Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Gotcha Gotcha Gotcha!

Uggg.  Here we go again.

So this morning, with towels in hand, I did exactly what I did on Sunday morning when I rescued Ginny.  I plugged the hole of the tote shelter with a towel, knowing kittens were in there, and pulled the tote from under the board, tipped the tote upwards with towel covering opening, and drove home to let them out in the bathroom.  THEY meaning the three kittens I just rescued this morning from Garson Avenue.  Unfortunately, as I peeped in at them before I pulled out the tote, I saw only three.  There are five.  Not sure where the others went.  I also think I saw mom, who was under the boards also, peering at me.  I think she was upset about her babies.   I set a kitten trap hoping to get the other two while I drove back home with the three.   I had to go back after dropping the kittens off in my bathroom to replace the shelter and place food and water down for the others.  Inside the trap was an older kitten that was unneutered.  I couldn't just let it out.  It - Ginger - will be going into the clinic this morning for spay/neuter.  Just a kitten her/himself, but I must let it back out tomorrow morning.  I am sure its feral.  :(

Ginger from Garson
And then there is Mom.  I must get her spayed.  I don't have spots at the clinic again until Monday and Tuesday, and then none again until November and I only have three spots then.  I must trap there, and on Parsells where I am still feeding the other three older kittens, and the unspayed fluffy mom.  Saw another beautiful uneartipped grey fluffy male this morning.  Must be the daddy.

SERGIO! (pronounced 'sayer gee oh')


TITO!  (yes, my favorite vodka!)

This is the second batch of kittens since I rescued Brownie, Fudgie and Chip earlier this year.  Speaking of Chip.  Look at this little rascal in his new home.

The Chipster!

And here is a pic I took of Fudgie just this morning, and JOSE!.  Brownie, well, he is in his new home and I haven't seen a new picture of her lately, but she looks just like Brownie, last time I checked.



There are a lot of folks out there that just don't like me - just this morning, on Melville #3, the man next door must have moved my stuff that was leaning on the side of his garage.  It was a board that covers the dishes when it rains.  I had also placed two Styrofoam shelters near it. It was no where near his sight, behind the heavy tall wooden fence he built around his property, but he must have felt it was in his way.  John was his name. I thought he was a nice man.  I moved it just down a bit, hoping it will be there in its new spot tomorrow.  I am a determined woman.  As long as there are homeless starving cats, and as long as I can walk, I will continue to care for them.  As the late Tom Petty would say, I won't back down.

Have a good day.

"The beauty of the soul shines out when a man bears with composure one heavy mischance after another, not because he does not feel them, but because he is a man of high and heroic temper."

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