Tuesday, October 10, 2017

TNR Tuesday!

Today I was allowed one spot at the clinic.  After freeing the poor grey boy that was in my trap overnight on my porch, who didn't eat a thing by the way, I set a trap at that same spot.  There are so many new cats there.   This is where kittens - older - are too.  I then went to Garson and set another trap there, hoping to get the mother of all these kittens - I think so far I've rescued...   14 kittens since summer there.  I then did my rounds, went back to check on trap on Parsells, there were two kitties...  this one...

Matilda - TNR - Parsells
and another with its ear already tipped.  I carefully maneuvered the opening of the trap, keeping the uneartipped kitty occupied with my finger above it, and released the eartipped one ever so quickly shutting the door on the newbie.  

I then drove back to Garson and inside that one was another already eartipped kitty.  I thought they were too smart to go back into a trap!   Maybe too hungry not to.  Disappointed, I will continue to place a kitten trap as I know the black kitten is still there, hiding.  I don't have another appointment scheduled until mid-November, which is VERY disappointing, because of these mothers that are at three locations that I know of - Parsells #2, and Parsells #3 and Garson. 

In the meantime, the new kittens, Izzy and Ike, are adorable little flea bags.  My friend Val will go over again today and give them a bath, just like she did with the first three, their siblings, Sergio, Scooter and Tito.  All are ADORABLE.  I will then deworm and deflea again with Advantage, and then reunite them all together.  I then must figure out what to do with them to get them socialized and not hiding.  Although the first three are doing much better on the porch.

I received a message from the girl that adopted Popcorn, who is now renamed Snowey.  Popcorn was another rescue from Parsells earlier this year.

Snowey started to lose his appetite a few weeks ago and so I brought him to the Vet and they did an ultra sound and found multiple tumors in his intestines. The Vet told me there was very little hope but prescribed prednisone with some rare possibility of shrinking the tumors and possibly increasing Snowey's appetite. I am so heart broken. My beautiful loving Snowey who slept by me every night now sleeps in the hallway upstairs. He still comes downstairs to eat a little and drink water and use the litter. I moved the water upstairs. I'm just heart broken that he may not make it...

Heartbreaking news, but she last reported:  Hi Janine, when they did the ultrasound, the Vet found multiple tumors on his intestines. However, the Vet gave Snowey Predisone steroid and stating it might help temporarily shrink the tumors and increase appetite. Well, it's working. I'm praying that it is not temporary but I'll take this for now.

I am just so glad I got him off the streets, and into a loving home.  So, prayers for Popcorn.  And all the other little babies out there that are suffering from something or other.

Have a great day!


  1. Rebecca - I think you meant to post that someplace else ...
    Very, very sad to hear about Snowy (popcorn)
    He was one of my favorite recue/adoptions. I hope PRINGLES is doing well - he is my all time favorite !
    Saying prayers for Snowey ....

  2. I remember Popcorn! I'm praying that he continues to heal with the Prednisone. I think that intestinal cancer in cats can often be effectively treated with chemo and that cats tolerate it quite well. Hope this is the case for Snowey!