Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday's Thunundrums

This morning was quiet.  I weaved my way through the streets in the Beechwood area under a glowing moon.  Not many people were out, except the regulars that hang around Bay and Second Streets.  Those are the all nighters.   They sit on the steps next to the adjoining park there.  I think there is a smattering of pimps and hookers, and drug related people.  But they all know who I am after seeing me every single morning around the same time, the girl that drives in the piece of junk red jeep, with a flashlight around her neck, in the pink boots.  I see the occasional cop car go by, they don't bother me either.  One, the other morning, flashed his lights and gave a wave to say hello while I was in the back of the lot at one location.  Its nice to know they are around.

I haven't paid much attention to my city garden this year, but I do go occasionally to weed.  I planted some annuals in the spring, and have some beautiful perennials there, thanks to a few of you, but there are some very leggy weeds that have taken over.  I need to get over there. Today is mow day there.  Gotta keep it up.  Plus, I planted some tomatoes, so those need to be checked also.

An update from Charlie's dad, the rescue from Third and Central this past late winter:

Charlie and I are doing great. Charlie has an ongoing problem with his left eye as it gets fluid in it and sometimes red maybe a little blood in it. So I give him eye drops twice a day for 7 days when it flares up. It's good for 3-4 weeks and comes back and I do the drops again. Other that that he is great. He likes it here. He's on the front window stoop during the day looking out and even sleeps on it too. We play or he has his toys to chase around. 
At night when I'm on my phone he comes up and sits on my chest for his nightly massage and petting. His fur is so smooth and beautiful. He likes to lick and small bite me , but I know that's a sign of affection for me. 

He has the run of the house, Charlie loves the basement where he can explore and it's cooler too."


This is why I do what I do.  This is what makes it all worthwhile doing what I do day in and day out.  Cats like Charlie.  I am a cat rescuer.  This past summer I've had only rescued kittens.  They are a handful, and the very reason that fosters are very helpful to me especially.  I would have gone crazy - well, crazier than I already am - if I didn't have the help of some of these folks.  But after the last one is gone, I will breathe a sigh of relief, and get back to the really needy ones on the streets.

There is so much sadness, I leave so many cats where I feed them, the ones that are begging for a home.  Mr. Whiskers, Baby Buttons, Big Red #2, the momma on Melville of Marshmallow, Itsy and Bitsy, a pretty red unneutered kitty on Parsells, the litter of kittens I just discovered this morning on Garson, the litter of kittens on Parsells I just discovered this morning...  The grey tabby on Third and Central, the grey tabby on Melville.   All are desperate. We need more people to foster these kitties, for as long as its takes, until they find their forever homes. It doesn't take much.  Just patience, time and love.

Have a great day!


  1. Dood !
    What happened yesterday ?
    Are you OK ?
    Obviously you are still rolling in the Jeepster, so you must be OK.
    What will you do with the new litters of kittens you found ?

  2. Charlie looks really good !
    So happy for him.