Thursday, August 31, 2017

Another One Bites the Dust!

Rain rain rain.  I had a good harvest of tomatoes this year because of it, but I don't like it when its raining when I do my rounds in the morning.  Not only a bad hair day for me, but at some of my locations, the bowls of food are under a tree, and if it pours, the food gets wet.  I saw so many cats out there this morning.  In the darkness, you can see the eyes illuminating from the flashlight.  You can count how many are out there.  Not just the ones that come right up to me, but the ones hiding further away.

So over the weekend I met a woman who has been in the rescue business for a long time, mostly working with Habitat for Cats. She had reached out to me after seeing the kitten I have on AdoptaPet website and found Nugget. Her son was looking for a companion for his nine year old cat.  They came over to meet Nugget - love at first sight of course - and I wound up telling her what I do, and about the kitten that I had seen but could not catch yesterday morning.  She offered to try to trap it Wednesday morning.  In the meantime, Kristin read the blog and offered to go there with her husband and try for the baby.  They saw, but no luck.  Patti drove in all the way from Livonia Wednesday morning, had geri rigged her own drop trap, which she is offering to anyone who wants it, set the trap in the parking lot of the business, and got the kitten!  Meet Baby Red #2!  Harvey's much bigger brother.  I believe Harvey was a runt born to his mom.   Thank you Patti!  I could not have done it without you.  The little one is a smart one, he caught on that these great big bad humans were try to catch him and was bound and determined not to let them!

Harvey and Huey REUNITED!  Kristin has 'custody' of them both and has brought both to her vet in Churchville.  Their eyes are being treated (total of six vet visits between them both - I had them in four times, Kristin twice!) and we are praying they can see with sparkling eyes someday soon.

Kristin and I just named him Huey.  Short for Houston.  Harvey and Huey, sittin' in a tree... K I S S I N G, first comes love, then comes marriage, then NO MORE BABIES in the baby carriage!  :)

My babies Daisy and Paisley are being spayed today, as is Gracie, and Gizmo!  Daisy and Paisley will be adopted on Friday, if all goes well.  SO EXCITED!  I've never had a pair of kittens that purr constantly, and just love to be held and snuggled.  I hope the potential adopter knows how lucky she is getting.


Greeley is the sweetest, most kindest gentle soul.  Whoever adopts her is going to be lucky as well.

Babies say 'good night'!

Updated photo of Ernie, who was adopted out about three weeks ago.  We both love his new mom!  Ernie is well fed, well loved.  Here he is with his new brother!

Tomorrow I have the day off, thank GOD.  I will be delivering Chip to his new home, along with Daisy and Paisley to theirs.  In a few weeks, off goes Harley, the first of Gracie's kids.  I have to say, its been a really tough kitten season.  There are so many unaltered cats on the streets of Rochester.  I keep saying it:  If I had the help, and traps were set five days a week, and free/low-cost vet appointments were set in place to spay/neuter at least two cats each day, the population would be dramatically reduced within months.  We need to figure out this problem Rochester.

In the meantime, enjoy your day!

"Use your voice for
kindness, your ears for
compassion, your hands
for charity, your mind
for truth, and your
Heart for Love."

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