Tuesday, August 1, 2017

TNR Tuesday

Tuesdays in the spring, summer and fall months mean trapping day for me.  I am allotted two spots at the local clinic for bringing cats in to have fixed.  Neutered = boy.  Spay = girl.  I then release them back in the morning, usually, to where they were trapped, as this is usually their 'hang out'.  This will cost me $120 for both today.  They will be spayed and neutered, and have rabies, distemper and flea/worm treatment for that.  Its a lot of money if you think about it.  And they aren't even my cats.  They are the city's cats, and I am paying for it.  But I could sure use help.  Any amount will do to help.  Please call Rochester Community Animal Clinic on Bay Street and mention my name when you make your donation.  585.288.0600.  I can't tell you how much its appreciated.

The first picture is of a girl on Garson Avenue I 'met' a few weeks back.  Her milk ducts were engorged, but I've never seen the kittens.  I've looked, but nothing.  As of last week, you would never have known those milk ducts were full.  I believe her kittens are all dead.  But I will continue to look.  She is sweet, but I have to let her back out because there aren't enough people to take her in.

This little one is from Parsells Avenue.  He is one of many reds that have been hanging around DeGeorge Ceilings building.  I had the mom spayed, but that was after she gave birth earlier in the year.  There are so many.  I could set a trap every day.  I will have to release this one also.

Nothing too unusual in my rounds of feeding over 100 cats out there, at at least 18 different locations around the Beechwood Section of Rochester.  Its all around the Public Market.  There are just so many cats.  I do my best.  Thank God for the weather, its not been too bad.

Happy August everyone.  Not much else to report today.

Have a great day!

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  1. Poor loves. The top one reminds me of Gxir. :(