Wednesday, June 30, 2010

and Then There Was Charles

I did my usual route this morning, pretty pathetic that the owner is still trashing my paper plates and water bowl on Central Park. I actually left work at 11 am. yesterday to see if he would be there working on his boarded up house to talk to him, but no sign of him. So I drove down Second Street to see if I could talk to someone there and met a dude named Duke, sitting there on the sidewalk. We chatted, said the guy across the street from the house I put food down next to the porch didn't like me feeding there, we discussed the man living next door, Duke said he might go for it if I asked. So I may head over there today to knock on his door. Luke said he's lived on Second his whole life, and its a pretty decent street. We will see... This morning as I was feeding on Hebard Street, a man on a bike rode by, I said hello, he stopped, we talked, his name is Charles, he lives in the apartment building right on the corner with his girlfriend and her son. Seems like a decent dude, there really are some around there. He offered to help feed the cats there at the garage for me. That was very nice. He didn't ask me for money, but he did say he was trying to get $3 cause it would by him chicken and something to feed his family. There really are people down on their luck. I told him I would swing back on my way to work if I had it, and sure enough, I came back with the $3, and also gave him a bag of salt potatoes and six chicken legs I had in my freezer! He seemed appreciative. He is going to give me his mother's phone number so we can work out a plan for future need of feeding the cats if I need the help. Nice guy. I have posted pics of Sweet Stripes and Sweet Smokey too here. Stripes really needs a home. Please consider!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Yesterday I used the word 'oppressive' to describe how the humidity felt lately. This morning on the newscast, I heard Norma Holland use the word REPRESSIVE to describe the humidity. I think she got it wrong. Repressive: the act of repressing; state of being repressed. 2. Psychoanalysis . the rejection from consciousness of painful or disagreeable ideas, memories, feelings, or impulses - yes Norma, I think you used the wrong word! I love words. I love to use new words! Another word I would use this morning is ... MEAN. Someone is very mean at 520 Central Park. Thats where Benny, Whitey and now a black and white kitty I will call Skitty hang. If I ever get to talk to the owner of that boarded up house who is doing work inside and keeps throwing my stuff out that I put down for those three in the grass on the lot next to it, I would say, these cats are the result of people like you who have no compassion for these animals. And if they are someone's cat, its their fault that these cats are getting lost, in fights, knocked up, hit by cars, abused, etc., because they let them outside!! This morning Stripes on Central and Goodman actually let me stroke him for the first time. He and Benny are needing homes VERY badly. I need to find them homes!!! Please someone reading this, open your home for these two very tender sweet cats! I need to also make a plan on what the cost would be for a shelter that these cats could live out their lives, with a vet on hand daily to care for them, and there would be no cages, but televisions and furniture for them, and love from me and my helpers. I need to make a plan for a 'Meowsville' (Gina's dream - I am just using the name for now, I swear G!).

Monday, June 28, 2010


...the feeling of being heavily burdened, mentally or physically, by troubles, adverse conditions, anxiety, etc. I had to look that word up. Thats what it feels like when its this humid outside. And the cats, look at all the fur they have, on top of the dampness from the already too much rain so far this year. My central air went a month or so ago, and I do miss it. I look forward to getting into work now, just for some dryness, and of course getting into my car, I could drive around all day sometimes.

Nothing abnormal today, but yesterday looked Rocky Raccoon right in the eye, as I chased him around the tree he was going to go up into. I didn't want him to go up the tree because he would only come down to eat the food, mess the water, and generally dirty up the place on 7th Street. I did my best to scare him away, but he was holding onto that tree for dear life. He was bound and determined to get up there. Of course it was a mess this morning, but Rocky wasn't around.

