Thursday, August 24, 2017


I have a spreadsheet on the kittens I've had under my rescue since April of this year. 44!  Can you believe it?  44!     Did I mention how I never want to see another kitten again?

Thank you to everyone that contributed toward the care of the baby kitten I rescued from hell yesterday.  The poor little guy went to the vet, along with Gracie, and her six kittens.  To the tune of $350.  On my way home, I stopped at Petco for MORE kitten food.  KaCHING.  Another $60.  There is certainly a lot of money spent on these kittens.  The adoption fee is so minimal.  No wonder I'm in DEBT, even though I've adopted out nearly all of the 44 kittens.

I scoped out the spot this morning that I rescued Kris from, but I didn't see other kittens HIS AGE.  I did, however, see a red kitten that looks like it was born a month earlier though.  Just sad.  I also saw the kittens on Garson this morning.  It will just continue to get worse, unless I get some help with trapping (but have to have the appointments first).  And that doesn’t seem likely as I’ve been asking for help for years now.  At each one of my locations, there are cats that need to be spayed and neutered.  Each one.  And I just can’t do it all by myself.  Although I have to remember, I can do one at a time.   It’s all I can do.  I am helping just one each time.  

 "Kris" (is a boy, I originally thought a girl and named HER Krissy!) was prescribed Tobramycin eye drops.  This morning, his eyes were looking worse than yesterday.  I have been trying warm compresses.  I used the drops this morning.  Within a matter of minutes, his eyes have pretty much shut this morning.  Calling another vet to get him in.  You can't mess around when it comes to eyes.  I've done right and wrong in the past, and I don't want to repeat wrong.

So a girl reached out with interest in adopting two of my little ones, Daisy and Paisley.  She told me the story of how she lost a baby kitten recently to distemper.  She’s a sweet girl, but obviously very leery about distemper.  She never wants it to happen again.  She is questioning if her house is safe to bring in a little one, and wants to make sure the kittens are double dosed with distemper shots.  Any advice out there on distemper, which I know nothing about?

Also to note, Gracie and her kittens also went to the vet yesterday and their sexes were finally determine!

Yawnie is a ………..  BOY!
River is a …………… BOY!
LuLu is a ………….GIRL! (guessed that right!)
Ellis is a ………. GIRL!
Sammy is a …………BOY!
Harley is a …………BOY!

Boy boy girl girl boy boy.  That sounds kind of neat!  J 

They were all dewormed, defleaed and I am now just waiting on their surgery dates and they are GOOD to GO!  J

Gracie is the SWEETEST!  And so is our Greeley, just the sweetest prettiest girl as well.



Lets get them all adopted!

PS, the cop that took the machete the other morning from me, he stopped as I was coming out of that exact spot, and rolled down his window and yelled 'no more machetes!'.  We had a laugh.  I told him that was not the first machete I have ever found.  I mentioned the drugs, knives, and other machete I've come across.  I said 'yes, this is an exciting thing I do!'.  :)  We had a laugh. 

Have a great day!

"Stop looking for happiness
in the same place you lost it."


  1. 44 !
    Damn ! Thats a lot of kittens !
    Thanks as always for what you do !
    Would you mind repeating what kind of help you need for trapping ?
    Maybe a new reader to the blog doesnt know you need help !
    Please repeat the details of what you need !