Friday, October 6, 2017


On warm mornings, the bugs are out.  I wear a headlamp (thanks Joel!) around my neck, and scrunch it around my chin when I am busy pouring food and water, in the dark, for all these cats in the hood, so that I can see!  I need to learn to close my mouth on warm mornings like this because there are these tiny bugs flying around and in they go, into my mouth.  GROSS!  One was stuck in my throat and I nearly gagged.  Not quite the sushi I typically eat.

I also ran into the Puerto Rican man, who seems to be around each day now, at 5 am. near Central and Second.  He seems nice, but I think he must think I am going to have money each day.  I never have it.  This morning, I was exasperated and said "every body wants something from me!"  You, the cats...  We had a laugh, I think he understood most of what I said.  I asked his name.  Junior.  I told him mine.  He repeated it.  He also took his fist and pumped it against his chest, over his heart.  Sweet.  I think he means well.  I leave him nearly daily feeling bad for him.  He's quiet, and needs something, I just don't know what.

Yesterday, I had six kittens to bring in to the clinic for spay/neuter.  Jose, I am told, needed two incisions.  I need further clarification, as I received a message on voice mail about it, but could he possibly be a male AND a female???  I need to find out!  This is rare, I am sure!  I was also charged for both!  Stay tuned.

The other kittens, Sammy, Lulu, Ellis, Harley and Chip were done also.  Harley, Chip and Lulu were picked up in the evening, and Sammy and Ellis hung out on the porch with Sergio, Scooter and Tito! 

Chippy has been sick all week, and I am waiting to call the vet to ask why he is still not good.  His ulcers on his tongue must not be going away as he is not grooming, and the saliva smells.  His appetite was good during the week, but he didn't eat his breakfast.  He is lonely having to stay in the room by himself, and I feel so bad about that.  He does not feel good, you can just tell.

I've also lost my zing I think.  I think its the stress of new kittens.  IT could also be that Ginny, the beautiful Tortie, has an enlarged belly.  I treated her for worms, and fleas, but its still enlarged.  Her foster mom is going to bring her to vet next week and have it checked out.  All I can think of, in the back of my mind, is FIP.  FIP is a deadly disease, and affects cats when they are very young, like Ginny is.  Lets pray this isn't it.  Her spay is scheduled for the following Thursday. 

We need to get all these babies adopted so that I can grab more from the streets. 





Have a great day.

"Make the best of what you have."


  1. Hi Janine,
    It is possible, although quite rare, for an animal to have the sex organs of both genders. It is more likely that Jose had an undescended testicle, and they had to make an abdominal incision to get that one. Poor boy! Love to you and the kitties
    Kathy M.

  2. Hi J !
    1. Your welcome !
    2. I agree with Kathy - Jose probably had an undescended testicle and they had to go huntin for that sucker ....

    1. Aw, I'll be praying for Ginny's tummy. Hopefully, it's just worms, or maybe she eats too much at a time?