I haven't seen the kittens from Hebard Avenue around in weeks now since Gina discovered them, and she rescued Little Orphan Annie from the garage, nor have I talked to her, so I hope all is well for her, Charlie (I rescued and she kindly adopted for me), Annie and the rest of her brood, and I do continue to put food under an abandoned car across from the garage, in case the little ones are still alive. I do plan on trap, neuter and return the Mama, as Habitat for Cats has given me an appt. in July. I hope the Mama keeps her legs crossed until then!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Big Bad Leroy Brown

the baddest man in the whole damn town... badder than old king kong, meaner than a junkyard dog, da da da da da da.... thats the song in my head this morning after I met a gentleman by the name of Leroy on Niagara Street. As I was placing food on the porch there for Sasha and her gang, I noticed a couple of druggie/prostitutes and guys coming toward me. Now, they were most likely not coming toward me, but Leroy was. He actually was a nice dude! After my heart went a thumpety thump, my usual courage took control and we just chatted away. One of the girls asked me for a quarter (what is she going to do with a quarter?), but otherwise, I knew they were harmless because they have seen me for a long time now doing what I do. They don't usually come near me. But Leroy was quite interested! Seriously, he is a nice guy that I know will be a 'friend' to me when I need one. He commended me for what I do, and said I was a very good person. I read people very very well, and he is one of the better guys around - for real MOM!!! Otherwise, all was quiet on the homefront. As you can see, I took some pics of Smokey on Goodman and Central where as usual someone had tossed the board I have to shelter the food. Stripes was not there, I worry, but Blackie was there weaving in and out of my legs as I put the food down, eagerly awaiting. And the other pics are mostly of the gang on Second Street all coming around for their breakfast. And one of Benny, where the owner of that boarded up house on Central has now trashed my stuff and the protection there also. Will have to find out who the guy is and try to talk to him. The to Hebard again where the older woman in the truck drove by and looked at me nastily. You know, she should be looking at her brothers and sisters around there - who are murdering each other, if anyone deserves nasty looks, why me? I am the least of her concerns! Anyways, its a Friday, and I am so grateful for a day off tomorrow. Thanks for reading everyone! Carpe Diem!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rough Mornings!

I say that because due to a large volume of gifts received at my job - I work in fundraising for a large hospital in the city - I have been working a lot of overtime and to pay my bills, have been coming in extra early in the morning, which means I don't have a lot of time to putter around the house in the morning after I make my cat rounds. So therefore, I keep forgetting the camera due to my lack of focus because I am so busy just trying to get out of the house by 5:30 am. so I can be home by 6:15 am. so I can get ready for work and be there by 7 am.! Its rough!! I saw so many babies this morning, but none on my Hebard Street spot. Second Street is really bad, there are so many cats that come out to eat after I fill their empty bowls. Its just terrible. I am waiting on Habitat for Cats to respond to me about getting some appointments for TNR'ing some of them. We really need a shelter for these babies to live out their lives, there are so many sweet cats, so beautiful. My immediate need is for Stripes and Benny. Two very sweet cats that are crying out for me to take them home with me. I must find a way!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Curiosity Killed the Cat

NOT in this case, not today, not on my route. Just using that expression because I couldn't think of another one, but I did have one crazy woman this morning drive very very slowly by my car staring at me and then the front of the garage on Hebard Street that I was putting down food at. And she stopped on the corner, not sure if she was checking me out in her rear view mirror or not, but it was enough that I wanted to run to her and ask her why she was looking, but during that conversation, try to educate, and maybe make a friend. I am like that. I will talk to ANYONE who will listen to me for a second. I also forgot my camera this morning. I am sorry about that - I am so mad! There were many photo ops this morning. The cats all came out on 2nd Street, there must have been six or seven out this morning, waiting for the food that is now being placed under the porch of a vacant house. I live a dangerous life, and wonder how long this will keep up. Seriously. I wonder about my sanity, but know I am sane, but also know there are cats out there that depend on me. Another funny thing, there are two cats that literally I could fall over trying to walk with them. They like to intertwine with my feet as I am approaching the feeding spot when I pull up to the areas. They greet me with great enthusiasm! Those two are obviously the most needy of a home. Thats Black on Central and Goodman, a very young fella, and Benny, the grey young fella on Central between 2nd and 4rd Streets. And then there is Stripes, on the corner of Central and Goodman also, who is a shy little fella, and is letting me get closer and closer to him. He is so pretty. Sweet sweet eyes. I MUST FIND THEM A HOME!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Blahs

Not feeling 100% today, the stress of work is killing me, but off I go to do what I Must! I will just say this, I am going to write one of these mornings when I get a few more minutes about this case that is coming up in July of the dog starvation. I started a petition and have 340 signatures already, not sure of how people see this and sign it - many from Russia! - but I want to explain the situation I am in, and see if anyone has any suggestions, or if I should just let it go. I was made aware that the defendant could retaliate if she sees me again in court in July as I made myself known to her that I knew that she killed a dog at her pre-trial. Her family could do something. They are scumbags from ground zero. Anyways, I must go to work, but will touch on this again shortly. Have a great day!

