Friday, August 4, 2017


Tough morning out there.  SO HUMID!  I did see the hugely pregnant kitty on Parsells.  She gets so close, she is so hungry.  I just wish it was Tuesday and I could set a trap.  If someone gave me the go ahead to set the trap tomorrow, and I got her, I would have to have the person willing to take her be up at that ungodly hour ready to take her.  She would be very scared, and would have to be parceled into a small area where she can't escape, and you would have to be willing to go the long haul with her, and her babies.  Otherwise, its a sad sad thing if she gives birth outside before I can set the trap Tuesday to take her to the clinic.  I just see so much heartache.

I leave today with hopes that we will begin to have some adoptions for the little ones left in my care.  We have Happy (Stanley), Taco (still not sure about adopter!), Fudgie and Chippie, Itsy and Bitsy, Daisy and Paisley, Chip and Ernie/Ernestine.




HAPPY aka Stanley






And lets not forget Gracie with her six children - names and sex yet to be determined!  :)

We must get them adopted so that I can rescue the real stars, the adults on the streets!  So many sweet cats out there waiting for me to help them.

Have a great day!

"To my Cat:

I will never move & not take you with me.
I will never put you in a shelter & leave.
I will never let you starve.
I will never let you hurt.
I will never desert you when you get old.
Nor will I leave you when you go blind.
If that time comes I will be there to hold you.
Because I love you & you are FAMILY."

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  1. To MY cats :

    I love coming home from a hard day at work and there you are. stretching your big paws in a fan shape out in front of you, showing off your teeth in a fierce lions roar.

    I love holding you close to my face, feeling your body heat radiate off your ear cups and head onto my cheeks.

    I love watching your eyes get soooo big when you get the crazies, and then jetting off down the hall with a thunderous roar of little cat feet pounding along on our wood floors.

    I love how you sit and watch us so intently as we prepare your food at meal times.

    I love how you include me in your bath time, licking my hands with your sandpapery little tongue.

    I love how your fur glistens in the sun as it gently waves in the vagaries of the breeze.

    I have never had children, but I dont mind so much.
    I have you.

    Love you Leo
    Love you Shelby

    ... Love joel