared, but was in plain sight today, still limping.  "Patric" (picture below) was also picked up from Short Street, this little guy, who has a problem with a toe, so he is in my bathroom, hoping to heal, and hoping to find him a home.  He is under a year and very very sweet. 

I wish you all a very safe weekend.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Man oh Man!

What a past few days its been.  Hot hot hot.  Dry dry dry. 

Fact:  Although cats are descended from desert animals, they still need enough water to maintain optimum kidney health. While cats that eat only raw prepared diets or canned food may get moisture from their diets, cats on primarily dry foods MUST drink fresh, clean water to survive. I wish all cats had a constant source of fresh water.   That would mean that if every individual in the world put out a bowl of water somewhere on their property, and keep it filled daily, they would be helping an animal.   Its no biggie.  Just one bowl of water per day.  I now carry four large plastic containers full of water and use every last drop each morning.  I dread the wintertime, as I will be filling the containers with very hot water before I go out into the freezing cold, will empty out the ice that is left in the bowls, and place hot water and hope that its liquid long enough for the cats to drink from.  Its so vital to cats, and to us.  I drink gallons a day, I also tend to exaggerate! 

I went over to Wally's house yesterday to help him move a few boxes over to his new apartment.  I also brought him a sandwich.  I also went with the intention to move a new shelter that was built for me over there.  When I got there, and the reason I don't go there during the day, there were a people milling about his house and the house next door.  Of course I started to get flack about the cats and feeding them.  I defended them as best as I could, continued to carry the shelter to the back, and left there just so discouraged.  When I went there this morning, which is my first feeding spot each morning, the bowls, shelter, etc. were still there.  So were the kitties, waiting for their meal.  Before the raccoons came and got their fill.  I am so tired of trying to defend these beautiful sweet cats and trying to explain to these ignorant human beings the importance of these animals being fed.  I keep asking 'have you ever been without food for a long period of time?' - they just don't care.  The flack I received was not by the young girl from days ago that I wrote about, its by the new tenants in this house where I feed in back of.  Young black people.  They just don't care.  I still have to find a place where I can feel safe and comfortable feeding and sheltering them, especially when Wally moves completely, which is supposed to be tomorrow.  The ideal situation would be that I get them all adopted. 

An update on Larry:  Larry seems to be adjusting to life at my house fairly well.  His Aunt Nancy cared for him when we first rescued him from the street.  His ears are doing better, but he needs a different medication as he still seems to be irritated and is scratching at them.  There have been only a few fights so far, not bad ones, just a little fur flying around, but most of my cats are pretty used to their Mom bringing in new furry bodies, so they are generally good about it.  Larry has made himself quite comfortable in my house, and is very obvious that he is happy to be off the mean streets where I got him from.  He is such a good boy.  AND he needs a home!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

O Say Can You See, By The Dawn's Early Light...

How apropos for today's blog.  Oh, the things I see and hear sometimes. 

It started off at my first spot, where Wally is moving from, where there has been so much tension lately with the screaming match with the young girl, and the note written to me about poisoning the cats if I continued to feed.  I brought back this large plastic tote and stood it on its side in the back of the house next door to Wally's.  I then went back to my car and got the food and water, all the while six cats are either following me or waiting for me to come back.  I fed them, provided water, and proceeded to go back to my car when I glanced over onto the porch of the house I feed behind, and there sat a young white guy.  I said goodmorning, he replied the same.  I was hesitant about what to say next without coming off like a crazy person.  I asked him if he liked cats, and he replied he loved them and started to tell me about one that at some point in his life, that had run off when someone opened the door.  I told him what I was doing and asked if it was him that put the shelter to the curb last week.  He said no and pointed to next door, where the girl lives, and said he thinks it was her, or the house next to that where I think the note came from.  Anyway, to make a long story short, he told me I was welcome to move my shelter back there and that he would keep an eye out for the kitties and my shelter.  I could not have thanked him enough.  His name is Ryan, and he was a very polite young guy.  I am so thankful for this, I had so much anxiety going here each morning!

I proceeded on to my next few stops a very happy girl.  I gave a good pet and scratch to Big Red, Talkie and Lucille, and then to the next stop giving a good scratch and pet to Red and Boots, then to the next stop where injured raw wound kitty resides.  I saw him, and his wound is back to being raw and red.  Not sure what to do here.  I feel so bad for him.  Wondering if I can slip him some kind of medicine in his food.  I thought he was healing so nicely after being trapped and treated by Laura.  Here is his picture I took of him this morning. 

