Monday, August 21, 2017

Now THATS a Knife!


Sweet shy girl on Central and Second
So this morning I was at one of my locations, and when I went to pull the board down (like a door to the shelter), and pour the food, I saw a very big knife leaning against the shelter.  A machete to be exact.  Sort of creeped me out.  It was very quiet, and dark, and I could only hear the crickets chirping and the kitties rustling around anxiously waiting for me to place the yummy wet food they love so much.  After I finished up, I packed up my stuff, and grabbed the knife by the blade, not touching the handle in case fingerprints were on there that the police might be interested in, and set off to find one of the many cops I saw driving around.

Sweet white cat on Melville
I found one sitting at a red light, pulled up, we rolled down our windows, I said 'I found a machete, wondering if I can give it to you.'  He said, what?  I told him I found it at one of my cat shelters.  He asked if I could show him, so he followed me back to the location, and I we walked to the back of the lot.  I explained how I found it, and then we went back to the Jeep and he removed it from my front seat.  Not sure what he will do with it, but that was my excitement for the day.

Another neat cop story...  So Saturday morning - 5:30 a.m, Sunday Sheryl and I were at the Syd and Johnny's Auto Garage feeding station.  I was waiting in the Jeep after finishing up placing food, and Sheryl was checking on the shelters.  I saw a police car go by.  I thought he was after the car up a head of him.  I watched him as he turned around - I thought he was going after a car that had passed him!  Instead, he pulled up next to me!  He got out, I got out, he said he was checking to make sure we weren't 'going to the restroom' (those were NOT his words).  I looked appalled, but then said, no, I'm feeding cats - but I HAVE chased away several others in the past from using this spot.'   I went on to tell him what I was doing, and he stated that he was friends with Johnny, and that this is the service station he uses for cars, and I then told him that yes, Johnny was a friend and he allowed me to place shelters here for the cats, and that I went to school with his wife!  He then told me about his cat Jack.   What a great story he told, and his point was that Jack used to be a bully, until the officer got Jack a kitten companion, and Jack turned into mush.  He then got a call about a car crashing into a building down the street and the suspect was running, so he said he had to go.  I gave him my business card, and he reached into his pocket and I thought he was going to give me his card, but instead, he gave me a $20!  Well, if that didn't touch my heart.  I nearly broke out into tears - its so rare to receive kindness out there with what I do every day - and I gave him a big hug and he went on his way!


Daisy, sweet daisy...  
Yesterday - Sunday, I saw all sorts of things, including these brand new kittens on Parsells.

Today I noticed that the food I placed yesterday was not really touched.  I have come to the conclusion that not only do the cats not like Nine Lives dry cat food, but neither do the raccoons.  Odd how they won't eat it, as hungry as they are.

Nine Lives...  kitties do NOT like it.

Chippie was adopted this weekend by the same woman that adopted Happy/Stanley.  She named Chippie Stewie.  Robbie was adopted this weekend.   The adopter adopted Nimbus two weeks ago.  The adopter's name is also Janine!  AND, she works at the same law firm I used to work at a LONG time ago.  :)

Kitten on Central and Fifth
I went to visit the six new kittens, and boy are they getting big!  And Mama Gracie is the SWEETEST thing ever.  They will be seen by a vet this week for combo testing, fleas and deworming.  Ka CHING!  $$$  Here we go again.

So far, we have those six, plus Gracie, plus Greeley, plus Daisy and Paisley, plus Nugget, plus Chip. ALL are totally ADORABLE.

Have a great day!

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  1. I wonder what's in 9 lives that they don't like? Probably all that food coloring!

    How sweet of the cop to give you money! You just never know where your next supporter will turn up.