Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hump De Dump

Each morning, I slip a pill into some food for an old red cat on Parsells... he is one of the few remaining since a big rehoming I had to do for at least 15 cats after someone bought an abandoned house I had been feeding and sheltering these cats on, and told me to get my stuff out of there.  This one cat remains and is there each day, as I pour the food and water down next door under the bushes at the neighboring house.  Thank God I have not had problems ... yet.  With whoever lives there - there are two apartments within this house - and whoever owns the place. (someone mows weekly, but has not disturbed the shelters boards and bowls under the bushes).  The cat though, has seen better days.  He's always looked like he had some type of illness... just sickly looking.  Eye drainage etc.  I decided to start treating him with Doxy, and have been hiding it in the dollop of wet food I leave on top of the dry.  I know he will eat it because he loves the wet.  I have to thank an old friend for this.  Even though she and I don't see eye to eye much, she still cares enough for the cats to provide this essential medicine to help these cats that you can't just pick up and bring to a vet.  So thank you, for your help with these city kitties.  Its very much appreciated!

This morning, I had to let the two FEMALES - both POST PARTUM, back on the streets.  That means they both have given birth, one was lactating, the other recently was.  How sad to know they gave birth - and what happened to their kittens?  Both cats, as they came out - one from a trap, the other from a carrier - came right back to gobble up the food that they were too frightened to eat while in my captivity.  Both obviously desperate and hungry.  I petted both, and wished them safety as they were set free.

A couple of scenes from this morning.  The Niagara Street kitties, whose shelter has been removed.

And a lonely little guy on Greeley near Parsells.  No ear tip.  Cries from a distance.  Will let me get close.  Just so many sweeties out there.  Please help me to find them all a home!

Sorry for the Debbie Downer post today.  Promise, the next few will be brighter.  :)

Have a great day!

"Make today ridiculously amazing."


  1. I dont consider this post a downer. At least you helped the two females to not be burdened with kittens in the future who have no place to go and would either be living on the streets or die.
    Helping red on Parsells is also a good thing. I wonder why he didnt listen to boss-cat Topper and get the hell out of there when he had a chance ?

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