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Happy Hooker

Nothing out of the ordinary today as I made my 'rounds'. I now think of myself as a sort of Social Worker, paying visits to the children, to make sure they're safe and sound. After I left the new spot, 2nd street - which by the way I have an update there, I thought the house with the porch that I was putting plates of food and bowls of water down on was vacant, but I think someone lives in the upstairs of the house. Someone has been removing my stuff each day, so I moved to to under the bushes lining the driveway of the house next door. Day Two of them being there, and still there. I must find a 'friend' on 2nd Street who has an ounce of compassion. Anyways, after I left there, I went to feed Benny and his friends, and a prostitute one of the many pretty (few pretty - most of them are pretty bad looking) black girls who have lost their way on the streets, was wa walking by and I asked her if she lived on 2nd street, as that is where she was last 'dropped off' as I fed the cats there, and she said no and then asked me if I was working the night shift. I have no idea what she meant but she went on to tell me she was working 44 hours now, up from 35. She seemed quite happy, and off she went. I called out to her she should be getting benefits. She must have thought I was nuts.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Little Orphan Annie

An update on my discovery Wednesday morning on Hebard Street in the garage. The baby kitten I discovered that morning, with the bad eyes, was rescued by my friend Gina. She is one great catcher! This little rascal fought her tooth and nail! I had called her Thursday after not seeing her that morning, and asked her to meet me after work there, but before I could even get there at 6:05, she had already wrangled her. Apparently, the mother kitty, I will now call Skittles, cause she is so skittish, and I know for a fact was born in the spring of 2009, had some babies, and Annie was sickly, so she took her over to the garage, or had them there and left her there, and brought her other two, we think, healthy kitties across the street under an old camper. We think they are about 4-5 weeks old. Cuter than buttons they are. I have to give a shout out to Gina, she is really good at what she does, she amazes me, I am in awe of what she does. I have no clue how many kitties she has, but she is there for any poor animal that DESPERATELY needs a home. I know what stress that can be, so I only call on her in desperate situations. She is a Godsend to me and I love her to death. I can't wait to share the link to the book she has written, called Meowsville I think, so you can purchase it for the little ones in your life. Her goal, as is mine, is to have a sanctuary for every homeless kitty that needs our help. There are so many strays, and they are the ones that really need our help. Ferals are another story, but the strays are desperate for love and shelter. That is both our goals to someday have a barn or building to start a sanctuary. Full Time Vet, no cages, just for post/pre-surgeries - someday I know this will happen. Thank you GINA!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another Day in Paradise...

the hood is NOT. Running 'late' for work (NEVER have been a minute late in my life! - but working a lot of OT these days, so going in early every a.m.), but an uneventful morning, no sign of the newborn kitten in garage, and Blackie seems to be holding his own. Otherwise, everyone else was there to either greet me, or eyeball me from a distance. Glad the rain is almost ended, we got blasted yesterday, which mean't so did they. Have a GREAT day!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

