Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Out of Order

I am out of commission today.  A lot going on in my life right now.  I wish I could put it all into words.  But I can't.

A few housekeeping things though...  So my 4th! (can you believe it?) Fundraiser - Meow and Chow - is set - see flier below.  I hope you can all make it.  Would love gift baskets for raffle, if anyone has any creative bones in their body.   Other items - wine, bottles of booze.  I am sure Kristin or a few others could elaborate on this...    Essentially things that you yourself would like to win!  Again today, I've run out of food to feed the 100 cats or so in the morning.  I could always use dry cat food, have a surplus of wet right now.

I cannot send out blast emails from work address any longer, and working on another solution with a GMAIL account to send from.  In the meantime. I hope you all are computer savvy enough to save this blog link so that it pops up and reminds you each day to read it.  It can be very boring most times, but just in case, you will have the link to check it out.

I did set Big Daddy and Gina free this morning after a long night on the porch in traps.  No more babies for Gina, and no more making babies for Big Daddy.  I have to hold off on TNR's for now my bill is so astronomical at the clinic.

Have yourself a wonderful day.


  1. What happened J ?
    Need any help ?
    For those attending the Meow and Chow and are readers of the blog - good news !
    After discussing with Janine and Kris the go ahead has been given for me to sell copies of a book of my cat stories (which appear right here in this blog from time to time)at the Meow and Chow this year !
    I will hopefully be at Sue Millers tables with copies of my little book for sale at a very reasonable price.
    Proceeds of all sales will be donated to Janine.
    I will personally sign each copy sold.
    Cool !

    1. Joel, Ivwant 2 copies of your book (at least 2) do please save them for me. Thanks--ME GOODELL

  2. A dear and wonderful friend directed me to your site and fundraiser. I would be interested in donating a pampering basket with items frtom Perfectly Posh. I'm Independent Consultant. I would also be interested in chatting about maybe setting up an online fundraiser.