Monday, August 28, 2017

Monday Blahs

Saturday Cooking...  Peach Pie and Tomatillo Salsa Verde
So Friday, after posting, I received a note from the property owner on Parsells who, Lord knows how, found me on Facebook.  After a bit of back and forth, he agreed to allow me to continue to feed on his property.  There are so many cats there.  I will continue to trap as best as I can.  This morning, I saw another TINY baby.  Harvey, aka Krissy aka Kris is doing a little better, and went to the vet for the third time because of his eyes.  Kristin and her husband Darrin are fostering him for a little bit until she goes back to school  She’s a teacher.   I didn’t get a look at this new kitten’s face, so I don’t know what shape its in.  I just know it’s a tiny kitten.  I am sick over it.

Saturday all the kittens that Gracie from Garson had – all six – came over with Sunday Sheryl before doing my rounds at 4:30 am. and spent the day and night on the porch, with their momma Gracie.  I had several people stop by to meet and greet, and all five out of six have found new homes!  There are two pairs of each that will go together, the lonely one is Ellis, who will join a big brother.  Sammy is the only one left.  I also had someone come over to meet Daisy and Paisley, and as of today, she would like to adopt them both!  And I have someone very much in ‘like’ with Nugget, and they will be stopping over this week to meet up with him.  So who do we have left?


Sunday morning, more sadness for me.  I rounded the corner coming from feeding on Baldwin, to go to my Garson spot, and I saw lights in a house on the corner where a woman named Phyllis lives.  I knew she had been sick, was diagnosed with cancer, and was in and out of hospital.  She originally reached out to me years ago after reading about me from the newspaper article.  I visited with Phyllis over the years, she loved cats.  She needed help trapping a pregnant cat, and a girl named Diane helped her out with that.  I brought her a few shelters for her porch, and occasionally made a casserole for her, as she was a shut-in.  And a lonely one at that.  Not much family.  Kind kind kind woman.  I stopped, as I saw a car backing in the driveway – I was wondering what was up.  I got out, waved, introduced myself as a man and woman got out of the car, and they said they were from Harris.  I knew immediately – Harris Funeral Home.  Yes, Phyllis passed at 3 am. – just a few hours before I stopped.  I immediately burst into tears, remembering how I SHOULD have gone up to hospital to see her, or sent her a kind note, but I didn’t.  Her nephew was in the doorway and came out, knowing who I was as Phyllis had mentioned me.  We hugged, cried, and it was just a very sad moment for me.  I drove off somberly and parked to do my next spot just up the road.  Finished up in back of this empty lot, and there stood this black dude by the street in front of my truck.  I asked whats up, and he went on to say that I needed to stop feeding there.  He didn’t like it.  We had a loud heated conversation, I was very upset about Phyllis and this ASS had the nerve to confront me at that moment.  I told him he was ignorant because he didn’t care about the fact that I was trapping and neutering cats there, rescuing them.  He just didn’t like that I was doing it.   I didn’t see him today, hopefully he will simmer down – I think he might have just gotten home from a night of drinking or something.  He smelled like booze.  That was all I needed.  It bothered me so bad.  It was all I could do not to turn around, knock in his door, and knock his teeth in.  Although everyone knows I am not a violent person.  But in my mind I am.  

Sorry for the not-so-upbeat post today.  Just so much adversity and sadness in my mornings these days.

Baby Taco with his new dads!
Have a great day!

 “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

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  1. She knew you cared Janine.. she knew