Monday, October 2, 2017

Buy One, Get Five Free!

My morning started out not so good.  Or I should say, it started out good, until I got to Garson Avenue shelters.  As I opened up the board that covers shelters in the back (the shelters consists of two parts - one in the far back, and one in the front - both in the back of this lot).  Out ran a tiny grey kitten.  Then I saw another black kitten run out.  I then peered in to the tote on my left and saw this.

5 Kittens on Garson

I thought I would vomit.  I didn't know what to do.  Well, I knew what I SHOULD do, but I just wasn't equipped to do it.  Physically, or mentally.  I will try tomorrow.  But here is the situation:

I rescued Catty last Tuesday.  Catty is sick.  Catty has been extremely lethargic since Friday  morning when I left for work.  She is not moving much, but I do pick her up and feed her with syringe.  I've mixed baby food and water, and she did lap it up a bit from a bowl also.  I've had to put her in the litter box myself after I found she had soiled herself on the blanket she is lying on.   I am trying to get her into a vet today.  I am very worried about her.

So I KNOW the right thing to do here is to get those kittens, but am I ready for it?  I am not.  I am exhausted.  Will someone step up to foster them?  Uggg.  Gracie's remaining two kittens will be spayed and neutered this week, and brought to their new homes this coming weekend.  Gracie needs to be adopted.   Sebastian needs to be adopted.  And so does Jose, Fudgie and now Ginny.

Sunday morning, I was finally able to rescue the tortie kitten I mentioned thats been seen on Grand and Baldwin, where my shelters are.  I snuck up to the tote shelters she sleeps in, and I placed a few towels over into the opening, and tilted it upwards, and drove her home just like that until I let her out in the bathroom.  This was her then,

and this is her now.  Meet Ginny.  She is a DOLL.


Biggest owl eyes, ever.

Itsy and Bitsy went to their new home.  Its so hard to let them go.  Its hard to let any of them go. I just have to trust.

Itsy and Bitsy
Taco and his dads are getting into the 'spirit' of things for Halloween.  What do you think?  :)

Can you spot Taco?
Have a nice day.



  1. How old do you think the new 5 kittens are? Holy cow....

  2. I wish I could help! They are so darn cute. Praying you find a foster for them soon!