Tuesday, August 8, 2017

TNR Tuesday/TACO Tuesday!

I trapped these two angels this morning.


The black and white hangs out at my second Parsells stop.  Last year, when I was still feeding on the porch next door (I am now feeding under the bushes of a house because the new owner of the STILL vacant house trashed all my shelters and told me I could not feed there anymore), this cat had a litter – I could tell, and I had planned on getting her at some point, but didn’t see her again.  She’s been spotted, and I quickly grabbed her and placed her in carrier after I had already placed my two traps at other locations.  One of those locations was where the very pregnant cats WAS, but has not been seen since I’ve tried trapping there since Saturday.   Speaking of the second Parsells location, the tenants were trying to move a couch into the upstairs apartment as I pulled up.  I got out and lent a hand.  They have been kind enough to not tell me to stop feeding the cats, and they are very nice people.  A mother, son and daughter.

At the one location where I set the other trap, where I TNR’d the very lactating female last week (she had lost the milk by then), there was a young man on the porch next door (its 4 am!) sitting looking at his phone.  I greeted him, told him I was setting a trap.  He said it was cool.  I asked him if he knew about any kittens around there because of the female recently having had kittens.  He pointed to the house next door and said probably over there.  I then asked him his name.  OMAR.  I then said would you mind calling me when you hear a slam of the trap door?  He was more than happy to help me.  I drove off, and after a while didn’t hear from him.  Drove back, the little buggers (there were at least three cats around) got in the trap, ate the tuna, and didn’t set the trap off.  I refilled with tuna, and drove off.  Came back later, and it was the same kitty mama I had done last week.  Done with that.  Set it at Garson just up the street, went to check on Parsells, BLAM.  Got the red and white kitty.  Big Daddy I call him.  He must have impregnated every female on that block.  So I had GINA in the carrier, and Big Daddy in the trap.  Raced back to Garson to shut the trap, as I only have two spots at the clinic each Tuesday.  $120 today.  And every week.  This is an expensive passion.

Speaking of passion, Taco is also going in for his neuter this morning.  Prayers for that little guy.

That’s it for now.  Have a great day!

"I savor each moment, because I do not know
exactly when a heavy gust or breeze might blow.
Should it be today, I'll shed my sorrow in a tear
while my courage battles the uncertainty I fear.

Dreadful emotions, for which I can't prepare,
will likely taunt me with sporadic despair,
but I'll be patient amid the highs and lows
for that is the process by which grieving goes.

I will accept my fate in spite of the stress and strain,
ignoring should'ves, could'ves, would'ves to rid my pain,
as will the sun's radiance on my thirsty skin
restore in due time my contented grin."


  1. Who the hell is moving a COUCH at 4:30 AM ?
    Praying for Taco !
    Cutest kitten this year !