Monday, October 9, 2017

TNR Monday!

So today I was allotted THREE spots at the clinic.  Well, I got three, but two are WAY less than a pound!  I got two kittens for the price of one this a.m. on Garson, where I set a large trap (for the mother cat), and another trap for what I thought were the two remaining kittens - one black, one tiger.  Turns out there were three more after the three I rescued last week!  When handleable, they will join their bratty brothers, Scooter, Sergio and Tito.  I will explain soon about why they are so bratty.

I set a trap on Parsells #1 and then another on Parsells #2.  Then swung over to Garson where I set a baby trap, and a large trap.  Went to do some feedings, and then to check on the first trap.  I got a black kitty that I TNR'd a few weeks ago.  Let that poor thing out.  The newspaper and food inside were all disheveled, and I knew no other kitties would go in there too soon after seeing the trauma this other guy was in by being caught.  Then down to the second trap, and VOILA!  Big Daddy.  A large grey male, I am pretty certain.  Another baby maker will be neutered!


Then to Garson to check those traps.  There in the large carrier were these two rascals.   Meet Izzy (Isabella) and Ike!  Yes, I am pretty certain Izzy is a girl! 


Not to mention, the rain came down in BUCKETS.  I have a rain poncho that Sunday Sheryl was kind enough to bring to me, but its NOT WATERPROOF!  I was soaked from head, to toe.  What a miserable feeling it is - especially when you PAID a LOT OF MONEY to have your hair straightened (for the hospital Gala mostly -  I had to work registration for it Saturday night at the convention center) and its now kinky and wild (and no, that's NOT a good thing in this respect.  :))  I had on an old lady plastic bonnet to boot, but still, the hair was soaked.  I had to get in and out in the pouring rain 20 or so times!  Each time, more soaked than the next!  I am listening to it now, and its still coming down in BUCKETS.  Thank God, the few spots that my shelters are either trashed, or I've been asked to leave and not feed there,(which I won't because there are kittens there) I have placed a lean-to board so that the food won't get wet.  I HATE RAIN.  Its worse than snow in my opinion.  I LOVE it all, looking out from my own shelter, but when it comes to the animals that have no choice to be outdoors, it SUCKS!


Another 'highlight' of my weekend was on Saturday morning.  My mother, Kings and the rest of the fam got to take a nice long weekend in the Adirondacks, while I stayed on to 'man the farm.'  (is that the right terminology?)  I came back home after feeding my mothers cats, and started to look around for the three kittens - Sergio, Scooter and Tito - that I had on the porch, and I could only find ONE KITTEN.  I have a couple of gates that my friend's husband makes, and one of the gates the slats are wider than the other.  Yes.  Wide enough for the kittens to fit through.  I flipped out though, thinking they had gotten outside.  I had no clue they could fit through the slats.  So I went through hell until yesterday when one was caught, and then this morning the other.  And I mean hell.  Its a horrible feeling knowing these tiny babies are missing.  HORRIBLE.   I HATE KITTENS!  ha.  I just mean, they are a lot of work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I delivered the last two of Gracie's babies this weekend also.  Sammy was delivered on Saturday to a wonderful family in Hilton, and Ellis was brought to her new home in the southwedge.  I know they will be loved and cared for, but it was very hard to let them go.  Its like handing your baby over to a stranger.  Even though hopefully none of my adopters will be strangers any more to me.  I am hoping I will get regular updates, as I do from most.

Thats it.  It wasn't much of a weekend for me, nor good, as I was filled with worry and despair.  And it was a workday Saturday, really.  I could not relax like I like to (with my Tito's and club soda).  I am looking forward to the coming weekend, for sure.  Maybe a little haunted house fun?

Have a great day!

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  1. That is the worst feeling ever! Gxir and Kokanee used to get "lost" all the time. I'm glad Pumpkin and Charley don't hide in closets or burrow between bed pillows. They have other ways to torment me. Ha! :D

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