Then onto the next few stops, where I stopped the car in the middle of 7th after seeing a pit bull running close to Bay Street with his lease dragging.  A beautiful copper colored dog.  I always check to see if its agressive, and believeing it wasn't, I got out and got the little bag of dog food I carry and shook it.  I pulled to the side and got out and placed it on a plate with a bowl of water, he sniffed it and took off.  I was so mad I didn't grab his leash and place him in my backseat to take home, keep in my yard until animal control could come get him or his owners.  Didn't see him after that.  I pray he is ok.

After many other stops, Sparkles and Limpy #2 (pictured here)

gobbling their food, and all the others, I proceeded to my last stop on Parsells.  I got out and placing food and water heard a loud shouting.  It was across the street, so I walked over and listened.  After about 30 seconds, I said  I am calling the police.  It was a woman that sounded like she was beating a child.  The neighbor came out and confirmed a woman lived there with her kids and that there was always something going on like that.  I called 911.  I could hear her from across the street.  I could hear pounding and thumping, and knew who ever was on the receiving end of this woman's wrath was not winning the fight.   I will never give up reporting these kinds of things, especially to help a child in possible danger.

These are various pics I took this morning. 

This little gray is a sweet young male that really needs a home. 
They all do. 

Have a great 4th everybody.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Milestones

How's that title?  Not bad, but there aren't milestones involved in this, so its kind of misleading.  Oh well.

So much going on in my world, but then again, who's life isn't busy these days?  I did get Larry back yesterday.  Nancy, who has been kind enough to care for him since I rescued him from the streets a couple of weeks ago needed to pare down her house a bit - Larry was being kept in her bathroom and was getting lonely.  I took him and placed him in a bedroom, and after about an hour, said - 'ok, he needs to mingle with the others', so I let him out.  There was some hissing, and a near-to fight this morning, but all in all, he is a good boy and is ready to interact socially with the others.  He will continue to stay in the bedroom while I am at work, and I will let him out when I get home, but I must be there to keep an eye out for him, as he is outnumbered.  His 'Mom' must be there to protect him if need be.

At my first location, since my 'brawl' on Friday, its been fairly quiet.  Wally moved yesterday, with the help of my landlord Uncle's apartment availability, to a somewhat nicer street, if you can call it nicer.  I will miss his presence when I am there each morning.  I guess you would call it a false sense of security.  But the paper dishes and bowls are still on the ground, so I am thinking that I still have some hope to feed there.  I have considered meeting the person on the street behind the houses, to see if they will allow me to feed there - the cats would have to just walk to the back of the property.  It would be a dream if I could get away from that street.  It would be a dream if whoever lives behind would allow me to put up some awesome shelters that have been provided to me.  I will keep on working on that, and thankfully its summertime and not too harsh on the kitties weatherwise.

I have not seen Limpy around since he was released a while ago.  I think I saw him once, but that was it.  I have seen very injured raw wound kitty, but just a handful of times for him also.  His wound has definitely gotten better thanks to an injection of medicine with the help of Laura.  Thanks again Laura, for taking care of him.  Limpy #2 is still limping around, but is also able to jump up onto a porch to eat with Sparkles just about every morning.  I don't know what his injury is to his foot/leg, but it appears not to be healing and I am trying to figure out what I should do.  I don't have a lot of options.  It is at this spot that that man told me not to feed there anymore, that it was HIS property.  Guess what, I have not seen him since I let him have it.  I got to a point with both people last week that I had had it with their bullying, and that I was not going to allow cats to starve to death because of their hatred.  

Picture above is of my Smoke a boke...  a/k/a Smokey, a/k/a Fang.  I am a mauler my kitties with kisses, and Smokey sure got his share this weekend.  I will never forget rescuing Smokey a few years back.  He was living on Hebard Street off Central, in a garage, and was beginning to signs of stress and injury.  The owner hated me and hated cats, and it was a difficult time trying to feed and shelter cats at this spot, but I think I rescued all of them once I finally got Smokey, and I prayed to God for the ones I wasn't able to save.

I am feeding so many cats still.  There are so many .   I need donations of food, both dry and wet.  I see at the highest seven cats at three of my spots, five at three, and all the rest are three or so.  At 13 spots, added up that is a lot of cats.  My heart goes out to so many of them.  The ones that you get attached to are the ones that let you pet them, pick them up, hold them.  Its so hard to walk away from them each morning.