... breaths fire! This morning, on my usual every other day route (I skip two places), I pulled up to the Hebard Street garage, where a crack is left open at the bottom of the door, and who it belongs to God knows, but I know he is a madman, as I have discovered that the door can open - only to find a disaster inside. Its not garbage, but debris, scattered like a tornado hit it. There is an accumulation of old window frames, metal, etc., but also of bowls and plates from over the two years I've been going here. Has it been that long? Anyways, back to my original thoughts, as I walked up to the garage, there was a kitten no bigger than the size of my hand. He/she ran under the opening, and began a growling/hissing fit. The poor thing looked dirty, and its eyes are messed up. I've got to enlist some help in this one. I tried, and could have gotten it, but would have had my hand ripped to shreds. It may be tiny, but it was so upset at the sight of me, it would have kept biting me until I could grab it by its scruff. I wish I had some gloves with me. I did try, I even opened and propped the door up to get in there. I am sick over this. Not sure what I should I call in the big guns, my friend from ASL? She cannot enter the garage legally without police officers there, which would cause a ruckus. Don't know who owns it but remembered being told a while back that someone rents from the owner, and I don't think he lives there. I also can't risk losing the only shelter available in the winter months for these cats, Peanut, Whiskers, and another one. And who is the Mom of this kitten? We had Peanut TNR'd past Fall I think, and the other two I think are male. Could it be another drop off kitty? Not sure. The garage is a detached garage. Next door lives a female Reverand, and her daughter that runs a quiet daycare, who keeps their yard and gardens beautifully, the only sanctuary on the street, but does not like cats. Oh, how I wish all humans had as much compassion as I have....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Small Gestures

This morning, when I pulled out of the driveway at 5:31 am. (after getting up at 4:55, letting the dog out, letting the 'I won't let you sleep because I am going to lay on top of you, play, or fight with someone' brood out of the guest bedroom, brush teeth, put face on, prep bag for the ride), I began my every day journey. Going to Pomodoro kitties where there are new kittens abound - shame on Preferred Plants!, then to Hayward Ave. where Freddie was there, but looking a little better, it takes the right moment for me to trap because I hate doing it (he is the sick one), then to 7th Street for the kitties that had their house knocked down and where Mama still hangs after having her kittens rescued by ASL Officer Lalka from the mattress, then onto Smokey #1, Blackie and Stripes on Central and Goodman, where they patiently awaited, and their shelter was still there!, and then onto 2nd Street where I saw the eight cats, some lolling about, a bit of food and water still there, and Thank God the bowls havent' been touched, I think there is kindness lurking somewhere about, then onto Benny and Whitey on Central. That Benny, he stands on his hind legs to greet me. He really needs a home! Then onto Hebard Street for Peanut and Whiskers, where they are there every morning, one inside the garage, and one out, then onto Niagara Street, where I haven't seen Sasha in a few days. Then the final spot - Wilburts, a kind Jamaican man whom I have befriended and allows me to use his lot to shelter and feed, on the corner of Bay and 1st Street, where the food was hardly touched, not sure if that is a good sign or bad sign. Oh, my point to the title of this posting! As I got out of my car at Wilburts on Bay, two police cars were pulling out of 1st street, and the second officer waived to me. Now, I can tell you that I have always had a 'thing' for cops! :) but after all these years, you wonder about their feelings towards people like me. Just rolled out of bed practically, do they think, 'crazy cat lady', or what do they think? I am very vain, and try not to be seen, but they do notice you, and once in a while stop with a puzzled look and you give them the pat answer 'just feeding the kitties!' and smile, and they drive away, probably shaking their heads. But its nice to be acknowledged like that, a small waive of the hand, as if to say, you are doing good! Now, off to 'start my day'! Happy Tuesday!!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Very uneventful in the hood this morning, except that Benny now runs down the driveway to greet me and walks in front of my feet so I could easily trip over him. He is a sweetheart that I must find a home for. Gobbles up the food, as there is a raccoon looming nearby that must eat it as soon as I leave, leaving the other cats starving. He is the grey one in previous days pics.... Off to work! yay.

