Monday, August 14, 2017


(CLICK on Pics to see up close!)

Look who I trapped this morning!  This little itty bitty thing.  Saturday morning, at 4:30 am., Sunday Sheryl caught a glimpse of this little thing under a porch next door to where I feed at my first Parsells location.  I patiently waited and tried to coax it, but it wouldn’t go for it.  Sunday, by myself, I did look around, but didn’t spot it.  This morning, I last minute threw in a kitten carrier.  Set it, and lo and behold, meet Nugget.  He is about 7 weeks old.  Scared, but not feral.  He could have been in another week or so.  Purred the second I got him out of trap.  Hungry.  I will have to bathe him, deflea and deworm him when I get home so that I can let him out with the other ‘kids’ on the porch in a few days.

Itsy, Bitsy, Ernie (aka Ernestine) and Happy (aka Stanley) were adopted out this weekend.  Itsy and Bitsy will be with me until October 1st when their new mom gets her new apartment.  I can’t tell you, I’ve really hit my lucky stars when it comes to adopters. Just the best of the best!  I am thrilled with their new homes, and parents that love them.  A nice couple came over to meet Chip on Saturday, and fell in love! 

That leaves Chippie, Daisy, Paisley, and Gracie with her SIX kittens.  Look at these precious angels!  All available for adoption soon!

Kristin totaled up my numbers for this year so far.  As of yesterday, I have rescued 88 cats and kittens since January.  I’ve TNR’d 31.  That means preventing cats having kittens 31 times by trapping them, getting them neutered, and releasing them.  WHICH I hate to put a cat back on the street, but in these cases, it had to be done.  I try to rescue who I can.  They lead miserable short pain-filled lives on the streets.  If anyone wants to dispute that fact, come on out with me and see what I see every day.  Come see what I saw Saturday morning on Seventh.  Come see the cats I wrap in towels and place aside in a bush after scraping their bodies off the road, one just the morning, the second one in two weeks.

Please keep my fundraiser in mind.  I need all the help I can get, but plus, it will be a lot of fun! Raffle items, live music, food, wine and beer, how can it get any better?  :)

Thanks and have a great day!

“Perseverance and strength of character will enable us to bear much worse things.”


  1. I am happily surprised little Nugget went into the trap. Great job on Sheryl spotting him and you trapping him!! Add him to the kitten salad at your place :)

  2. I'm so glad you were able to save that cute little Nugget! Those babies of Gracie are just adorable, too. Aw man, I want a kitten salad! It sounds really healthy and adorable. Ha!