Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Happy Hump Day!


I have decided to change Scooter's name to Tobey.  I originally thought Scooter was a girl, so named her Sabrina, and then changed to Scooter when I found out it was a male!  I am changing his name to Tobey to honor someone who's immortal soul has passed from this earth, but whose spirit lives on in her love for animals.  She was a good friend/bridge partner of a kind man that I worked with at a law firm many years ago, who recently made a generous donation in her honor.  His friend, Lydia was 94 years old, and her daughter, after hearing about my friend's donation to my rescue in her mom's honor, wrote him, and the following is an excerpt:
          “As for helping feral cats, you’ve no doubt heard of the feral cat that
came to Mom and Dad’s house, beautiful orange and white Tobey, who was
fed and coaxed and who became a beloved pet. Dad took such good care
of Tobey, even building him a heated little house in the garage to
keep him snug in winter. He followed Dad around like a puppy and spent
many happy moments on Dad’s lap enjoying being showered with
affection.   You are correct that Mom would fully support the efforts
of Janine. Janine is obviously an angel savior to the cats she cares
for and Mom would be happy to know there is support for her in Mom’s
name.  Thank you for considering that as a way to remember Mom.”

Scooter looks more like a Tobey than he does a Scooter.  So I will save Scooter for a kitten that suits the name better.  Tobey is the spirited one of the bunch.  I rescued him and his two brothers Sergio and Tito, from Garson Avenue in the early morning hours late last week.  I rescued his brother and sister just yesterday morning - Izzy and Ike.  I hope that Lydia is looking down from heaven, and approves of this kitten named Tobey.

After they had a flea bath by my friend Val yesterday, and the deworming medicine I gave them when I got home from work, I reunited them this morning on the porch.  Five little baby kittens.  ADORABLE.  It was like a week had not even passed since they last saw each other.  In fact, I put them all together in a tote bag, and not a peep was made.  I peeked out at them later, after I let them loose, and they were all playing together, running around, acting excited!  I will be getting different colored collars for them this weekend so that I can identify them, as they are nearly identical.  All are grey except for a dark colored Tiger, Ike.  I will then get pics of each so that they can be posted to my website, and AdoptaPet, for future families awaiting them!

I hope and pray each day before I head out in the wee hours of the morning that I don't find more kittens.  Unfortunately, I did see their remaining sibling on top of a garage this morning, at my shelter there, an all black little one, on Garson Avenue.  I must trap him.  I must get that little one.  That would be six kittens all together.  I MUST spay Mom!

Brownie and Tiggy - I received this update from their new mom yesterday:  "They are fat, playful, energetic, lovable- everything I could have asked for plus more!! And....turns out Rosie (aka Brownie) is the alpha. She always eats first (dry food) and Sammy waits until its her turn...never would I have thought that! "

BROWNIE a/k/a Rosie

TIGGY!  a/k/a Sammy

Have a great day!

"Kindness is free.
Sprinkle that stuff everywhere."


  1. Hey Janine, I've been reading your blog for almost a year now, and you are a true hero to me. I wish there were more kind souls like you around. It's people like you that keep my faith in humanity. Keep up the great work, and may great fortune smile on you and yours. :)

  2. Janine,
    I emailed you about a week ago! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you and the kitties out!