Friday, June 11, 2010


I wanted to end this week on a positive note on my blog, but after what I witnessed this morning, I just can't. No, it wasn't anything juicy, but rather pathetic. As I drove around at 5:45 am. this morning waiting for some 'houligans' to wander away from an abandoned house on Central Park that I feed Benny at, I drove down Second Street. I saw two cats on the sidewalk, and as usual, got out to put a bowl of food and water down. As I got back into the car, I turned around and lo and behold, there were eight cats. EIGHT. I was stunned. I got out, got an aluminum pan out, and put it on a porch where it looks boarded up, and placed more food down for them. Its hard to believe that on a street where you can tell someone lives in every house just about, that there would be eight cats practically fighting to get a chance to eat some food. EIGHT! I know this is probably not the only area, for SURE not the only area in this country that I would see that, but its the first time I saw that large of a group. We MUST do something about it, but I can't do it alone! I welcome suggestions, and I mean immediate suggestions, practical suggestions on at least taking care of the Second Street problem. Flyers to every home? Offering free spay neuter if they will trap them? Not sure what to do here folks, but I would really appreciate suggestions! On that note, lets all have a great Friday! PS, will bring my camera tomorrow and take a picture of this sight for you!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have a real beef. What is on the minds of people... this morning, when I went to feed Smokey #1, Stripes and Blackie, someone took the small old table top, towel and bowl for water and threw to the curb. This small board is what is used to protect the dry food from the rain. The towel is to give these cats something clean and dry to stand on while they eat. I swear I am not a confrontational person, but I will stand up to something I believe is wrong. I would LOVE to meet the person who did this, or the people who have done this throughout the past two years that I've been feeding on this corner (yes, Smokey #1 has been waiting that long for a home - his picture is in Tuesday's post). I have had more people trash my stuff in that neighborhood. These are very mean spirited people. I would stand face to face and defend the fact - whats wrong with feeding three cats on this property of a boarded up building? What are you doing here that this is a problem? Seriously, there is no problem. If they posted a do not trespass sign, I would continue to trespass because there is no reason to not provide this basic shelter for starving homeless animals! I would fight it in court, let me at em! Side Bar: I did replace the board, towel and bowl. All three were waiting for me.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Pits

Well, this was a different sort of morning! As I was getting food out of my bag to set down for the Hayward Ave cats, I turned around and lo and behold, there stood a pit bull, within arms reach. As soon as I looked into her eyes, she started with the growling. I must say, my heart stopped for a moment. I had heard all sorts of stories of these breeds attacking and ripping flesh because of their strong jaws, etc., and I seriously thought, well, this is going to be my moment. I moved very slowly, and started to speak to her in low soft tones, but I was also cornered. But I decided, hey, I am here for the cats, and I will put down a bowl for you if you want it. Hey, the fastest way to the heart is food, right? So I did, but she kept growling, barking and backing away as I took a step here and there. I could tell she was females, as she had nipples the size of baby bottle teets, or whatever you call those! Poor thing, overbred. I decided to continue doing what I was doing, despite the fact I thought I was going to have a heart attack right then and there. When I was finished, I slowly walked back to my car. I then sat in it for the next five minutes or so, watching her sit there and bark at me, as you can see from the pictures. I started to talk to her like a little baby, as I do with dogs, and I could tell she wasn't vicious. I put my hand out the window and she slowly started to walk over, her eyes lowering and looking like she wanted a pat. I didn't go that far. I also thought, who's dog is this? I think the house next door has dogs, but wasn't sure. I called 311, but they won't come out for animals if they are not vicious or biting, and Animal Control didn't start until later that morning - I also told them I just didn't want her eating the cat food! But I just let her be. I am sure she gobbled all the cat food I left for the cats, but .... what are you going to do? Another exciting morning in the hood!

As a side note, I want to say, my sister just got a put bull puppy, who is the most loving animal around. They are not born vicious, its the people who train them that way.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

