Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Is It Over Yet?

The moon was spectacular this morning.    While most of you are sleeping, I am seeing the most beautiful skies when the moon is out.  Is it the harvest moon?  Neil Young.  Love that song.

I was able to get the older kitten I mistakenly trapped yesterday morning on Garson, when I was trying to get the remaining two baby kittens, into the clinic yesterday.  Turned out to be a girl, so she was spayed and ear tipped.  And young.  I felt very bad about that.  People asked me questions about her on Facebook.  I gave them answers.  I know that if you took the animal in for ‘fostering,’ under my name, that kitten would most likely not be adoptable because it would be fearful forever.  You can eventually socialize a cat that is about six months old, but not fully.  I know this, from experience.  The other issue is that if you are concerned about that kitten being put back on the street, here is what you should do:  Tell me you want to take it, that you will pick it up, that you will care for it until whenever.  I feel bad enough, certainly when there are outstanding questions, and I have to go to bed, and by the time I can answer, its 2 am. and you are sleeping.  And I have to return that animal to the street when I go out that morning, at 4 am., in the dark, because I don’t want people seeing me putting a cat back on the street from a trap.  Its heart wrenching to do this in the first place.  Ginger was crying while placing her in the Jeep this morning.  I touched her through the cage.  I know people mean well, but if you are that concerned, tell me straight away so that we can do something.

Again, I can only do so much.  I am only one person, but at least I am doing SOMEthing.  At least she will not be pregnant in a month, and have more kittens.

Pictures from this morning:  

Kitty I feed behind public market on Pennsylvania and Niagara

Niagara Kitties (behind Rochester Clutch and Brake)

The wooden board is all they have to cover their food now that the
bastard new owner took their shelter

Speaking of kittens, all three – Tito, Sergio, and SERENA, are boys!  I am still trying to come up with a GREAT name for SERENA.  J  Thank you to my friend Val for coming over yesterday while I was at work and bathing them (and sexing them!) (wait, did that sound right???).  They were full of fleas.  I put the tiniest of drops of advantage that I could on their neck to get rid of any remaining.  They are fearful, but adorable.  I snuggled with each of them individually this morning.  They were in awe of how big the living room was, the television with its glare, the big cats eyeing them, and George licking each one.  I am not good at socializing kitties, I just don’t have to time.  My friend Melissa, who is the guru of it, has little Ginny she is caring for, so I must figure this out.  In the meantime, they are with me, and I will give them as much attention and love as I can.

SERENA (who is a boy!)


Wishlist:  Advantage Flea Control.  I would love revolution but would need a prescription for it.  Not only would a nice supply help with the rescues, but I could treat those on the street that allow me to touch them.  What relief they would have if they could get rid of some of the bugs crawling on their skin.  Some of them scratch so bad when I see them.

Catty is getting better – the vet visit – which cost me another $100+ on Monday, concluded with him possibly having a form of calcivirus (?) and send me home with appetite stimulant and pain meds.  He had ulcers on his little tongue, and had lost a pound since the last Tuesday when he was trapped and neutered.  He has someone coming to meet him today.  Fingers crossed it’s a good match, and more importantly, that he get better. 

Sebastian is still wishing he had a permanent home, as well as Gracie.  Both her remaining kittens were dropped off this morning for their surgery tomorrow.  Sammy and Ellis.  Both will be going to their new homes this weekend.  Gracie will be heartbroken as well without any babies to care for.  I am worried about her.  Any suggestions?  She’s been hissing and going after the other adults, but she will need to get over that quickly.

The fundraiser is almost a month away.  We have a great band, great food, booze, and hopefully will get some great gifts to give away via raffle, and great gift baskets to win.  I am putting out a call to order (huh?) for gift cards and gift baskets from anyone that wants to help the cats on the streets.  Without me in the Beechwood section, they would starve, and suffer more than they do.

Lastly, I pulled up to my spot on Melville, Melville #3 where I just rescued Martie, the all white cat from - and the man next door, who moved my shelters to the middle of the lot the day before - obviously trying to tell me something - removed the shelters altogether that I had placed in a different spot away from his property, ON CITY PROPERTY.  Gone.  Two Styrofoam totes that Sunday Sheryl lovingly made.    Really?  I want to leave a note saying:  Would Jesus do this?  Seriously, does this man go to church?  How can someone steal a tiny little box that obviously is the only thing in the world that a homeless cat could use for shelter and peaceful sleep.  HOW???  I just don't understand it.  It not only saddens me for the loss of the shelters, but for the EXTRA SNEAKING I now have to do to help these cats.  I need to figure something out before the weather gets ugly.  Even before it rains.  I hate this.

Have a nice day.

"Have compassion for those
who show you unkindness...
their real enemy lies within."


  1. Hey J !
    Serena could become - STEFANO (steph-A-NO) ?

  2. How about LUIGI?