Monday, August 7, 2017

Spank the Raccoon

What a weekend its been.  Emotional roller coaster.   Wake, funeral.  All for a beautiful 21 year old girl with so much life ahead of her.  This is such a torment for her family and friends.  I never saw so many tears.  To top it off was knowing the fact that her mother's sister died from drugs and my niece's father died from drugs (Samantha was not my direct niece - she was my cousin's daughter - but called me Aunt Janine!).  There were a lot of sad memories brought up because of this.  My cousin blames himself for not seeing the signs.  What could he have done differently...  nothing!  There is nothing anyone can do for anyone else unless they are open to it and truly embrace it.  Its a tough road for all involved and sadly, unfortunately sometimes that person finds a calmer, safer haven not on this earth.

Just this morning, on Melville, a girl was standing under a streetlight, and when I got out to feed, she called over and asked if I wanted to buy steak.  Steak?  For God's sake, what was she talking about.  I went on my way after calling out, 'no, thank you' (trying to hide my irritation).  I went on doing my next two stops on Melville, and she was walking down the street toward Webster by now.  As I finished up on Melville and was going to turn the corner onto Webster Avenue, I passed her again, on the corner.  I rolled down my window and said...  did you say you were selling steak?  She said yes.  I said, its got to be spoiled right now in your purse?  She said it was at her house.  Then she said 'I need the money, I won't lie to you, I need to get high."  I asked her what drug she used..  she said crack.  I told her she can stop that, she could get help.  There are places.  I then told her she could be killed on the street doing what she is doing.  She said 'I know', 'I can't help it.'  I drove off telling her to be safe.  Very sad.

Now that its over and done, the hardest parts of this nightmare, the true test for the family is now, with all the hoopla is over with.  One day at a time I guess.

Cat wise, Happy and Taco have been adopted this weekend - together - and Ernie a/k/a Ernestine was adopted also.  They will go to their new homes soon.  Wonderful people adopting them.  We still have Itsy, Bitsy, Fudgie, Chippie, Chip, Robbie, Paisley, Daisy and the six wonderful kittens who are now four weeks old. They are yet unnamed.  Their foster mom is Sheryl, and naming these nearly identical three sets of twins will be tough, but I am going to name each one after the letters in Sheryl's name, to honor her.  She is nearly four years into giving up one day a week every weekend to drive from Chili to my house no matter the weather, to help me in the mornings on my route.  Thank you Sheryl.  I welcome suggestions for each of the letters:  S H E R Y L.

I was never able to rescue the very very pregnant red kitty on Parsells.  I am nearly positive she has had those babies somewhere.  I sure could have used help.  One person alone can't do this.  I am grateful to a woman named Cindi, and Susan too!, that offered help to foster the mother and kittens.  But its the work on the street to prevent is what is needed.  More spay/neuter appointments, and more trappers.  I just can't do it alone.

Oh, the raccoon bit.  At my Central spot, a very young raccoon came waddling over while I was pouring the food.  I chased it away not once, but then again twice, and then again three times after running after it.  I thought that did the trick until I bent down again to continue to pour the food, and the rascal was a foot from me, eating happily.  I spanked him right on the top of his nose.  Now that is not animal abuse.  I didn't take a hammer to him.  I just let him know I meant business and to SCRAM!  He did again, but I am sure he came right back and said, "ha ha you old crazy cat lady.  I'm back!"

Have a nice day.

"I can control my destiny, but not my fate. Destiny means there are opportunities to turn right or left, but fate is a one-way street. I believe we all have the choice as to whether we fulfil our destiny, but our fate is sealed."



  1. Hi Janine, What genders are the kittens? I will try to think of names for them. Kathy M.

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  3. Dearest Janine.....Although I have only "known you/of you" for less than a week...I feel like I have known your soul for years....You are a gift to this earth and all the forgotten and innocent cats you save one by one. Your writing is beautiful and brings me to tears -- inspiring me to want to do more and more for these cats and kittens. You are brave and courageous, and I will continue to share your efforts and your rescue to all that I meet and speak with. There truly are angels on earth -- and you are one of them...(even for the "troubled human" you met this morning on Webster Avenue.) I am honored to know you. Sincerely, Susan LoFurno