3 Degrees of Separation: Sweetness

I am now categorizing the cats I feed and have rescued on their levels of sweetness. As I walked down the driveway of the boarded up house on Central near Third Street, there was Benny, meowing away. He carefully sniffs your finger, and then does the motion of raising his rear for a scratch and a pat. He is Level ONE Sweetness. Level TWO Sweetness is Blackie, on the corners of Central and Goodman, less than a year old, who runs to me, but is a bit leary of me, but waits an arms length for his food to be placed, along side his 'brothers' Stripes and Smokey #1. Level THREE Sweetness is Stripes, who is a beautiful brown and white tabby that won't let me too near, watches me from a short distance, but his eyes are what you can see the sweetness generate from. He is a beauty, and definitely worth a rescue. All three I have mentioned need homes very bad, and will make GREAT companions. I need to get their pictures and generate some e-mails. Benny and Blackie are going to be easy to get, they just need someone to want them!! Pictures coming, I promise!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Today was Day One of trying to trap Freddie. Freddie is a black kitty on Hayward Avenue who has been in slow decline. He has open sores on his head, his fur is all but falling off the sides of him. He was once a very beautiful calico cat. I've been feeding him for over a year now, I think. I was thinking he was rabid because there are so many raccoons around, especially there, and he hisses at me if I get close to him. He once almost bit my finger as I extended it to him to sniff me as a gesture of friendship. But as he sat next to the trap, very calmly, as if to say, listen lady, I am not falling for this trap, so get out of the car and give me some food where I am supposed to eat it, I then realized he is not rabid, just very sick. I do plan to take him to a shelter, which is a rarity for me to do when I trap a cat. I either have it TNR'd or I have it adopted. But this little guy has got to be suffering, the wounds don't look very good. Wish me luck for Day Two!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Misery Loves Company

I don't have a lot to write about today, its basically the same as others, misery because its so damp out, the cats are suffering due to skin conditions, fleas, etc. especially in the warm moist weather, and my hair has exploded on my head due to the humidity. My intention is not to be a downer on this blog, but more to make people aware of how important it is to spay/neuter your animals. Thats where all this sadness begins, when they are not. And thats where this sadness will end, when each one is. Have a good day!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I would like to go back to the first post I did almost three weeks ago, and give thanks again to a few people who I've met along the way... RPD ASL Officer Kalka, went above and beyond her way to show compassion to me and to the five kittens rescued from the mattress from the house that was demolished the next day on 7th Street. I went as far as to call RPD Chief Moore and spoke to his Secretary who promised to pass on the message about Officer Kalka. She is a kind hearted girl who I am so thankful I've met. I know that in a desperate sitation, I can call her to help me. I thank God I've not had that yet! I also want to point out that you should also give a shout to those that do wrong. I am going to write a letter to a judge who is sitting on a case involving a 'woman' named Love Jackson who is going to be sentenced on July 27th in Rochester City Court for starving her dog to death. She is the epitomy of evil, and should be punished severely for her crime. I am going to get a petition going also, if I can figure that out, to show the judge how much people care about this issue. I also want to thank the fearless people who do what I do each day, not that I know of any besides Gina, my other Angel I've met that I thank God for. She helped me out when I went away last weekend, and she faces the same challenges as I do. She has also adopted my Charlie boy, and will be taking my Smokey, both pathetic creatures when they were trapped, but have turned out to be the sweetest companions. I can't wait for Gina's book to be published, and I will share the link with you as soon as I have it. Its amazing!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Plain

Rain rain rain... I am grateful for the rain for the fact that we haven't had it in quite a while, and I debated on getting out the sprinkler this weekend, but my hose is such a pain that I didn't, but my lawn and gardens did need it. What I dread about the rain is the fact that its so hard on the cats I feed, the worst would have to be Smokey #1 and the other that is hanging around there. There is a small lean to (wood board) against a building on Central and Goodman. I had a palace built for them, but the passersby keep tearing it down. People can be mean. Its tiny enough to only shelter a bowl of food and water. I have a towel under, but it gets soaked with the rain, so there goes any comfort and dryness for the already soaked, already flea infested babies. The second worst is the dirt lot that housed the torn down abandoned house that I rescued the newborn kittens in. The City has not landscaped it, so when it rains, I trudge through the mud to the back of the lot where there is a lean to under a tree. Thats where a sweet white with gray spotted kitty waits for me each morning, waiting to replace the ravaged bowls that the raccoon feasts from throughout the night. I think the mother of the newborns is still hanging around there also. I will say this again, and many more times, my dream is to build, or buy, a parcel of land and building to house these creatures, so that they can live out their lives in peace and happiness. With that luck, I would hire a veterinarian to care for them. So, I keep playing the lottery, and hoping against hope someone will read my blog or hear my story someday and dig into their pockets. Thats my wish, thats my dream.